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[edit] Background

"DDR returns on the PlayStation®2 computer entertainment system with popular artists, smash hit songs, EyeToy support and more unique modes and features than ever before. Dance Dance Revolution EXTREME 2 pumps up the volume with over 100 minutes of energetic dance music, including exclusively-licensed songs and dance hits, and for the first time on the PlayStation®2, the revolution goes online with multiplayer gameplay and online competitions."

[edit] Gameplay

The player will use their legs to play. The player stands on a dance mat/platform with four panels positioned North, South, East, and West. On-screen, there are notes shaped as arrows that match the panels you are stepping on. Once they reach the designated step zone, the player must step on the matching panel with precise timing.

[edit] Features

Classic "Standby" Features:
-100 Minutes of music (another 70-ish songlist)
-Game Mode allows for Single (1 player, 1 pad), Versus (2 players, 2 pads), and Double (1 player, 2 pads)
-Workout Mode: Track calories you've burned
-Training Mode: Various options help you learn the steps to a song
-Lesson Mode: Helps first-timers know the mechanics of play
-Edit Mode: Create your own stepchart!

New Features!
-ONLINE GAMEPLAY- Used to be exclusive on Xbox's DDR Ultramix series, now you can play online against players on your PS2!
-Mission Mode- Coming back from DDR EXTREME, it returns with a ton more missions to do.
-EyeToy Capability- Play DDR with your EyeToy camera. Watch yourself play, use your hands along with your feet, and other features.
-Dancing characters now have an alternate version.
-Much more...

[edit] Hardware Requirements

•Dance pad (game comes bundled with an official Konami soft dancing mat)
•Memory card (save progress on unlocked items, Workout Mode data, and Edit Data)
•Network Adapter (either purchased for older PS2s or already built-in with new "slim" PS2s). Only needed if going online.
•Internet Access to play online
•EyeToy can be used

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Cloud Me
Sep 5, 09 12:44pm
Fun, used to be the master at it. Not any more. DanceDanceRevolutionExtreme2
Aug 27, 08 3:43am
Love the music!! DanceDanceRevolutionExtreme2
May 6, 06 6:20pm

This DDR game is quite a lot of fun. I won't say much about the online mode because I...

Mar 30, 06 9:26am

The 4th PS2 installment & the 2nd in the Extreme series, DDR Extreme 2 attempts to...

Dec 31, 05 6:50am
Very Cool Game DanceDanceRevolutionExtreme2
Dec 28, 05 6:27am
you know, i am usually terrible at these, but now i am good! DanceDanceRevolutionExtreme2
Nov 26, 05 11:34pm
Dont know why I have it. I dont like this kind of games. DanceDanceRevolutionExtreme2
sick among the pure
Oct 1, 05 3:16am
added 7 new screenshots
May 20, 05 12:18am
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