Dance Dance Revolution Extreme review
Dance Time!!!

The good:

It's Dance Dance Revolution!!!!! Need I say more?It has a lot of cool songs like Tsugaru by De-sire,Move your feet by Junior Senior,and the Captain Jack song, Only You.It is fun and addicting.Also, it has cool minigames and cool features like the EyeToy function.It even has a workout mode!!

The bad:

The bad part is that a lot of cool songs in the arcade version didn't make it to the PS2 version.


Overall, the game is awesome.It has 8 modes:
GAME MODE:Basic mode in DDR. This is like the arcade mode of the game. Here you play like if you were playing at the arcade.Has Nonstop and Challenge mode.
PARTY MODE:Contains minigames that you can play with or without the EyeToy.
MISSION MODE:This is the mode that you have to complete in order to unlock everything.Contains 100 objectives for you to complete.
ENDLESS MODE:The name says it all.Play all the songs without the possibility of parole,scratch that, without ever stopping to chose the songs.
LESSON MODE:Learn the basics of DDR.For newbies only.
TRAINING MODE:Here,you can practice songs you have problems with.
EDIT MODE:Here you can edit the steps of your fav songs.
WORKOUT MODE:This mode tells you how many calories you burn in game mode.Lose that fat bubba!!(no offense)

Then you have your records,options,credits,and info.

I think DDR EXTREME rocks!!
The only thing it lacks is more cool songs and the ability to face-map your face with the EyeToy in order to make your own character(Or maybe the face-map ability is just a cool-but-unecessary feature I want to see in the game).Throw in some new cool features and a cooler mission mode and we have perfection.But I still give it 2 thumbs up.

P.S.I want to see more monkeys in the game.
(Just Kidding!!!)

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