Dead or Alive Xtreme Beach Volleyball

  • Released on Jan 21, 2003
  • By Tecmo for Xbox

Dead or Alive Xtreme Beach Volleyball Tips

Winning 149,000+ in a Volleyball Match
(Warning: This requires quite a bit of practice, if you need practice, read my cheat "Practice in Exhibition")
Once you've practiced and have gotten good (if you can win 7-1 on hardest setting in exhibition) start a new game. (Before practicing, I suggest you leave at least one file open so you can start a new game, and if you don't have a free file, just delete one you never play)
Once Lisa is done showing you around, (You really have no choice, Lisa will show you around anyways) play the Poolhopping mini-game until you play Volleyball in the evening segment of the day.
Now this is an incredibly easy match, you should be able to win it very easily.
Once you win, go back to the hotel and go to sleep (If you have a present from Zack (Which you will) check that because it may spoil)
The next day, all of the Volleyball teams should be not hard at all!
Pick easy matches like, Helena and Leifang, Ayane and Kasumi, Leifang and Kasumi, Leifang and Ayane, Helena and Kasumi, Helena and Ayane, teams like that.
You should win every match 7-0, which will give you 149,000 plus nice points and the money you already have. (If you play Volleyball in every single segment, except nighttime, of coarse, by day 3, you should have about 600,000 (Starting with 0 money at the start of the game)
Pretty neat, huh?
Hope this helps you to get a lot of extra money!