Dead or Alive Xtreme Beach Volleyball Tips

Easy Money
1. First you need Dead of Alive 3. Choice a character that also appears in Xtreme Beach Volleyball's Survival mode. The more wins you garner in DOA 3's Survival mode, the more money you will begin with Xtreme Beach Volleyball.

2. Start a new game. When Lisa offers to show you around the island, select YES. Now, play the hopping game until you reach the first match. Play it knowing that the less points the opposition has, and the more blocks and spikes you time well, the more money you will receive.

Once you win, wait until the next day at the hotel. Select Leave Tomorrow and start the game again with the same character. If you repeat these steps, you will earn 80,000 to 149,000 credits each time. Should you manage to win a game 7 to nothing, you will get 150,000 credits.

3. Select a character with a decent amount of power. Play volleyball in story mode and let your partner set you up for a spike. When the ball is directly above your head, aim straight for an apponent and spike it. If you manage to make that opponent struggle, your partner will award you with 1,000 credits.

Easy Money 2nd trick
Easy Money - Go to the casino and play a slot machine. Use a rubber band slipped over/around the A Button, on the controller.
Now, you can just watch the coins pile up, for as long as you want.
For bests results, switch machines every hour or so.