Dance Dance Revolution Extreme review
The arcade hit makes a great move to PS2

The good:

Over 100 minutes of music, including arcade songs and new songs just for the home version. Compatible with the Eyetoy accessory. Easy to pick up and play. Compatible with both PS2 controllers and dance pad controllers.

The bad:

Not quite arcade-perfect graphics. Repetitive announcer & crowd voices. A few songs repeat from prior games.


The home port of one of the most recent arcade versions of the franchise, DDR Extreme continues the PS2's DDR series with over 60 songs and 100 minutes of music. This version includes several hit arcade & J-Pop songs from all the DDR games as well as other J-Pop & english songs to dance to.

The graphics are excellent but not quite arcade-perfect. The music videos remain generally intact for the arcade songs and are high quality but when you have the dancer on screen it makes the videos appear a little blurry and not as good as the arcade's videos were. The dancers are OK but look too polygonal and rushed through, but they don't affect the arcade-perfect frame rate. Sounds are arcade-perfect, both good and bad. The music is extremely high quality and sounds just like the arcade's, as do the announcer & crowd sounds, but they quickly get repetitive and cut in way too much while you're playing. Thankfully there is an option to turn them off. Controls are very responsive, even when using the regular PS2 controller, although using just one controller for Double play makes for rather awkward setups despite several different configuration options. They're also very simple to learn, making it easy to pick up and play. Gameplay is simple and very addictive, you simply time your step or button press when a flashing arrow passes over the corresponding step zone and the game grades you on your timing. One very cool addition for the PS2 version is compatibility with the Eyetoy camera accessory-this adds a brand new gameplay mode where you use your hands to play as well as your feet, which adds to the challenge & replay value in addition to letting you watch as you make a fool of yourself playing by waving your hands too. There is lots of unlockable content, mostly consisting of new songs and dancers but also new groups of songs for the two new gameplay modes: Nonstop & Challenge. Both of these add new challenges for advanced players by making you complete so many songs in a row without stopping or doing up to 20 songs in a row while making no more than a couple mistakes. These both appeared in the arcade and having them here helps increase the challenge and replay value. The only complaint about the songs is that most are new but a few do repeat, having been included in prior versions of the game. If you don't have the older ones this isn't a problem, but if you do then you might feel a little cheated at this but there aren't enough repeats to make it a big deal.

Despite a few shortcomings and obviously not being able to include every song from the arcade original, this is an excellent port with a few nice extras thrown in to add to the replay value. Pick it up if you like the series even if you don't have a dance pad, as it's still enjoyable either way...and you might actually do better with just the PS2 controller.

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