Dance Dance Revolution Extreme review
DDR Extreme is Good, but what About the Future?

The good:

Better graphics quality.
Same DDR goodness.
Some great song choices.
Eyetoy functions are innovative!

The bad:

Some superb songs are not here!
No Groove Radar???
Short time to unlock every song.
A big disapointment.
What happens next?


I, in my opinion, think that DDR is one of the most innovative and fun games out there. It combines great music with exercise. No other game is unique as DDR. As you may know, DDR Extreme originally debuted in Japan as an arcade game. It is my favorite version because it has over 100 songs! When I heard that DDR Extreme was coming here to US PS2s, I was both excited and concerned. What if it was more innovative but also disappointing?
It was a mixed reaction. (Review contains song spoilers!)
On one hand, I really enjoy the Eyetoy games. They are probably DDR's next big step. All of them are fun, except for the Magical Ball. I also like the bigger screen. It makes the visuals look better.
But you know, DDR Extreme for USA has a few, big positives, but it has multiple small, but massive, negatives.
The first thing that made me mad was the lack of the helpful Groove Radar. I have no idea why they destroyed the Groove Radar. The Groove Radar is a helpful device that measures voltage, stream, chaos, freeze, and air in a song. I think having no Groove Radar is really stupid.
But what really made me blow my top was the lack of the arcade songs. DDR Extreme Arcade has a lot of excellent, beautiful songs that, for some idiotic reason, are not in here!
These are the songs that I wanted to be included in the home version of DDR Extreme but did not make it for some silly reason!
I wanted these songs.

Cartoon Heroes
Dance Dance Revolution
PARANOiA Survivor
PARANOiA Survivor Max
Dynamite Rave
Candy Heart
exotic ethnic
Jam Jam Reggae
Jam Jam Reggae AMD Swing Mix
Kind Lady
Across the Nightmare
Mikeneko Rock
The Least 100 Seconds
L'amour et la Liberte
Leading Cyber
Max 300
Max. Period

I also would have liked a

Remix of A
Remix of 321 Stars
A song by Moby
A song by Shpongle

But some amazing and superb songs actually made it here.

321 Stars
Drop Out
Drop Out FNM
B4U B4 ZA Beat Mix
A Stupid Barber
Can't Stop Falling in Love Speed Mix
La Senorita
Pink Rose
Trip Machine Survivor
Trip Machine
Tsugaru Apple Mix
Wild Rush
Wild Rush FNM
The Reflex

I also love Maximizer! It is a very nice song.

These are the songs that are in DDR Extreme USA that I don't like.

Don't Clock Me (I don't like the tone of this song.)
I'm for Real (The song is boring! But it does have 2 wacky effects at the near-end.)
Never Ending Story (Repetitive lyrics and music.)
Keep on Movin' (The song is not very exciting.)
So in Love (Heard it so many other times!)

DDR Extreme USA is one of the hardest games I have had to review. You've got the better screen and the Eyetoy functions, but the lack of much better songs and no Groove Radar really ruins the game. If the DDR home versions keep getting worse and worse, no one is going to buy them! You might as well just keep going to the arcade.

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