Dead Nation Platinum Trophy Guide v1.0
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Dead Nation Platinum Trophy Guide

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Dead Nation: Platinum Trophy Guide

Version 1.0

PSN ID: NeoEvolution

Author: Karne-Michael Martin


------------------------- Table of Contents --------------------------

- Version History       [HIST]

- Introduction          [INTR]

- Platinum Trophy       [PLAT]

- Bronze Trophies       [BRON]

- Silver Trophies       [SILV]

- Gold Trophies         [GOLD]

- Requests              [REQS]

- Questions             [FAQS]

- Contacting Me         [CONT]

- Copyright Information [COPY]

----------------------- Version History [HIST] -----------------------

22/06/2011 - Version 1.0 submitted.

------------------------ Introduction [INTR] -------------------------

Well, here I am again writing my second Platinum Trophy / 100%
Achievement Guide, this time for a game by the name of Dead Nation.

Dead Nation is a top / pseudo isometric view zombie shooter, with a
few RPG elements thrown in for good measure. I wouldn't say this game
is difficult to Platinum by any means, but it sure can be fun.

As an added note, I'd like to say that I probably never would have
looked twice at this game if it weren't for Sony's generosity. Which
is a shame, as this is one game that has provided dozens of hours of
good ol' fashioned, zombie blasting entertainment.

With that out of the way, let's move on.

---------------------- Platinum Trophy [PLAT] ------------------------

- Platinum Trophy: There is a total of 1 Platinum Trophy to unlock,
the trophy name, requirements, and strategies to obtain them are
listed below.

- Romero Would Be Proud [PL01]

[PL01] - Romero Would Be Proud Requirements: Unlock all other trophies
in the game. See rest of guide.

----------------------- Bronze Trophies [BRON] -----------------------

- Bronze Trophies: There are a total of 21 Bronze Trophies to unlock,
the trophy name, requirements, and strategies to obtain them are
listed below.

- Easy Does It                   [BR01]

- And So It Begins...            [BR02]

- A Trip Downtown                [BR03]

- Walk in the Park               [BR04]

- On top of the World            [BR05]

- Out of the City                [BR06]

- Hospital Bill Through the Roof [BR07]

- Gravedigger                    [BR08]

- Train to Nowhere               [BR09]

- Sleeping with the Fishes       [BR10]

- Took the Highway               [BR11]

- Teamwork                       [BR12]

- Survivor                       [BR13]

- Zombie Killer                  [BR14]

- Up Close & Personal            [BR15]

- Blown to Bits                  [BR16]

- Pyromaniac                     [BR17]

- Car Killer                     [BR18]

- Upgrader                       [BR19]

- Suit Up                        [BR20]

- Contributor                    [BR21]

[BR01] - Easy Does It requirements: Complete Campaign mode on
Braindead difficulty.

See requirements for Tough Enough [SL02]

[BR02] - And So It Begins... requirements: Complete Mission 1 on any

See requirements for Tough Enough - [SL02]

[BR03] - A Trip Downtown requirements: Complete Mission 2 on any

See requirements for Tough Enough - [SL02]

[BR04] - Walk in the Park requirements: Complete Mission 3 on any

See requirements for Tough Enough - [SL02]

[BR05] - On top of the World requirements: Complete Mission 4 on any

See requirements for Tough Enough - [SL02]

[BR06] - Out of the City requirements: Complete Mission 5 on any

See requirements for Tough Enough - [SL02]

[BR07] - Hospital Bill Through the Roof requirements: Complete
Mission 6 on any difficulty.

See requirements for Tough Enough - [SL02]

[BR08] - Gravedigger requirements: Complete Mission 7 on any

See requirements for Tough Enough - [SL02]

[BR09] - Train to Nowhere requirements: Complete Mission 8 on any

See requirements for Tough Enough - [SL02]

[BR10] - Sleeping with the Fishes requirements: Complete Mission 9 on
any difficulty.

See requirements for Tough Enough - [SL02]

[BR11] - Took the Highway requirements: Complete Mission 10 on any

See requirements for Tough Enough - [SL02]

[BR12] - Teamwork requirements: Complete a mission on co-op on any

There's two ways of going about getting this trophy, one of them is
to go online to complete a co-op mission, the other is to have a
second controller.

If it weren't for such poor quality servers I'd recommend doing this
online with a friend, or even just with a stranger online, but
because that isn't the case, I have to recommend the latter of the
two strategies.

