Dead Space 2 (PS3) Cheats

Dead Space 2 cheats, Trophys, Glitchs, Unlockables, Tips, and Codes for PS3.


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Complete the outlined tasks, and earn the Trophies.
TrophyHow to unlock
Made Us Whole (Bronze)Complete the game on any difficulty setting
Romper Stomper (Bronze)Stomp 10 Containers
Vacuum Cleaner (Bronze)Decompress 20 Necromorphs without getting sucked out yourself
...And Stay Down (Bronze)Kill 25 crawling enemies with Stomp (single player only)
Think Fast (Bronze)Kill 30 Necromorphs with Kinesis objects
The Nanny (Bronze)Kill 30 Crawlers without detonating them
Frozen in Time (Bronze)Kill 50 Necromorphs while they are in Stasis (single player only)
First Aid (Bronze)Use Quick Heal ten times (single player only)
Looking good (Bronze)Purchase the Advanced Suit
Fully Outfitted (Bronze)Upgrade your RIG and Stasis completely
Picking favorites (Bronze)Upgrade 1 Weapon completely
Fully Loaded (Bronze)Simultaneously have four completely upgraded weapons
The Sampler Platter (Bronze)Kill a Necromorph with every Weapon in the game (single player only).
Lightspeed de Milo (Bronze)Dismember the Lightspeed Boy Statue
The Librarian (Bronze)Collect 100 logs
My Boom Stick (Bronze)Kill 6 enemies at once with Line Gun's Alt-Fire (single player only)
Shock Therapy (Bronze)Impale an enemy with the Javelin Gun and use its Alt-Fire to shock 3 others (single player only)
Lawnmower Man (Bronze)Kill 4 enemies with the same Ripper blade
It's a Trap! (Bronze)Kill 20 enemies with Detonator Mines in a deployed state
Necro Flambé (Bronze)Kill 50 enemies using the Flamethrower
Peek a Boo! (Bronze)Kill a Stalker with the Seeker Rifle while in Zoom Mode
C-Section (Bronze)Knock down an enemy with Contact Beam Alt-Fire then kill it with Primary Fire befire it stands up
Going for Distance (Bronze)Imaple an enemy and make him fly through the air for 17 meters - it must stick to the surface
Taste of your own Medicine (Bronze)TK Impale a live Slasher to a surface using a Slasher's arm - it must stick to the surface
Skewered in Space (Bronze)Impale an emey into a Decompression Window to cause it to blow out
Clean Cut (Bronze)Sever all three tentacles of a Lurker with one Line Gun Primary Fire shot (single player only)
Brute Juke (Bronze)Kill a Brute without taking damage
Shoot the Limbs! (Bronze)Dismember 25 Necromorph Limbs (single player only)
Bouncing Betty (Bronze)Kill a Cyst by catching its Mine and throwing it back
Epic Dismemberment (Silver)Dismember 2,500 Necromorph Limbs (single player only)
Collect Peng (Silver)Find the Peng treasure
The Electrician (Silver)Collect 10 Semiconductors
The Engineer (Silver)Collect 10 Schematics
Mission Impossible (Gold)Complete the game on Zealot setting
Hard to the Core (Gold)Complete the game on Hard Core setting
The Final Frontier (Platinum)Earn all Trophies in Dead Space 2
Secret Trophies-
Patient on the Loose (Bronze)Get your first Suit
Derailed (Bronze)Survive the Train Sequence
One Small Step (Bronze)Get through the first Zero-G area
Clever Girls (Bronze)Survive your first encounter with Stalkers
Torment Me No More (Bronze)Kill the Tormentor
The Graduate (Bronze)Win the fight at the School
Elevator Action (Bronze)Knock off every Tripod during the Eleveator Sequence
Shut Down (Bronze)Defeat the AI
Powered Up (Bronze)Complete the Solar Array Puzzle
Hornet's Nest (Bronze)Destroy the Tripod Nest
Operation! (Bronze)Snare the Shard with the Ishimura
Knock Knock (Bronze)Complete the Drill Ride
The Final Sacrifice (Bronze)Destroy the Marker
Cross your Heart, Hope to Die (Bronze)Survive the Eye Poke Machine
The Fugitive (Bronze)Escape the Facility
DLC TrophiesSevered
Remember the Alamo (Bronze)Severed: Kill 16 or more enemies in the final last stand combat sequence
Peng Me Again (Bronze)Severed: Find the Peng treasure in Severed
King of the Hill (Bronze)Severed: Defend the quarry platform until the door unlocks
Grind House (Bronze)Severed: In the grinder room, cause an enemy to die in the grinders
The Veteran (Silver)Severed: Complete on Zealot difficulty.
DLC Secret Trophies-
The Betrayal (Silver)Severed: Complete Chapter 1.
The Sacrifice (Silver)Severed: Complete Chapter 2.
Ship Shape (Silver)Severed: Take out the gunship within 30 seconds.


