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Dance Dance Revolution Extra Mix


This version of DDR users the 4th mix interface but has much better songs and it also has all of the modes from 4th mix unlike 5th mix where all there is, solo, solo dubble and verses. Also like 4th mix it has one of those cool advertisements for megamix! The reason why I did not give it a 4 or a 5 out of 5 is because I found that Max and Max2 has a better interface and new steps as well as a proper sond setup screen, little, shuffle ect.


For those that never got to play Solo 2000 or 4th Plus

The good:

The game features a lot of songs many unique just to this game. Drop Out and Paranoia Evolution are here also!

The bad:

Some of the songs are just a little too out there, and the bonus songs are pretty lacking.


If you thrive for classic tunes that are in ddr then you might wanna skip out on this title. its made from the plus tracks of 4thmix and the Solo 2000 songs which feature a lot of booty bass tracks. Some tracks that make the experience enjoyable are Dive, Sky High, Dreamer Dreamer Miami Booty Mix, Paranoia Evolution, and a few others. The game uses the 4th mix interface and features a ton of options including a challenge mode where you have to meet challenges to determine speed and accuracy. Overall its worth the investment if you dont have an arcade with all the DDR versions.

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