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Killing Zombies is Timeless


I know what you're probably thinking; "Oh great, another zombie game". Over the course of your gaming life, I'm sure you've stumbled across quite a few. But to be brutally honest, Dead Island came out at a perfect time. Resident Evil 5 lacked the zombies that everyone loved, so that definitely caused a drought that helped make Left 4 Dead the successful game that it was (is). And then the only zombie release, prior to Dead Island (from what I can gather), was Dead Rising 2 back in September 2010. Released just a year later, fans anticipated this release with open arms and bulging wallets an...


Don't just stand there, run!

The good:

*The damage done to the infected is very well generated and reflective of what type of weapon you are using. Being able to send a head flying in one stroke has never looked so good in a game.
*The leveling up system in the early levels. It's nice to have all that brain smashing rewarded with new abilities or reduction percentages that makes things a little easier.
*You will have to run away, rather then just standing there taking on a whole island worth of zombies it is in your best interests to run away at times. hearing them chase you can be pretty nerve racking.
*Multiple characters to play as. Apart from replay value, each of the four characters you choose from have their own strengths that may appeal more to your needs.
*Co-op. If you don't fancy taking on all of the undead on your own you can join a game with up to 3 others players online and work together.

The bad:

*The side characters/Quest givers. Don't these people know immunity doesn't equal invincibility? Get your own teddy bear!
*Respawn points, the last thing anyone needs after being killed is popping up in the middle of another herd of zombies.
*The leveling up system at higher levels. While great to start with, it takes more EX each time to level up and repeating the same missions over and over struggle to raise the bar.
*The story was sadly very weak, probably due to last minute changes in the script or something.
*The waypoint line you need to follow to quests can have a mind of its own, at times it'll even take you to the opposite direction you need to go!


So you're on a isolated tropical island resort. Last night was hectic and you end up falling asleep still dressed only to wake up in a strangely quiet hotel. Next thing you know you're being chased by crazed, blood covered holiday makers while a mysterious voice tells you to run. Then after being clobbered you wake up with other survivors after being bitten yet not turned into the infected. This is the scenario facing 4 different people, one of which you'll be playing. Sharp weapons expert Xian Mei. Blunt weapons expert Sam B. Throwing weapons expert Logan. Firearms expert Purna.

To get off...

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