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No-One Will Hear You Scream


Ah, horror. As a veteran gamer I’m a bit ashamed to confess that Dead Space represents my first sojourn into the horror genre of video games. It’s important to clarify from the outset that, to a certain extent, what you get out of any horror game will depend on personal preference. Me, I’m not the sort of person who has ever found joy in scaring the shit out of myself by w...


Dead exciting!


Electronic Arts struck gold when they developed the survival horror game Dead Space. Set out in space where no one can hear you scream, you play as the silent protagonist, repair engineer Isaac Clarke. A game boasting clever combat mechanics, some interesting gameplay designs and an interestingly dark plot, Dead Space ensures it stands out from the rest of the crowd through the commendable and obvious amount of effort put into it. Despite the fact it clearly has numerous references of homage to other famous horror titles, it still manages to clearly set itself as a unique title in its own r...


What's scarier than Dead Space? A lot, actually...


Dead Space is what some might consider to be a survival horror game, even though in my honest opinion, I think it lacks these two qualities greatly. I mean, sure, Dead Space has its moments of being scary, but it definitely does not bypass games like Silent Hill 2 or Penumbra when it comes to pure horror and loneliness. But hey, to some newcomers to this extraordinary genre, I can see how this could seem scary. Let's review this bitch....

Let me first touch up on the graphics of Dead Space to get this out of the way. These graphics are completely amazing. They make Just Cause 2 look like a p...


Dead Space is a very fitting title for the quality of the experience


For year people have wondered what it would be like to play a game inspired by the Alien franchise; a game inspired by the first two films in the series, pitting you against hordes of alien life forms in the middle of a dark ship whilst leaving you with little method of escape, the epitome of horror in the film industry. Other people wanted to see a game that took the rather in-your-face and downright mind-*bleep*ish horror of Event Horizon and bring it to the industry, traumatizing several people in the process. And a few strange people just wanted to see some messed up creatures out of Th...


Dismember The Good Times!

The good:

- The atmosphere is intense, amplified by the setting and use of audio.
- There is a sensible yet awesome array of weapons.
- You explore literally every inch of the Ishimura; even the outside of the ship.

The bad:

- Gameplay can get choppy and confusing in small spaces.
- The story runs through 12 chapter, each being around 30 minutes long.
- For those who haven't done their homework, the plot may seem to be a bit mindboggling.


Survival horror is probably one of my favourite genres in gaming, as well as in movies and novels too (minus the survival bit of course). 2008 didn't really produce many games that would have you buried beneath a pile of cushions. Of course there was Left 4 Dead, but it had no atmosphere about it whatsoever, being way too frantic to be a true addition to the horror genre, whereas games such as Condemned 2 hit the nail straight on the head. However, with 2009 drawing closer and closer, there was only one survival horro that had everyone talking and that was of course, Resident Evil 5, but af...


Dead? This game is alive, Baby!

The good:

- Brilliant, immersive atmosphere
- Great storytelling
- Very tense, and some chilling parts
- A wide variety of weapons, giving the player different ways of killing necromorphs
- Impressive audio design
- Gorgeous graphics

The bad:

- Not as scary as you would think
- Repetitive objectives (although by no means boring)
- Final boss fight is very underwhelming


Dead Space is a new IP developed by Visceral games, and a refreshing take on the horror genre. I wouldn't call it a traditional survival horror title because it isn't. What it is though, is an action packed title packed with some conventional horror elements and most importantly, brilliant, addictive gameplay.

Dead space puts you in the shoes of Isaac Clarke, an engineer who is dispatched to a space vessel in trouble called the USG Ishimura, which "cracks" planets and extracts their valuable natural resources, bringing them back to Earth to satisfy its demanding needs. Upon Isaac's arrival, ...

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