Dead Island Tips

Cars Are a Safe Haven
When in the city of Moresby (if if in the event you have made it there), you know that there are hordes of zombies and dumb thugs, suiciders, rams, and infected people. If you health is low and you need to regain self-awareness, jump on a car. The set of weapons you have out my be running on durability, or you need to check your map for some quests, or you just need to slow down and take a look around. Cars will help you very much. It could also help you kill the the walkers, and other things that are chasing you. It is kind of a glitch, because if you are on top of a car they will try to hit you but they can't. So you can take the liberty of shooting, slamming, slicing, or throwing at the walkers. You can basically do it with anything, I know that you can do it on the resort because of the amount of cars, but there aren't very many groups of walkers near the street. You can't reply do it in the jungle, because there aren't any cars broken down, and by all common sense, there are no cars in the prison.