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Dead Space 2 Unlockables
The various unlockables available on Dead Space 2 (minus Dead Space 2 suits):
UnlockableHow to unlock
New Game+ ModeSuccessfully complete the game on any difficulty setting.
Hardcore ModeSuccessfully complete the game on any difficulty setting.
Re-spec AbilityOnce you reach the bench located in chapter 7, you will game the ability to re-spec your weapon upgrades. In turn, you regain any power node you've decided to re-spec. However, each re-spec use costs 5,000 credits.
Easy CreditsIf you purchase the Martial Law/Supernova DLC, the Detonator weapon becomes free in the first store. Fire the mines at nearby walls, but do not detonate them, or reload your weapon. Deactivate them, and sell them, as well as the Detonator in store. The Detonator is once again free and fully equipped with ammo, so repeat the process as many times as you wish.
Skipping the Drag Tentacle Sequence in Chapter 5During this encounter, pause the game and select 'restart from last checkpoint'. This will skip the entire sequence and take you to the next section.
Multiplayer Unlockables-
Lurker Range Damage IncreaseReach multiplayer level 3.
Soldier Army Green SuitReach multiplayer level 4.
Increase in Stasis (+2 shots)Reach multiplayer level 5.
Pack Melee Damage IncreaseReach multiplayer level 6.
Line GunReach multiplayer level 7.
Solid Red SuitReach multiplayer level 8.
Spitter Execution Damage IncreaseReach multiplayer level 9.
Force GunReach multiplayer level 11.
Puker Ranged Damage IncreaseReach multiplayer level 12.
Solid Black SuitReach multiplayer level 13.
Plasma Cutter Magazine Size IncreaseReach multiplayer level 14.
Lurker Melee Damage IncreaseReach multiplayer level 15.
Solid Olive SuitReach multiplayer level 16.
Seeker RifleReach multiplayer level 17.
Pack Execution Attack Damage IncreaseReach multiplayer level 18.
Pulse Rifle Magazine Size IncreaseReach multiplayer level 19.
Urban Camo Blue SuitReach multiplayer level 20.
Spitter Melee Damage IncreaseReach multiplayer level 21.
Urban Camo Army Green SuitReach multiplayer level 23.
Puker Execution Attack Damage IncreaseReach multiplayer level 24.
Line Gun Magazine Size IncreaseReach multiplayer level 25.
Urban Camo Red SuitReach multiplayer level 26.
Lurker Execution Attack Damage IncreaseReach multiplayer level 27.
Javelin GunReach multiplayer level 28.
Force Gun Magazine Size IncreaseReach multiplayer level 29.
Stasis Increase (+3 shots)Reach multiplayer level 30.
Health Pack IncreaseReach multiplayer level 31.
Urban Camo MilitaryReach multiplayer level 32.
Seeker Rifle Magazine Size IncreaseReach multiplayer level 33.
Plasma Cutter Weapon Damage IncreaseReach multiplayer level 34.
Spitter Ranged Damage IncreaseReach multiplayer level 35.
Urban Camo Olive SuitReach multiplayer level 36.
Pulse Rifle Weapon Damage IncreaseReach multiplayer level 38.
Puker Melee Damage IncreaseReach multiplayer level 39.
Rivet Gun Magazine Size IncreaseReach multiplayer level 40.
Tiger Camo Blue SuitReach multiplayer level 41.
Line Gun Weapon Damage IncreaseReach multiplayer level 42.
Lurker Health IncreaseReach multiplayer level 43.
Javelin Gun Magazine Size IncreaseReach multiplayer level 44.
Tiger Camo Army Green SuitReach multiplayer level 45.
Force Gun Weapon Damage IncreaseReach multiplayer level 46.
Quicker Stasis RecoveryReach multiplayer level 48.
Tiger Camo Red SuitReach multiplayer level 49.
Seeker Rifle Damage IncreaseReach multiplayer level 50.
Tiger Camo Military SuitReach multiplayer level 52.
Spitter Health IncreaseReach multiplayer level 53.
Rivet Gun Weapon Damage IncreaseReach multiplayer level 54.
War Torn SuitReach multiplayer level 56.
Javelin Gun Weapon Damage IncreaseReach multiplayer level 57.
Puker Health IncreaseReach multiplayer level 58.
Visceral Games SuitReach multiplayer level 59.
Unlockable Suits
On your first playthrough, there are 4 unlockable suits to be found throughout the story. To unlock these suits, each schematic must be found.

