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Dead Space 2 Glitches

How to Get Unlimited Power Nodes
(Note: this must be done in chapter 14, and you must have 1 power node to do it)

If you've gotten as far as chapter 14, used the eye needle machine successfully and spawned the Necromorph whose limbs continue to grow back after you've dismembered them, you're not far off of this section. After you've finished the anti-gravity section, this glitch is just ahead.

Ahead, you'll find a room that you can only unlock using one of your power nodes. The room's title above the door is "6: Secure Storage, Power Node Access Only" - you won't miss it. After unlocking the door with a power node, go left and continue on until you reach your next save point (there should be a power node bench and a store beside this save point). Save your game and exit. Now load the game back up, walk back to the room where you used your power node to unlock, and there should be one or two power nodes (it can vary each time) as well as a semiconductor available to pick up. Pick them up, return to the save point and save once again. Quit, reload and repeat the process as many times as you wish and you can have as many power nodes as you may need. This can also be a huge help when tackling the tougher difficulty settings.