Simply connect a second controller, and as the second player, run
ahead into any group of zombies to get yourself killed before
advancing as the first player. Player 2 will respawn at any
checkpoints of course, but this is still a much easier and quicker
method of obtaining this trophy than attempting it online.

If you choose to go with the former method, then pray to your lucky
stars you get a good quality connection that doesn't drop out or
disconnect after taking five steps into the game.

[BR13] - Survivor requirements: Complete a mission without dying.

This one is extremely easy, and I'd go as far as to say it would be
nigh impossible to miss just playing through the game normally, but
if you really need me to point the way here, so be it.

Start a new single player campaign, and select Braindead as the
difficulty. Oh, and make sure you don't die, I'm pretty sure that's
got something to do with this trophy.

[BR14] - Zombie Killer requirements: Kill 1,000 Zombies.

Very straight-forward and easy, you should have this trophy by the
end of the second mission.

[BR15] - Up Close & Personal requirements: Perform 500 melee kills.

Ah, yet another easy trophy. Just kill 500 zombies using a melee
attack, which is performed by pressing R2. This one I would recommend
setting the difficulty to Braindead and ploughing through every enemy
you can find, or, in any other difficulty, target the skinny pink and
black zombies that appear in large groups with melee attacks. They
always die in one hit regardless of the difficulty chosen, so it's
completely up to you how you would rather go about doing this.

[BR16] - Blown to Bits requirements: Blow up 1,000 zombies.

Although this is an easy trophy, it does take a little bit of time to
achieve if you target this, and this trophy alone. It's best just to
play through campaign normally, as I will go into detail in [GD01], so
don't make it your number one priority. It will come in time.

[BR17] - Pyromaniac requirements: Burn 1,000 Zombies.

Unlike the other kill "X" amount of zombies with "Y" weapon, this one
does require you to focus on using a couple of certain weapons. I've
found the best way is to use both Molotovs and the Flamethrower
against the skinny pink and black zombies that only require one shot
to kill.

Focus using these weapons on as many zombies as possible, especially
the weak ones, and you should have this trophy by the end of your
second playthrough.

[BR18] - Car Killer requirements: Destroy 500 Vehicles.

This one is really quite simple, all you have to do is blow up a total
of 500 vehicles. I'd recommend going for this trophy as you're working
towards the King of Looters [GD05] trophy. Might as well kill two
birds with one stone, so focus on [GD05] as you rack up the vehicle

[BR19] - Upgrader requirements: Fully Upgrade A Single Slot Of Any
Weapon In Campaign Mode.

For this, you have to fully upgrade one stat of any weapon, so during
the first mission, concentrate on the Rate of Fire for the Rifle.
This trophy is so easy, it makes taking candy from a baby look hard.

[BR20] - Suit Up requirements: Collect An Armour Piece.

Another easy trophy. All you have to do is collect one piece of armour
from the rectangular yellow chests that are scattered throughout the
missions. This one is also tied in with Top Gear [GD04], and King
of Looters [GD05], so you can skip this and go straight to them if
you prefer.

If you want to focus on this before getting the two mentioned above,
you can find the first armour piece south of the third checkpoint on
mission 1. When you see the third checkpoint, start making your way
down towards the bottom of the screen which will eventually lead you
to a gate. Past this gate there should be three cars, a treasure box,
and some zombies. To the far left against the wall in this area, will
be the the armour container, just open the container and this trophy
is all yours. Easy.

[BR21] - Contributor requirements: Help Your Country To Clear The
Virus Infection.

To unlock this trophy, all you have to do is complete any mission on
any difficulty while signed into PSN, and allow your scores to be
submitted at the end of the mission. That's all there is to it.

----------------------- Silver Trophies [SILV] -----------------------

- Silver Trophies: There are a total of 8 Silver Trophies to unlock, 
all trophy names, requirements and strategies to obtain them are 
listed below.

- Mediocrity         [SL01]

- Tough Enough       [SL02]

- Very Dead          [SL03]

- Skilled            [SL04]

- Zombie Hunter      [SL05]

- Aim For The Head   [SL06]

- Weapons Specialist [SL07]

- Looter             [SL08]

[SL01] - Mediocrity requirements: Complete Campaign Mode On Normal.

See requirements for Tough Enough - [SL02]

[SL02] Tough Enough requirements: Complete Campaign Mode On Grim.

Before we get started on this, I recommend you play through the game
at least once to get yourself accustomed to the layout of the levels,
and the enemies contained in each. I am not yet in the business of
making video walkthroughs, but when I am, I'll be sure to update this
guide with some video footage.

