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200 Ace
Hello I hope this is heplful.
You know there is a main character(S) in each chapter,well you nedd to level them up.This will help.(:
chapter1-goku lv. 65-75.required
chapter2-gohan lv. 65-85.not required
chapter3-trunks lv. 66-70.not required/
gohan lv. 85-90/not required
chapter4-gohan lv. 85-90 required/
goku lv. 99-120very required/
vegeta lv. doesn't matter
chapter5-doesn't matter
chapter6-goku lv. 100-125 required
chapter7-goten and trunks lv. 85-95 required
chapter8-goku and vegeta lv. 110-130 required
chapter9- trunks&goten&gohan lv. 110-120 required
chapter10- goku and vegeta lv. 140-150 required
chapter11-goku and vegeta lv. 150-160 required
chapter12-all characters lv. whaterver they are on,through the final level.

I posted another cheat called save and equal . right under it is a cheat that doesn't work.
Thanks for reading my cheat.

255 senzu beans
Somewhere in the board someone posted this, but its a cool glitch, when you're getting a senzu bean for Videl, go get 3 senzus and eat them, go back to Gohan senzu less, he will act like you gave him a senzu, and you'll have 255 senzu beams
Armor Of Darkness and Z Suit.
First of all. Complete the game. Then go to Southwest Forest and kill the enemies then you have a choice of two routes. One route you will see a man and he will tell you something about Yajirobe but its not important. Go the other way and you will see a Vegeta Door labeled 120. Break it down and face 'Majin Fighters' they are tanned meaning they are stronger and faster then the normal ones. Destroy as much as you can until one drops Z Suit. It will heal you as you go along! Keep following the route and you will see a chest. Open it and get Armor Of Darkness, which heals life as you melee.
Become Super Siayain on the map!
You know where you have to take a nap and you fly out the window? If you turn into a Super Siayain and fly out the window, you\'ll stay super siayain!
Best place to level up
Go to the Barren Wastelands after you beat kid buu! The Shadow Colossus gives you a ton of EXP!
Broly drowing
When you fight Broly, while he is doing a smashing punch, punch him and Broly will jump. Go to one of the three little ground squares and Broly will jump on top of it and break it a little. Do the same thing and make Broly jump on top of the same square, it'll break completly, and Broly will fall in a pot of lava, giving you the opportunity to kick his ass, until Broly comes out. IT IS SO FUNNY!
Chapter List

Chapter 1 - Other World Saga (Boss: Pikkon)
Chapter 2 - Great Saiyaman Saga (Boss: Goten)
Chapter 3 - World Tournament Saga (Boss: Goten, SSJ Goten, Majin Spovovich, Yamu)
Chapter 4 - Babidi Saga (Boss: Pui Pui, Yakon, Dabura)
Chapter 5 - Majin Vegeta Saga (Boss: Majin Vegeta, Majin Buu)
Chapter 6 - Majin Buu Saga (Boss: Majin Buu)
Chapter 7 - Dragon Ball Saga (Boss: LSSJ Broly)
Chapter 8 - Janemba Saga (Boss: Janemaba, Super Janemaba)
Chapter 9 - Super Buu Saga (Boss: Super Buu)
Chapter 10 - Fusion Saga (Boss: Super Buu 1,2,3, Super Buu Thoughts - Gotenks, Gohan, Piccolo)
Chapter 11 - Kid Buu Saga (Boss: Kid Buu)
Chapter 12 - New Begining Saga (Unplayable, End Sequence
Defeat Fat Buu
When you fight Fat Buu as Vegeta, just dodge his attacks (especially the candy one) and wait until Bababi lands on the ground. Hit Babadi so now you can smash Buu for a small amount of time until Babadi regains consiousness. Now continue this method until Buu is defeated!
Duplicate Weapons
First, Equip Goku/Goten or Vegeta/Trunks (remove all unneeded equips before) and do the Fusion Dance. As Gogeta/Gotenks, remove the equipment from the equipped character. The Fusion will keep the equips but you'll be able to re-use the equips on another character. This will keep working untill you run out of Fusion time
easy experience
go to the kais planets and go to the right corner and youll see a crack on the wall smash it and buy kiloton armbands and kiloton boots
Easy Level Up
To get easy level up, use a lower level person and fight harder monsters. That may be a liitle hard and you might lose. But try to turn into a super sayin or use holy water (found by Korin if he is given a red snapper).
Easy Training
This will ridiciously slow your character down, and Its only available at the end or when your training with the Z-Sword. Go to the bottom corner of the planet of the Kai's, There will be a crack in the wall. Bust it down to find the Planet of the Kai's Z-Sword, which sells some really good weapons and Kiloton Armbands and Kiloton Leg thingies. This is really helpful for training, and will bring your speed to 0.
Eternal Dragon
After you beat Buu you can go to Capsule Corp to finish the game.After the credits it will show your rank. To get the highest rank get all the characters to lvl 200.
Exhibit List
Light house - Feed the guy.

