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Dead or Alive 2 cheats, Tips, and Codes for DC.

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Dead or Alive 2 Cheats

Original opening sequence
The original opening sequence for the game features a nude Kasumi. First set your age to anything above 21 in the game options. You have to then get a top score in survival mode and use REALDEMO as your name in the rankings. Save your game, restart, and view the unlocked demo!

3D character selects
To see your characters in full 3D and preview their costumes, enter the vs. mode options and disable the "Quick Selector" function.

Control victory pose view
You can control the view point of the camera when your character is doing his victory pose. Just hold X and press the D-pad or Analog-stick to move the camera. Use B to zoom in and use the D-pad or Analog-stick to move the camera some more

Kasumi's extra costume
You can see Kasumi in a special costume colour. You can't play with this costume, but you can force the computer to use it by playing the game using Kasumi's third (pink) costume in story mode. When you come up against the CPU Kasumi, you will see him appear in a black costume instead of the default pink!

Full pause screen
Pause the game and press R, or Y + B, or X + Y.

Taunt opponent
Use the following combos to taunt your opponent:

Left, Right, Left, R
Right, Left, Right, R
Down 2 times, R
Back 2 times, R

(You can also substitute A + X + Y in place of R in the taunts.)

(When Zack does his taunt in his third costume, the dangly thing on his head lights up! hehe)

Hidden artwork
You can access images of the girls from the game in bikinis in the "Bonus" directory if you use the disc in a PC CD-ROM.

Arial Garden (Nightime version)
To get the cool Firefly level, select Arial Garden in Vs. mode using the right trigger or using Y.

Bouncy Bouncy
In the options menu, under "other", the age you enter determines how bouncy the girls are - the higher your age, the bouncier they get :P. ie: if you say you're 99 you get ultra bouncy.

Hidden Fireball FMV
To view this hidden cut-scene, play as Ayane in story mode, and when you get to the battle against Kasumi you must K.O. her in the ice cave so that she lands approximately 10ft away from you. This will give you play the fireball FMV from the intro movie. You might have to try this several times to get it working right.

Matrix-style freeze frame (bullet time effect)
Hold down B and Y buttons, and Up-Right on the Analog control stick during a replay. The camera should spin around the fighters who are stuck in mid-combat a la Matrix style. Cool!


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Control Victory Pose View
When your character is doing their victory pose, hold X and press the D-pad or Analog-stick to move the camera. Hold B to zoom in at your character, then press the D-pad or Analog-stick to move the camera.


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3D Character Preview
Enter the vs mode option screen and disable the "Quick Selector" selection. This will allow you to preview the fighters in 3D at the character selection screen and see their costumes.
Extra Costume
Choose story mode and select Kasumi's third (pink) costume. Play through the game until you fight against yourself. The normally pink costume that CPU player appears in will now be black.

Note: You can not play in the black costume, as it is only available for the CPU Kasumi.
Hidden Ayane FMV Sequence
Select Ayane and play through story mode until you fight Kasumi in the White Storm level. Knock her off the ledge into the ice cave. When you are in the cave, finish the fight. When you KO her you have to knock her at least ten feet away. The FMV sequence shows you shooting a blue smoke object at her instead of the normal sequence of you saying, "You Runaway Shiobi."

Note: Some practice may be required to get the correct ending to the fight.
Original Opening
Use the following steps to unlock the original opening sequence for the game, which features a nude clone of Kasumi. Set your age to "21" in the game options. Then, make a ranking in survival mode in any position and enter "REALDEMO" as a name. Once you have saved the game with the new ranking, you can set the age to any desired value.
Use the following combos to taunt your opponent:

Press Left, Right, Left, R
Press Right, Left, Right, R
Press Down(2), R
Press Back(2), R