[edit] Background

The game de Blob is set in Croma City in the world of Raydia. It's a peaceful and colourful place, until all that is changed by the antagonist, the INKT Corporation. Their goal is to drain everything of colour, along with fun in the process. They are lead by Commander Black and are transforming the upbeat Raydians into enslaved Graydians.

To save them, a protagonist hero by the name of Blob. He joins the revolutionary group, the Colour Underground which is made up of the few surviving Raydians. From the start they recognise the potential within him, the potential to restore the Raydians and Croma City to former glory. Together, they plan to take on the entirety of INKT and bring back colour!

[edit] Gameplay

de Blob puts you in control of the persona of Blob on a mission to restore colour to the city. You take on the evil INKT corporation, attempting to stop their evil plans to make the world black, white and full of despair. It's your job to complete challenges, scale obstacles and paint every single little thing you can see. Find pick-ups to help you and stay away from hazards. de Blob also features a multiplayer mode where you can battle it out with friends or race them.

[edit] Features

  • Urban exploration – control a fun animated Blob to transform an oppressive and hostile city into a vibrant, colorful and happy place.
  • Real-time painting of cities.
  • A number of unique locations with a different balance of game play puzzles and level objects.
  • Compete against others in a range of multiplayer modes in the quest for winning Blob supremacy.
  • Simple intuitive controls, which allow a unique use of the Wii controller offering gamers an animated playing experience.

This game is also known as Blob: Colorful na Kibou in Japan.

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Lavender Blush
Mar 31, 13 1:48pm
added 5 new screenshots
Dark Arcanine
Dec 20, 10 9:22pm
I am so excited for de Blob 2! DeBlob
Sep 27, 10 3:04am
Intersting puzzle game with plenty of extras 7/10 DeBlob
Jun 6, 09 12:12pm
gets a bit long and borin DeBlob
Apr 28, 09 1:54am
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Koopa Troopa
Apr 20, 09 7:15am
controls could be better DeBlob
Apr 12, 09 3:06pm
Colorful DeBlob
Dark Arcanine blogged
Jan 23, 09 1:03pm

If there's one game which is underrated on the Wii which I would highly suggest you play, it's de Blob. I simply cannot stress how much fun it is. It's cute, it's addictive and it's something a bit out of the ordinary.

There's someone who can explain how good it is better than me though, which is me. Please, I beg you to read this review and if you're not convinced after that, I promise not to find out where you live and hunt you down. Though I can't believe someone would not be interested!

What I find interesting is that it caters to both types of people, so no complaining from you people who obsess over non casual games and insult the Wii for a lack thereof. It is casual in the sense it's very laid back in appearance, but it's an enjoyable atmosphere which can make your afternoon a lot more enjoyable than sitting on the edge of your couch shouting "*bleep* you zombie just fall down and die.. aaaaahhhhhhhhh!!!11!1" when playing some action game. But then this game does also provide action, as you get to kill plenty of Inkies by squishing them to death into the ground. You also get to take on tanks, speed bikes, turrets and all sorts... still not convinced? If so, then I invite you to check out how challenging it actually is. Despite the laid back attitude, it does provide some good puzzles and challenges which do require you to think and put some proper effort into it.

If this is still not enough for you, then perhaps you're someone who likes funky colours? Someone who enjoys staring at a lava lamp for hours or standing like a fool in front of some neon light sign? If that's the case then again, you'll like this game. The main concept is to bring colour back to the world and you get to splash and mix it however you want. Yes painting may sound a bit dull but put it this way, a lot of you like Mario and he's a plumber. It's addictive as you paint the town red so to speak, with your screen pulling you in with the bright colours and the contrast with the bleak landscapes you're about to revive.

When it comes down to it, de Blob is an interesting game which doesn't receive due credit. Rent it out some time or borrow it from a friend, I promise you won't be disappointed. There's something for everyone, whether it be because you like a challenge, collecting things, unlocking bonus material, killing or just looking at bright colours. de Blob is something original, making good use of the Wii Remote and a good Wii game in general which deserves its time in the spotlight.

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Dark Arcanine
Dec 27, 08 2:45am

E3 Trailer for de Blob

Blob - Green Version


de Blob is a puzzle game...

Dec 24, 08 2:59am
8.2 DeBlob
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