[edit] Background

The USG Ishimura sent a distress call near Aegis VII, where a colony of miners was established. The CEC corporation sent a rescue team. Among them, Isaac Clarke is an engineer, worrying about his girlfriend, who was a medic aboard the ship. Upon arriving, the Ishimura is quite silent. But when the team is attacked by strange creatures, Isaac must survive alone, with tools like a plasma cutter and find a way to escape...

[edit] Gameplay

Dead Space is a 3rd-person action survival horror game. Enemies can only killed by cutting their members off (at least for the majority of them). Isaac can use two abilities powered by its suit: lifting objects and slowing them (or the enemies). He can carry up till 4 weapons, all of them being or guns or worker's tools. He can also improve them at workbenchs (his suit can also be improved). Shops are also scattered around: thanks to credits found around, Isaac can buy better suits, weapons or health packs.

The levels are connected through a metro line: Isaac will begin each of them at the station corresponding to an area of the ship and will exit it by there (for the majority of the game). Some of them contain portions where no gravity exist or where there is no oxygen. Others contain a sequence where Isaac takes control of cannon to either protect the ship from meteors or to kill a bigger enemy.

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Completed it last week; need to get Dead Space 2 now. Started up a new game to keep myself occupied and enjoy the level 6 suit! DeadSpace
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