For this trophy, I'll be outlining some key points such as how to
upgrade your weapons, which combinations of weapons work well against
certain enemies, and the like. What I will not be doing, is holding
your hand throughout each of the missions, but don't worry, follow
these strategies and you won't need me to. Onward.

When it comes to weapons, you need to know what works and what
doesn't, what is efficient, and what isn't. For example, using a
Launcher against single enemies, or the skinny pink and black zombies
is wasteful, so a lot of this comes down to common sense. There are
some other enemies, however, where the choice of weapon isn't very
obvious, so I'll be covering this too.

You also need to be aware that each weapon has certain attributes to
be upgraded, I'll also be covering which of these to upgrade, and
which to leave alone and why. When it comes to Grim and Morbid
difficulties, a lot more care should be taken early on to maximise
your zombie killing efficiency.

Below is a short guide for which weapons, which attributes to
upgrade, in which order, and a short description as to why to upgrade
the weapons like this:


Rate of Fire  - Fully Upgraded
Power         - 1 Star
Clip Size     - Fully Upgraded

The Rifle's primary and best use is for headshots, by holding R1 until
the laser sight glows brighter, and releasing R1, the Rifle fires a
power shot that is capable of penetrating multiple zombie heads. This
is a one hit kill, hence why upgrading the power of the Rifle is not


Mine Charges   - Fully Upgraded
Inventory Size - Fully Upgraded

The Mine is an excellent weapon for setting traps, but even more
importantly, it prevents any sneaky zombies from flanking you. There
are many points in the game where you will need these to save your
arse, so upgrade them as soon as you can. You will always want a
liberal supply, and having the number of charges upgraded to maximum
will mean they last longer before disappearing.


Duration       - Fully Upgraded
Inventory Size - Fully Upgraded

One of my favourites, although not really a weapon, it is a superb
combination item. Use this to distract zombies for while blasting
away at the crowd with a shotgun makes short work of most enemies.


Blast Radius   - Fully Upgraded
Inventory Size - Fully Upgraded

Another of my favourite weapons, combined with the Flares it makes a
very lethal combination against most zombies. Get used to using a
Flare & Grenade combo, it will save you from a lot of tight spots
quite often.

Throw a flare, take two steps back, throw the grenade and their world
goes black!


Rate of Fire   - 6 Stars
Power          - Fully Upgraded
Clip Size      - Fully Upgraded
Inventory Size - Fully Upgraded

Ah, the trusty boomstick, one of the essentials of a zombie outbreak.
Works well against large hordes at close range, and even better
against tougher enemies such as soldier zombies and Leapers. This is
going to be one of your go-to weapons before bringing out the bigger
guns, get used to it.

This is also one of the better weapons to use with Flares, so be sure
to lure those big groups in before painting the town with a mushy,
bloody mess.

As a final note for the Shotgun, the reason the Rate of Fire is 6
stars instead of 10, is because firing any faster will waste precious
ammunition. 6 stars fires fast enough to clear out the big crowds
with ease, but doesn't fire fast enough that a second shot will be
sent hurtling towards a crowd of empty space.

Blade Cannon:

Blade Size     - Fully Upgraded
Clip Size      - Fully Upgraded
Inventory Size - Fully Upgraded

The first of the two big guns to become available, once you have this
tucked away in your weapon inventory and ready for action, you'll
wonder how you went without it. The Blade Cannon launches spinning
blade projectiles that slice through anything in its path, in fact,
there are only a few enemies this won't kill in one hit.

See those big Bombies, the things that look like they grew up in a
world without Jenny Craig? Well the Blade Cannon slices right through
those big boys causing them to spontaneously explode on impact. What's
better is that the blades keep going! Pull this out when the going
gets really tough, or when you just want to lay enemy hordes flat
before they can even get close.

The enemies it doesn't kill in one shot, are Leapers, Cutters and
Mouths. With these enemies the blade also gets lodged in them, so for
these three enemies (Cutters in paricular), pull out the Launcher or
the Flare and Shotgun combo.


Blast Radius   - Fully Upgraded
Clip Size      - Fully Upgraded
Inventory Size - Fully Upgraded

Oh yeah, the second of the big guns, and arguably the better of the
two. The Launcher not only deals massive damage, but unlike the Blade
Cannon, the splash damage isn't affected by Leapers, Mouths or even
the Cutters. This is one weapon you will always, ALWAYS want to keep
ammo handy for.