Hercule city - Behind building before you enter capsule corp, feed him.

Air bandit's flying ship 2nd visit - Same way you got the dragonball.

Fukurou Forest - Revist ninja guy will ask for bandanas; get from flying airships.

Theives Den - Use Goku to teleport above house to the far left.

Orange Star High School - Get record for track race; just talk to Sharpner.

King Yemma's Palace - Talk to fortune teller Baba.

Chi Chi's House - Talk to Ox King; look in gohan and goten's room in box.

Papaya Island - Buy from gift shop.

Korrin's Tower - Run around Yajirobi three times counter-clock wise, then go to the Southwest Forest.

Korrin's Tower - Feed Korrin; Choose the third option "time to start fishing".

Note: I think he gives you the exhibit.
Pilaf's Castle - Omn revisit; Same way you acquired the dragonball there.

West City Walmart - Buy exhibit.

Grand Kai's Planet - Talk to Grand Kai.

Grand Kai's Planet - When you're able to go back to Grand Kai's planet, go to the cave where you first got the Z ton boots. Bubbles will be waiting. Talk to him.

Bansho Fan - In Goku's house area past the level 140 Gohan door. There is a rocky area, and you can blow up one of the rocks to reveal a passage. Continue through and get your award.

Android #20's Hat - Go to Diablo Desert, but upon entering, the character level door must be level 165 Trunks, then just go into the train and kill the enemies. Eventually You'll get it in the last carriage.

Faster training
Another tip to train faster, when you\'ll able to fuse together, you get xp to BOTH charaters, meaning if your getenks, you can train faster, because it\'s like training two guys in one!
Free Lazarus Crystals
In the super buu saga where you train in the time chamber go to the kitchen.

One pot contains lazarus crystals. Smash it to receive lazarus crystals.
You can use them or sell them.

0=Crystal pot
X= normal pot


Hercule and Z-fighter exhibits complete location
Light House - Feed the lighthouse keeper:
Root Beer, Turkey, Hercule-Ade, Elixer, Dino Tail, Super Elixer.

West City - Behind the building before you enter capsule corp, next to the dumpster, feed the guy with a steak.

West City - At the upper left corner, use Goku's Instant Transmission to get it out of the box.

*bleep*urou Forest - Revisit the ninja at the start of *bleep*urou forest, give him bandanas you get from flying ships.

*bleep*urou Forest - Take the Right Route clear 3 Samurai's in one of the chambers.

Air bandits flying ship 2nd visit - Complete it the same way you got the Dragonball.

Thieves Den - Use goku to teleport above the house on the far left.

Orange Star High School - Get the record for the track race, the talk to sharpner.

King Yemas office- Talk to fortune teller Baba after you complete the game.

Goku's House - Talk to Ox King after you complete the game.

Goku's House - Look in the big purple box in Gohans room.

Papaya Island - Buy from the gift shop.

Korins Tower - Run around Yajarobi 3 times anti clock wise, then he will drop it in the Soutwest forest next to the guy who told you to run around Yajarobe.

Korins Tower - Give Korin 1,2 or 3 Red Snappers.

Pilaf's Castle - On the revisit go to the same place you got the Dragonball, then kill the guys in that room, they should drop the exhibit.

Z Mart in West City - Buy Exhibit.

Grand Kai's Planet - Talk to Grand Kai after you finish the otherworld tournament.

Grand Kai's Planet - When you complete the game, go back to his planet and go into the cave, bubbles should be waiting there with it.

Forest Next to Goku's house - Go past the level 140 Gohan door, there is a rocky area you can punch and break one of the rocks, then you can go along and get another exhibit.

Forest Next to Goku's house - Go into the ,then search the tree with the Blue fruits, behind the tree is the exhibit.

