Dragon Ball Z Legends (Import) Cheats

Dragon Ball Z Legends (Import) cheats, and Codes for PSX.


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get a cutscene showing kid buu fighting baby (baby is a dragonballgt villian)
First off baby is a villian in GT not "z"
OK here's what you do:
get fat buu too fight any level of goku doesnt have to be ssj1,2or3
then press triangle triangle square square and use a ki blast SUPER FAST AND A MEAN REALLY FFAST!
then taunt goku and then you'll here BUUUUUU!!!!
and he will transform to kid buu and a cut scence will come (baby wins) and THE BEST PART after the cutscene you lose fat buu and GET BABY! THE ULTTIMATE FIGHTER!
go ssj4
At tittel screen press right, left, down, up, triangel, x, square you will hear a ping noise then go to story mode and begin the game lett piccolo, gohan, and krilin die and goku will go ssj4.
play as fat buu
when you fight on the very last fight you play as vegeta and goku against ultimate buu. Just play as ss3 goku and get the finisher 2 times. Goku then fights as regular sayan goku, then bring vegeta in. Do the same w/ vegeta. Then to your surprise, fat buu apears and he fights for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Raise ending level to 999%
After a battle ends the save/continue screen will appear. Hold Select, press Triangle, Square, X for approximately five seconds, then release. Press Up or Down to scroll between scores to 999%.