Dead Or Alive Ultimate review
A DOA: Ultimate Review

The good:

More costumes for all the characters.
New and improved levels to battle in.
The online modes in both games.
An extra character add to the game.
Better graphics than the last DOA.

The bad:

DOA1:U graphics weren't enhanced like DOA2:U was.
Some of the previous levels in DOA2:Hardcore are not featured in the game.
No downloadable content.


Dead or Alive Ultimate is the latest edition to the Dead or Alive series. The game comes with two discs which contain DOA and a revamped DOA2: Hardcore.

There nothing really much to say about DOA1: Ultimate as nothing has really been done to the game, i think theres a couple of new costumes and the new online mode which allows you to fight other plays online.

As for DOA2: Ultimate, Tecmo have upgraded DOA2: Hardcore if you wish to say that. It has more costumes to unlock for all the characters, Hitomi from DOA3 has been added as a unlockable character. As well as Hitomi two other characters can be unlocked; Bayman and Tengu.The are also a numerous amount of other thing you can unlock in the game.
New and more interactive backgrounds have been added to the game.
It also features the online mode like DOA1:U.
Another bonus of the game is the DOA3 Booster pack which adds costumes to DOA3 but this can only be unlocked if you have DOA Xtreme Beach Volleyball.

The graphics of DOA2:U have been enhanced to fit with the performance of the graphic the XBOX can give. More details has gone into both the characters and levels. There is certain more colour and a better presentation than the last DOA.

I personally think Tecmo have pull off a great game again and i certain like playing it online and offline.
I would say this game is a must buy for all DOA fans and newcomers to the series.

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