Diablo Desert - On the revisit go through the door, break it with Gohan first then come back with Trunks and break it, go to the train and at the end of the train kill the enemies, one of them should drop it.

Diablo Desert - Go up two screens then left two screens, it should be in a rock somewhere there, if not just check all the rocks

Kami's Lookout - On the top left hand side there are some tree's, keep hitting A while next to them and an invisible box should open with a exhibit.

Nataday Village - Fight brolly and when you defeat him you will get a exhibit.

Nataday Village - Hit the switch to activate the bridge, then go up to the top of the screen and right, destroy the rock and follow the passage.

Kyodai Pyramid - Defeat the Boss mummy then go through the next room and it will be in one of the boxes.

Capsule Corp - Talk to one of the scientists there, he will give you it.

Babadi's ship - Go to the top right hand corner and use Goku's Instant Transmission to get the exhibit out of the box

Hercule's House - Look in his house, it's in a box next to his big screen tv

Hit Vegeta
When yolu have to hit Vegtea with a punch from Trunks in the Zero-G room, just wait until Vegeta stops talking, and press A. It should, hopefully, hit Vegeta before he can run away.
How to catch Vegeta
As soon as Trunks goes SSJ, dash at him and hit A, hopefully you will hit him before he jumps and you should have caught Vegeta.
Perfect way to train Goten and Trunks Quickly
You have to beat Kid Buu first! Now go to *bleep*urou Forest as Goku and break open the door. Get to the top and choose Goten or Trunks (doesn't matter). Then go to the Fusion Dance and fuse into Gotenks. Go Super Saiyan (1) and fight every enemy on the top level of *bleep*urou Forest. Keep going left through a door, left again, then left again, and keep going back and forth!

Hope I helped! Have fun!
Power Jumpin jacks
This isn't really a cheat but it is funnnny. When you are vegeta make your blast Final flash then press the b button really fast and u will do jumpin jacks
stealing my (daddy)
This has got to be a prize winning glitch. At the end of the game, go to the save point in the barren wastelands with two bio-mechs. Kill the one towards the top. Stand on the save point and make sure that the remaining bio-mech is far away. Wait until it stretches out it's arm then when it does punch it. The save/switch characters will appear while the claw is still stretched out. save the game or switch characters, it doesn't matter(although it seems to work best if you save the game.)Now any random character will be "held" in the claw. Goten was taken from gotenks, Gogeta was taken out of Gogeta,even the fat/old versions get stolen. You can do this of course with any character.
Train two people at once
First you must fuse goten/trunks, or goku/vegeta, in order to do this. You cannot be at level 200 before doing this cheat. Okay, here we go. First you fuse the characters, go to a good training spot,(Barren Waistlands), for instance, and you should get,(when your fighting), two level ups. In time both of your characters should be at level 200. (Note: I recommend that your stat pts. should be used only when you need them. The main reason is that if your in a tight spot or something than you could probably also put on some sneakers at the last minute. Basically what I'm trying to say is that you should use your stat pts. when your about to die. Or just use holy water!)


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Annoying HFIL Glitch/Fastest Exp EVER!!!!!!
ok this only works as Gotenks.
First you have to go to HFIL and find a Nosferatu and use the Clone Technique (where you blow up a clone of yourself.) and wait till it grabs you and starts sucking blood. Now when it dies... (if you are still being attacked) your character will freeze. Please if you are not a patient person do not do this... you will have to wait 5min for the glitch to end (when the fusion wears off).

Again The exp only works as gotenks (you will lvl up Trunks and Goten to).

Step 1: Make sure you have at least 10lbs Armbands/Boots (this is the lowest you should have) If you can afford, and wear Kiloton Armbands/Boots you should wear those, you will lvl up faster. (Equip These to both Trunks and Goten)

Step 2: In HFIL there is a room with 5 Living Dead (right below a Nosferatu). Now if you haven't fused you should now, then use the Clone Attack, and use it until all 5 are dead. Around lvl 150 you should be able to 1 hit the Living Dead.

Step 3: If you are below lvl 100, you should definitly go to a save spot before you do this. That is because if you go Super Saiyan on Goten/Trunks and you fuse, Gotenks will be Super Saiyan. Your stats will also be boosted the entire time you're Gotenks.

After lvl 150 it goes faster to 200 than going from 100-150.