Rate of Fire   - 6-10 Stars
Power          - 1 Star
Clip Size      - Fully Upgraded
Inventory Size - Fully Upgraded

The SMG, although lacking in power, has an excellent rate of fire,
handy for mowing down crowds of zombies. Unfortunately there are only
two circumstances in which the SMG is useful. One is for the skinny
pink and black zombies that require one shot to kill, the other is to
hold enemies back until you can switch out for another weapon. Due to
the limited usefulness, I'd recommend against upgrading the Rate of
Fire to 10 stars. 6 will be more than enough, but if you feel you
need the additional speed, feel free to, just make sure you give
priority to your big guns and explosives first.


Inventory Size - Fully Upgraded

Unfortunately it is only possible to carry a maximum of two sticks of
this handy explosive, not to mention it isn't unlocked until much
later in the game than the other explosives. However, when you do
finally have this available, always keep two on hand, and only use
them when you're in a tight spot. The radius and power of these things
will attract and blow most enemies to kingdom come, so when you let
one fly, get well out of the way while the enemies are distracted and
prepare for your next assault.


Power          - 1 Star
Range          - Fully Upgraded
Clip Size      - Fully Upgraded
Inventory Size - Fully Upgraded

The Flamethrower isn't so much a damage dealing weapon, than it is a
support weapon. The flames slow zombie movement down, and having the
longer range means you can stay at a safe distance while doing so. It
works well with big crowds, especially when the only path they have is
a bottleneck, which essentially funnels them in one direction, and
constantly spreading the fire among the other zombies.

Now, assuming you know how the basics work, the above information
should be more than enough to get you through the entire campaign. If
you find that you're still having trouble, try mixing your combos up
a little, and remember the following:

- Flare and Grenade combos are excellent for general crowd control.

- Flares and the Shotgun can be used in place of the Blade Cannon or
Launcher for some enemies.

- Mines make excellent traps, and cover your flanks from most of the

- Rifle powershots can penetrate several zombie heads in a straight

- Dynamite has a massive radius and massive damage output, use them
when you need to. Better to be liberal with your ammo usage than it
is to get killed.

- The Launcher works better on Cutters, Leapers and Mouths than the
Blade Cannon.

- ALWAYS carry ammunition for your big guns.

- Don't be afraid to use your Launcher at close range to get you out
of a tight situation, that little damage is going to be less than
what most zombies will do to you.

- Don't shoot the vending machines, that free health boost could be
the difference between dying or surviving.

- Don't give up. If the first attempt doesn't work, try again, move
forward slowly, and be prepared.

Good luck!

[SL03] - Very Dead requirements: Complete A Mission On Undead.

Before you tackle this trophy, you will need to complete the game on
Morbid first to unlock Undead difficulty. Once Undead is available
start a new campaign on that difficulty. A few strategies to get you
through the first mission with relative ease are as follows:

- Move slowly, and use Rifle powershots as often as possible.

- Upgrade the Flare and Grenade as much as possible and use these to
lure enemies in.

- Use your surroundings to your advantage, any bottlenecks or points
where zombies can only attack from one side are preferred to tackle
the onslaught.

- Set off the car alarms to lure zombies away, it works just as well
as a grenade and it's free.

- Spend all of your money at the Weapon Shop, you won't need any for
the end of this mission, so why keep it?

- If at first you don't succeed, try again.

[SL04] - Skilled requirements: Complete A Mission Without Receiving
Any Damage.

This one can be a little trickier, but using the right tricks and
strategies, it can be an absolute breeze. Just start a new campaign on
Braindead difficulty, and use the strategies outlined in [SL03]. After
completing the first mission without receiving any damage, this
trophy will be yours.

One thing to keep in mind - it always helps knowing the layout of the
level, where the enemies attack from, and how many are there. So try
to familiarise yourself well with the first campaign mission before
attempting this trophy.

[SLo5] - Zombie Hunter requirements: Kill 10,000 Zombies.

This trophy will come from normal play, a couple of missions past the
halfway mark. You'll need to complete campaign mode at least twice
anyway, so don't focus too much on this.

[SL06] - Aim For The Head requirements: Perform 500 Headshots.

Another trophy that should be coming naturally. By holding R1 with
the Rifle, it charges up and the laser sight eventually glows a little
brighter. This indicates that your powershot is ready to perform. Just
blow off 500 zombie heads and this trophy is all yours. Easy.

[SL07] - Weapons Specialist requirements: Fully Upgrade All Slots Of
Any Weapon In Campaign Mode.

As the description reads, just fully upgrade one attribute of any
weapon in campaign mode. By the end of the first mission you should
have the Rate of Fire maxed out for the Rifle, and if you don't, then
don't worry too much, you'll have it done by the end of the second

[SL08] - Looter requirements: Collect All The Loot In Any Mission.

