Dance Dance Revolution Extreme 2 Cheats

Dance Dance Revolution Extreme 2 cheats, Unlockables, Tips, and Codes for PS2.


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Switch screens
The "Switch screens option" will appear in the quick menu of the Dance Master Mode once you complete either stage A-07 or A-08. This extremely useful option will allow you to see a "grid" where both unlocked and locked missions appear.
UnlockableHow to unlock
Switch screens optionComplete either stage A-07 or A-08


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Hints for Hidden Selections in Dance Master Mode
To unlock hidden selections in Dance Master Mode, complete the specified objectives below that correspond to the appropriate mission, in addition to meeting the other clear requirements:
1. B6-Get Grade A or better
2. B30-Under 6,500,000 points
3. A5-Get Grade AA
4. B34-Over 30,000,000 points
5. X8-Over 8,500,000 points
6. B45-Under 4 Goods
7. X03-Under 5 Greats
8. C4-Get Grade C (exactly C, not B or higher)
9. C12-Over 8,500,000 points
10. C17-OK all Freeze Arrows
11. A6-Get Grade of AAA (All Perfects)
12. C5-OK all Freeze Arrows
13. C18-Under 100 Perfects
14. C16-Max Combo Exactly 30
15. C22-OK all Freeze Arrows AND Over 180 Perfects
16. C10-Get Grade AA or higher
17. X21-Over 36,000,000 points
18. D4-Get Grade AA or higher
19. D10-NG all Freeze (You need to Full Combo to clear stage too)
20. D26-Over 65 of each Perfects, Greats, Goods
21. D14-Under 5 Goods
22. X24-Max Combo Exactly 200
23. D12-Under 6,800,000 points
24. D18-Over 100 Greats
25. X30-Max Combo over 1000
26. X31-Over 50 Boos
27. D43-Over 35,000,000 points
28. X26-Over 200 Marvellous (very hard, only about 277 steps in the song)
29. X28-Get Grade AA or higher
30. E6-Under 8,600,000 points (extremely hard, you must get 8,500,000 points just to clear the song)
Some hidden selections can also be purchased in the Shop (purchase is required to unlock some selections).
Rack up points in Dance Master Mode
This tip will only work if you've gotten most of Area C open already. Specifically the Look to the Sky (Future Trance Mix) stage available. This stage is only about 30 seconds long and it pays out 1500 points each time you play.

If you're good at full combos, as this stage is played using the Challenge Mode batteries, you can play this stage over and over again and make a lot of points in a small amount of time. Perfect for getting those expensive alternate character outfits.
Unlock Additional Dancer Costumes
To unlock each dancer's alternate costume for purchase, play Dance Master Mode with that character until the outfit becomes available in the shop (normally requires playing between 3-7 missions for each). The outfits then become available for 100,000 points (JC & Saja's outfits are 200,000).
Unlock Additional Play Modes
To make Endless, Survival, and Combo Challenge play modes available for purchase in the shop, unlock and buy all hidden songs from the shop.
Unlocking new areas and missions
In order to unlock new areas in Dance Master Mode you need to clear every Special Mission (they are the Red ones) of the current area you are in. Now when it comes to missions, complete a mission and it might light up other missions for you to do; this is due to the fact that sometimes you'll need to clear the main objective of the mission and clear a secret objective (example: if you want to play Stage X-01 you have to AA on stage A-05). You might be wondering how to find these secret objectives, don't worry they will appear in the shop as Hints, after buying them, go to "My Room" and read them. Also, in the shop, especial selections will appear, if you buy them you'll unlock new missions that weren't playable before. This is how Dance Master Mode works.