Dead or Alive 2 review
Pretty girls are usually decieving, this game is a good example.

The good:

Excelent graphics engine, sound engine, and physics engine.

The bad:

The fact the only one of the above was put to good use. The graphics.


I have no aruguments with the fact that the graphics are beyond even that of MGS2, but unfortunatey that is not the foundation of a good fighter. Deep down it is simply a cumbersome button masher, much like the wrestling games of old. It is entirely possible to beat even a seasoned player on one's first attempt by simply pressing the punch button as rapidly as possible. The inability to block or counter in time never scores high with me (as I am a defensive player).Annoying CG scenes with bad acting, a crumby story line(crumbier than usual), and rediculously short fights don't help much either. On the good note it does have some great sounds,breasts,levels,panties, and music. As well, the fights don't move at a slug's pace like older 3D fighters. I would sugggest rental first unless you are a hard core fan or some messed up pervert. Personally, I would choose SOUL CALIBURE or MARVEL VS. CAPCOM 2.

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