The 'New Game+' suits cannot be unlocked until your second playthrough, and they are also found in various schematics throughout the game.
UnlockableHow to unlock
First Playthrough Suits-
EngineeringThis suit can be purchased at the very first store you encounter.
SecuritySchematic located in chapter 4 (5% increase on Pulse Rifle damage).
VintageSchematic located in chapter 8 (10% discount at stores).
AdvancedSchematic located in chapter 11 (50% increase on stasis recharge).
New Game+ Suits(Note: only unlockable after you've completed the game at least once)
Riot SecurityAfter completing the game, this suit is available in the first store when in New Game+ mode (10% increase on Contact Beam damage).
Elite EngineeringSchematic located in chapter 1 next to the first store location (15% increase on med pack heals).
Elite VintageSchematic located in chapter 6, when you fight your first Brute (15% discount at stores).
Elite SecuritySchematic located in chapter 9 after exiting the tram with Ellie (15% increase on Javelin Gun damage).
Elite AdvancedSchematic located in chapter 11, after you've defeated the Necromorphs in the elevator (15% increase on stasis duration).
Miscellaneous Suits-
Arctic SecurityAvailable at the first store after beating the game on 'Zealot' difficulty (15% increase on Flamethrower damage).
SoldierAvailable at the first store after beating the game on 'Hardcore' difficulty (10% increase on Seeker Rifle damage).
Special Suits-
ZealotAvailable at the first store if you have the Dead Space 2 collector's edition (5% increase on Force Gun damage).
HackerAvailable at the first store if you have a 'Dead Space: Ignition' game save (-1 hacking stage).


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how to beat some enemies and final boss really easily [even on zealot/hardcore]
ok to beat the final boss and some enemies really easily, i discovered that when using a fully upgraded in damage flamethrower on the small packs and the boss, i could get it to where i can attack the beating heart thing really fast if i run up to the boss and flame it, it only takes a second. the flamethrower can also burn thru enemies easily, but they wont flinch and will attack if u keep a constant stream, to make sure they flinch alot and to prevent them from attacking, rapidly tap the fire button to severly damage necromorphs. this really works so get a flamethrower as soon as you can.
Important Tips for Tackling the Game on Zealot/Hardcore Difficulty
Some of you who have already tackled Impossible mode from the previous game, or have already given Zealot or Hardcore a bash will already know that it's very important to use every advantage possible to you when trying to complete either of the two top difficulty modes on Dead Space 2, particularly Hardcore - if you are unaware of how this difficulty mode works, you are only allowed 3 game saves throughout the whole story. And if you die, you go back to where you've last saved (meaning if you've gone through 4 or 5 chapters without saving it, you'll have to restart).

What will benefit you hugely is, running through this game two or three times on Normal difficulty, and upgrading your 4 favourite weapons (I suggest that your Plasma Cutter should definitely be a part of this as ammo is scarce - you will find the most Plasma Cutter ammo of all ammo types), your Stasis and your RIG to their highest level. This way, when you go to New Game+ to tackle Zealot/Hardcore, after reaching your first store you will have all of the absolute essentials you'll need to tackle this game. Without any upgraded weapons or suits, you're just going to get absolutely annihilated.

Since you only have 3 saves throughout the whole story, I suggest you don't save it until you have to insert disc 2 - which is at the end of chapter 6. I suggest this because the game only starts to become a major challenge when you've gotten onto chapter 9/10. So your first save should be chapter 7 or 8 if you can make it that far without dying, and your second should be around 12 or 13. That way, you can save it once more towards the end, giving you the greatest advantage when taking on the last couple of difficult chapters.

My last bit of advice is to use Stasis very often - it's there for a reason. Because of the difficulty modes, any hit from a Necromorph could be crucial to your health. So stasis, shoot their legs off, and hope for the best. Good luck!
Unlimited Credits
there is an easy way to get Credits whenever you really need it and have the time to spare, but this trick only works if you have the "SuperNova" addon pack.

1st. buy the HEAVY DUTY DETONATOR when it becomes available. (this weapon is available in the store after buying and installing the "SuperNova" pack. It's free so don't worry.

2nd. In a safe location fire off all the proximity mines, deactivate them, now go collect them. (the DETONATOR starts with 3 mines)

3rd. Sell the proximity mines in the store and the HEAVY DUTY DETONATOR. Then buy the HEAVY DUTY DETONATOR again. When you buy it back the detonator comes back fully loaded. just fire them off and repeat as long as you can.

Each proximity mine s worth 200 credits. for an extra added bonus buy the regular DETONATOR and keep it in your SAFE. When you upgrade the regular DETONATOR the HEAVY DUTY DETONATOR upgrades too. BUT when you sell it back and buy it again it keeps the upgrades provided you have the regular one in your safe. As long as you have that the upgrades stay with the weapon.


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How to Get Unlimited Power Nodes
(Note: this must be done in chapter 14, and you must have 1 power node to do it)

If you've gotten as far as chapter 14, used the eye needle machine successfully and spawned the Necromorph whose limbs continue to grow back after you've dismembered them, you're not far off of this section. After you've finished the anti-gravity section, this glitch is just ahead.

Ahead, you'll find a room that you can only unlock using one of your power nodes. The room's title above the door is "6: Secure Storage, Power Node Access Only" - you won't miss it. After unlocking the door with a power node, go left and continue on until you reach your next save point (there should be a power node bench and a store beside this save point). Save your game and exit. Now load the game back up, walk back to the room where you used your power node to unlock, and there should be one or two power nodes (it can vary each time) as well as a semiconductor available to pick up. Pick them up, return to the save point and save once again. Quit, reload and repeat the process as many times as you wish and you can have as many power nodes as you may need. This can also be a huge help when tackling the tougher difficulty settings.