Dead Rising 2 Tips

PP Bonuses
Down The Slide Bonus:

In the center of the palisades mall is a tropical looking water attraction take the stairs to the top and slide down the side for a 10,000 pp bonus

Peeping Tom Bonus:

Outside on the strip you may have noticed the peepshow attraction you can visit. Enter the door for some controller vibration and a "peeping Tom bonus" of 1000 pp enter all 3 for a 10,000 pp "All peep show bonus"

Dummy Punching Bonus:

There are 7 punching dummies located in fortune city 3 in "The mans sport" in the royal flush plaza and 4 in "flexin" in the palisades mall. punch the dummies till they fall apart for a 1,000 pp bonus and punch apart all 7 for a 10,000 pp bonus