Dead Space 3 Unlockables

Weapon Parts
UnlockableHow to unlock
Chapter 3-
Heavy Standard FrameUse telekinesis on door in airlock, then turn left and find weapon part near locked door.
Tesla CoreNear the large doors leading to the rear of the ship after you get Norton and the rest of the crew inside. Enter the ship through the locked door near where you found the Heavy Standard Frame, which at this point becomes unlocked.
Chapter 4-
Plasma CoreOn a crate near the bench to the left of where you begin the chapter.
Diffraction TorusFly toward around the half-circle shaped structure near the circular vessel. Shoot the leftmost panel marked with a yellow outline.
Military EngineNear the locked door to the left of the elevator.
Electric ChargeAt the end of the room with the generator you need to turn off during the [Explore Greely] side mission, on the right.
Telemetry SpikeInside Dr. Engstom's quarters during the [Explore Greely] side mission, which can be accessed by using a tungsten torque bar to unlock the door.
Compact Standard FrameDecrypt the message during the [Explore Greely] side mission, then go outside of the ship and head toward the L-shaped ship with an eagle logo. Open the door using telekinesis and head inside to find the part.
Precision TipBreak the panels on a large wreakage marked by a number, near the CSM Brusilov.
Chapter 5-
Heavy Standard FrameTo the right of the air lock aboard the Terra Nova.
Hydraulic EngineAt the end of the right-hand path inside the cargo hull.
Ejection FieldAtop central control panel in area where you need to clear tram tracks.
Conic DispersalComplete electrical engineering interface on control panel during [Conning Tower] side mission to unlock a door that leads to a room with a workbench. Enter, go up and head left to a control room to find the part.
Rotator Cuff ModuleInside room near ladder leading down, past the control box to the right of the electrical trap you need to shoot in order to disable during [Conning Tower] side mission.
Medic SupportInside storage container in supply room accessed via cargo lift during [Conning Tower] side mission.
Chapter 6-
Stasis SupportOn the other side of the hangar where you find the Crozier, to the rear of the ship.
Chapter 8-
Survey ChargeNear the crash site at the beginning of the chapter; locate using heat sources.
CompressorOn top of bed in shack with generator you use to heat yourself. The shack is located behind the pipe that breaks, and requires kinesis to access.
Stasis CoatingIn area near the large circular structure which you need to enter to finish chapter, accessed via narrow path.
Chapter 9-
Canister Recovery ModuleFound in room with generator which powers the elevator.
Compact Standard FrameOn top of table in kitchen.
Explosion AmplifierTo the left of the catwalk near machinery room where you are required to solve puzzle to proceed.
Tesla CoreLocated at security checkpoint after you leave way station.
Heavy Standard FrameLocated in second room of outpost after battle with large Necromorph.
Compact RepeaterInsert battery to the left of door at top of the steps during [Supply Depot] side mission to access to storage room.
ScopeInside storage crate after calling storage elevator and fighting off a wave of Necromorphs during [Supply Depot] side mission.
Electrocution ModuleStuck between bench and kiosk atop dispenser in tram during [Supply Depot] side mission. Gain access to tram by using elevator next to suit kiosk before leaving supply depot proper.
Chapter 10-
Pneumatic TorchInside locked room with audio log (requires tungsten torque bar to access) to the left of area where you rejoin your team.
Directed Suspension FieldNext to suit kiosk in supply depot with weapons bench.
Hammond's Heavy FrameBehind bottom of ladder in excavation site, where Necromorph drops on your head; requires kinesis.
Telemetry SpikeOn table near engineering bench in room where you need to activate generator; grab part before turning generator back on.
Chapter 11-
RepeaterBehind locked door (requires tungsten torque bar to unlock) inside barracks.
Stasis AmplifierOn shelves to your left after exiting cylindrical room during [Armory] side mission, past columns.
Plasma CoreBelow catwalk area during [Armory] side mission, reachable via cargo lift.
Acid BathInside large cache in area with tram during [Armory] side mission, follow your locator to the area where the tram is to find a large cache with the weapon part inside.
Stasis SupportAcquired at the same time as Acid Bath weapon part.
Chapter 13-
Compact Standard FrameIn front of tent to the left of two other tents near entrance to cave.
Weller's Compact FrameBehind yellow box at end of path near where you found Compact Standard Frame weapon part, after being attacked by Necromorphs.
Ammo SupportOn top of barrel near climbing devices at far side of second cave.
Rip CoreTo the right of bench in area with broken elevator.
Chapter 16-
S.C.A.F. FrameFirst door down the steps after riding elevator near start of chapter.
Rail AcceleratorOn metal debris found to your right while climbing down cliff; use kinesis to grab weapon part.
Safety GuardOn left shelves in Hydraulics room.
Heavy Standard FrameLeft of blueprint in section of cave past third ice climbing sequence.
Chapter 17-
Compact Standard FrameOn desk past bench and kiosk, to the right in the room with large glowing circle.
Stasis CoatingOn bridge three levels below uppermost floor of the Zero-G environment area during [Artifact Storage] side mission.
Chapter 18-
Acid BathIn cache of weapon parts atop pile of boxes to right of area you start the chapter.
Electrocution ModuleTo the right of Acid Path weapon part.