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Living For This?


I've never been the greatest fan of fighting games, what with the likes of Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter feeling so sluggish and shallow. However, 3D variants like Soul Calibur II showed me that sometimes developers understand what fighting games should be all about.

So, when I came across some demo videos of the Dead or Alive series of fighting games in action I thought to myself "wow, that looks kinda cool". It looked fast-paced with plenty of combo options. In other words, it seemed to match up with what I consider requirements for any fighting game. Later on down the line I happened u...


Great graphics and decent gameplay

The good:

Decent gameplay

Great graphics

Good character roster



A cool boss

The bad:

You need a booster disc or the DOA Ultimate disc to unlock all costumes.

Gen Fu


Difficulty: Medium

Wow the graphics in this game are so good it looks like it was just made in 2004 or 2005. This game, DOA Ultimate and DOA Beach Volleyball has some of the best graphics in any video games. The graphics are so good that even if the gameplay sucked I would still rate it a 3/5 for the graphics alone. But the gameplay in this game certainly doesn't suck. The difficulty in this game is good too because when it's on easy it's means easy and when it's on hard it means hard.

If you thought Dead or Alive 2 is good then you have to check out this game. The graphics will literly stun ...


It plays almost as good as it looks

The good:

Incredible graphics. Awesome soundtrack. Excellent variety of characters and gameplay modes. Highly interactive environments. And of course those gorgeous girls of DOA.

The bad:

Story Mode is way too short. Some combos, although simple-looking control-wise, are nearly impossible to pull off. CPU AI is just a little unbalanced at times.


At first glance, this fighter appears to be a clone of the Tekken series based on fighting style, but take a closer look and it's actually more. For starters, each character has their own unique storyline which you can play through-fun but the mode's a little too short...not to mention the final battle's against a cheesy Darth Maul wannabe complete with el cheapo lightsaber. It's almost funny. The other play modes are great as well-Survival, Time Attack, and even a Team Battle mode which allows up to 4 players!
The graphics are nothing short of jaw-dropping. The character detail level is unb...


xXxTeam NinjasxXx ~~Fighting style and costumes~~

The good:

The ninjas... you can learn every ninjitsu special moves from hayabusa, kasumi, hayate and ayane

The bad:

the rest of the character's fighting style are kinda corney... just like Brad Wong... but less costumes


Ryu Hayabusa, the Super Ninja, put a stop to the evil doings of Tengu Bankotsu-bo. But it was too late to stop the Tengu of Destruction from triggering a massive, worldwide collapse. The collapse churns up a dense cloud that covers the entire planet in a shroud of darkness and fear. DOATEC has gone astray, turning into the hunting grounds for power-hungry scam artists. This is when DOATEC's Development Department - a fortress for state-of-the-art military technology - witness the success of a genious. Following Project Alpha and Project Epsilon, the ever ambitious Dr. Victor Donovan complet...


Great for Pick-up Games, but Not Deep

The good:

-The girls (someone needs to build a shrine to Kasumi ... I'd worship her over Jesus anyday)
- the graphics (read above)
- easy to learn, easy to get good

The bad:

- not very deep
- not many modes
- XBox controller SUCKS


This game is great on the eyes (best looking girls in video games to date) and is pretty fun, but the combat system isn't particularly deep and counters are insanely easy to pull off. For a more serious fighter I'd go to something like Tekken 4, or for a REAL serious fighter Virtua Fighter 4, but those are all on PS2. Sucks for you XBox-only people. Not like it wouldn't anyway, that controller is the hunkiest piece of garbage ever ... and I don't like referring to buttons by "color", does Nintendo have the copyright on ABC-XYZ or something?

Anyways, good addition to your collection, solid fi...


Needs Work for Game Life Not Shelf Life

The good:

Cool Rendering of all people, Nice Tag team Modes, Counters and Attacks Cool. Nice Detailing on Videos

The bad:

No Mini Games, No Characters to unlock, No hidden things, No tasks.


This game was verrry easyyyy. I finished it off in one day and you only get endings. No hidden Charcters means no Game life but Shelf Life.
If it had some sort of training task system it would have some game life. If it had some sort of mini game such as the incorporation of Beach Volleyball into Doa3 It would have been a better Game.
If an addition of more characters we could have more fun therefore like Tekken. Tekken has some bad graphics at this stage of the technology block but it had long gameplay life. Games such as even a charcter designer would have been a plus

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