See requirements for King of Looters - [GD05].

---------------------- Gold Trophies [GOLD] --------------------------

- Gold Trophies: There are a total of 5 Gold Trophies to unlock, 
all trophy names, requirements and strategies to obtain them are 
listed below.

Morbid Curiosity  - [GD01]

Double the Action - [GD02]

Genocidiary       - [GD03]

Top Gear          - [GD04]

King of Looters   - [GD05]

[GD01] - Morbid Curiosity requirements: Complete Campaign Mode On

Same as Tough Enough, except the difficulty is a little harder. The
strategies and weapon progression outlined in [SL02] is the same I
used on Morbid difficulty, so just look back to [SL02] for tips on how
to beat Morbid.

[GD02] - Double the Action requirements: Complete Campaign Mode in
Co-Op Mode.

This one works exactly the same as Teamwork - [BR12]. Just connect a
second controller, start a new campaign on Braindead and make sure
player 2 runs ahead and dies at every checkpoint. Do this for the
entire campaign, and this trophy is all yours. A very easy Gold Trophy
I might add.

[GD03] - Genocidiary requirements: Kill 53,596 Zombies.

This can be quite time consuming if you try to unlock this trophy
right off the bat. Instead, just aim for Morbid Curiosity, which
requires you to complete the campaign twice, and you should have at
least half of the kills needed by then. For any extra kills you need,
just play Mission 10, and kill absolutely everything.

Another tip is to not kill the Mouths, as they summon more zombies to
go towards your total kill count. The Graveyard mission is a good one
for lots of Mouths, as the end sequence has several that summon more

[GD04] - Top Gear requirements: Collect All Armour Pieces.

This one falls under the King of Looters requirements [GD05], so just
focus on that one and this trophy will be achieved along the way.

[GD05] - King of Looters requirements: Collect All The Loot In Every

Now this is by far the most time consuming trophy to unlock. You have
to collect every piece of loot, in every single stage, which includes
loot from cars, treasure boxes, armour containers, and drink machines.
Miss even one of these and you have to replay the entire mission again
to try and get all of the loot.

Now as I mentioned before, I'm not yet into the business of video
guides, but when I am, I might consider making a video with all the
locations of every bit of loot. In the meantime, the following links
to videos of the locations of every bit of loot will have to suffice.

- Mission 1:

- Mission 2, Part 1:

- Mission 2, Part 2:

- Mission 3, Part 1:

- Mission 3, Part 2:

- Mission 4, Part 1:

- Mission 4, Part 2:

- Mission 5:

- Mission 6, Part 1:

- Mission 6, Part 2:

- Mission 7, Part 1:

- Mission 7, Part 2:

- Mission 8, Part 1:

- Mission 8, Part 2:

- Mission 9, Part 1:

- Mission 9, Part 1:

- Mission 10, Part 1:

- Mission 10, Part 2:

And that's all she wrote. By this point you should have unlocked all
other trophies and achieved the Platinum, if not, then at least the
tedious part is out of the way.

-------------------------- Requests [REQS] ---------------------------

Well, if it weren't for the poor quality servers, I'd be more than
happy to help anyone out where needed, but if the online servers don't
improve, I'm afraid I won't be helping anybody.

Regardless, my PSN ID is listed at the top of the page, so just scroll
up to get my details.

-------------------------- Questions [FAQS] --------------------------

I haven't received any yet, but should I get any questions I'll update
this guide.

------------------------ Contacting Me [CONT] ------------------------

If you have a question to ask, or information to contribute please
contact me using my email address listed at the top of this guide. Any
strategies, tips or tricks you contribute will be added in the next
update of this Guide, and you WILL be credited for it.

When sending an email, put DN, Dead Nation, Dead Nation / DN Plat or
a variation of these in the title. This lets me know it isn't spam
and pretty much guarantees a response. Failure to do this simple task
will result in your email being deleted without a second thought. If
you can't take 2 seconds to type DN Plat in the title, why should I
take 5 minutes to read and respond to your email?

-------------------- Copyright Information [COPY] --------------------

This guide may not be reproduced in part or its entirety for profit or
monetary gain. If you wish to use this guide on your website, please
contact me to ask permission first. It is highly unlikely I will
refuse if asked politely, but a little courtesy goes a long way. My
email address is at the top of this guide, so scroll up to get my

Below is a list of websites that have permission to host this guide:


Copyright 2011 - Karne-Michael Martin. All rights reserved.