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There's not a whole lot to complain about in this game, unless its the online matches.

Online matches can be irritating at times either because of the lag that happens or somehow pops up when it wasn't there in the first place or how it will lag sometimes when somebody enters the lobby or leaves it. Has a nice lobby system with different lobby styles to choose from. Now I don't know if this is just me but has anybody else ever noticed when your playing online, that when you go to grab somebody they seem to grab you somehow quicker and get the grab off.

Another thing I can think of is some cha...


Get Ready....FIGHT!

The good:

What is Tecmo's Team Ninja known for...?
If you guess Impressive polygon fighters in gorgeous environments, then look no further, Dead or Alive has returned in it's 4th Installment.

Veterans who played DOAU, will not see much difference from this segment.

Helena, the Leader of DOA Tech, is preparing her ultimate Weapon that Both Ryu Hayabusa and the Ninjas led by Hayate, must finish before DOA Tech's plans are finished.

The Game's cast of characters feature some of the infamous Kasumi, Ayane, Lei fang. Returning from the DOA3 Roster is Brad Wong and Christine, and some new characters such as La Mariposa and Kokoro. Some additional Characters are also unlocked. Unfortunately, for Helena Players, Helena is one of them. An odd but neat gimmick is featuring a Spartan Character from the Popular FPS, Halo. Will this character's intro pay off?

Different costumes are also unlocked as well, from favorite DOAU's add-ons as well.

The minute you start a match one thing you will be awed is the enviornments that the Engine runs itself. Different environments from a Wrestling ring to the streets of a Casino, if you looked at the previews, your character could even get hit by incoming traffic!

The sound system has been modified to new character updated Character voices. Players have complained of the lack of In-game voice play since The Original Dead or Alive 2, now characters sound more crisp and updated. The music tracks are new as well, however, the returning remixes of the DOAU's Ray House is back in the Stage "Crash Club" and thanks to the Engine's playback, the bass are no longer static.

Finally, the Gameplay...

The movelist have been customized so incredibly, that countering will be even harder.

Using the previous ideas of DOA3, some characters are now given the privilege to use the environment to attack their opponents. Hitomi for example, can run against either the wall or a tree stump and leap down an improved jump attack, Kasumi's Dashing Throw through can also be done against the wall, this is for the players that don't want Kasumi to be interrupted by possible attacks like Jan Lee's long reaching kicks.

If you played Tekken, you notice that characters can perform unbreakable fierce shots, now DOA implements that one most of the characters. When done, you'll notice the dust that gathers around the character before it's fully charged and slammed down the opponent.

The DOAU counter set up is implemented on, but with some changes. Players that find themselves in inescapable combos can easily turn the tables around with a throwing counter.

Characters that had unavoidable/uncounterable moves will find players in a devastating drawback, not only will the player evade the hit of for example, Jan Lee's Dragon kick or Ayanes Drill Kick, but the countering player can deal the damage back to them!

X Box Live will feature almost 45 achievements to unlock, which most involve the time attacks, while some of them will put players into the DOA Online rosters. This time around, it will be a mandatory option to reach the ranks of B, A...or even the SS ranks. A hard goal will be the incredible 20 winning streak, which has been proven difficult, legitly.

DOA Online features a Lobby where players are waiting for their spot in the matches, while they watch the current match itself. You can communicate among others with Headset or a USB compatible keyboard for text messages as well.

In Zack's shop, you can use points that is won from Online battles to purchase avatar parts and also additional costumes for each character.

The bad:

One of the drawbacks is that graphic wise, the game has not improved since DOAU, and not much will be enhanced as seen on HDTV, but that is up to the choice of the player.

It's been rumored that characters such as Gen Fu and Leon have been removed of the roster, but are they unlockable characters? However, Elliot is among a "duplicate" of Gen Fu, so all hope isn't much lost.
And Bayman players will have to do without much of the grapples that he lost in DOAU.

DOA Online has sadly deleted the Rank ratio of previous DOAU players to default, this will be ensured for fair competition.

There is one very serious nusiance to DOA's Online play. Most players will have very unstable charisma and will tend to "turn off" the x box during a losing match. Not only does this cause them to lose more points than they should, but it affects the game room of the current players it has, causing many frequent "reboots" to your X 360.

Some player's connection statuses will be viewed harshly, this is very sever for players who reached SS Rank and suddenly lose their points by disconnecting during a competitive match.


The Sad Delays that placed this game from Launch day to the end of December was proven a sad time for impatient fans.

While the fans that still suffer the loss of not receiving their X box 360 in working condition will have to rely on DOAU to play their online needs.

There isn't much to discuss bad about the game, except the rough difficulty that may come across on both single player and time attacks.

Tecmo's Enhanced fighting game will put the edge of your seats in this competitive game. The minute you learn your ideal character, the easier the battles will be compensated with.

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