Now your stats should go up by 1 point every time you lvl up so like this

Str 130> Str 131
Pow 129/130> Pow 130/131
End 130> End 131

Right now at lvl 200 my stats are (w/ equipment)
Str 201
Pow 176
End 264

Str 204
Pow 180
End 257

I got those in 2hrs time. 129-200!
Email me for more info.
Character Glitch
I don't know if it works for any other character but it works for Goku for sure. I didn't put on any cheats, but its strange. I forgot what level, but when Goku learned instant transformation 2. When I was at that level, I was in The Ship where you fight Yakon, Pui Pui, etc. I beat all the bosses but when I faced Yakon, I beat him using only punching attacks. [The ship where he comes out of, just go up there and keep beating him.] and when that happened I leveled up and learned Instant Trasmission 2, then level up again and it should say you learned Instant Transmission 2 again and again.
Dead Man Walking
Go to Barren Wasteland and go to the place before the level 140 barrier for goku. (Has to be after you defeated Kid Buu) Save at that save point. There should be 2 cyborgs there. become your weakest character. (MUST SAVE FIRST) let the cyborg kill you. right when he hits the final strike hit A. switch to any other character and then save quickly. you will hear the "You Died" Tone. and of course you'll start at the main menu. when you load your game back become the charcter that died. you will be alive. strikes will make no motion, enemy hits will have no effect(Because your already dead), and you can't save, switch characters or move areas. the only way out of this glitch is to restart your game, become a character who's still alive and wait for the dead character to regain life.
goku and vegeta fuse into gotenks
first go cheat list then code then 03001644:00 and now goten is goku and type 030016ac:1c then trunks will become vegeta.do fusion and get gotenks
Goku has Vegeta's moves!
First get the All Characters cheat and turn into Vegeta after you've fighted Olibu as Goku at the first Save Point. When you fight Pikkon, the point you touch the ceiling, you'll turn back into Goku, but keep Vegeta's moves! This cheat is pretty cool, but there's no way to make Goku back into Vegeta again (note at the Switch Character screen, there are 2 Goku's) and doing an attack freezes the game like nobody's buisness
Vegito Or Goku
At the starting of the game you can only have goku yes but now not put the vegito gameshark code and at the grand kai planet you can have vegito but if you level up with vegito goku's level will also increase and when you fight with pikkon take vegito and when they both go to fight in space you may see goku not vegito and in the next chapter when you are going to take vegito you will have goku at the save point and when you talk to Chichi she will see goku as if he is gohan and you will have goku . i know this because I have completed the whole game. hope i helped or not have any problem so mail me I can help in your whole game.

Easter eggs

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One of the best acessories.
When you beat the ninja boss smash his coffin. He will drop the gokuu hat.
Yes gokuu not goku hat. If you wear this when you level up you will get extra status points
Pointless secret room
Go into the throne room in kami's lookout and then go behind the chair, in the middle of the wall behind the chair is the entrance to a hidden room with some wierd thing in the middle. I couldn't seem to get anything when I pressed A in front of the thing in the middle and I have no clue what purpose the room serves except to confuse you, not useful as far as I can tell but interesting and weird!


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.:Awesome EXP!!:.
To do this,get your Gohan to lvl 80-100ish. Then Equip the Light Taliman, Sneakers, Fancy Roadrobe (or something better),and Brass Knuckles (or something Beter) Then,Turn Super Saiyan. Also add your points so its EQUAL with everything else,this includes how much stat points your Equipment gives you.
Here is a list of places to Train.
Lots Of XP and good Equips,The Places Near Babidi's space shhip OR in the space ship.
Low Exp and weaksauce stuff:near ur house.HAPPY HUNTING!!!!
Action Replay Conflicts: Nimbus Dots
Make sure you are on chapter 4 ATLEAST. Then use any Action Replay code to make a characters stats better. Then it will go back in the game to Chapter 2-3. Fly to East District 439 as Gohan. Go into your house and you will get caught by your Mom. You tell her that Goku is coming back and you ask to enter the World Tournament, when you go outside try to go to the forest and your Mom will give you some food. Then Gohan will yell, "NIMBUS!!!". Sometimes it will look like dots. And it will blink when it goes on the World Map circle. Have fun!
annoying golden energy meter.
right before your done a chapter turn super and in the next chapter you enter with that same charactor you should have the golden bar there. not very helpful but fun to do.
Black Flight
After beat Buu go near any flight pad as Trunks or Goten. Then stand in the middle of it. Do the fusion dance wrong. You'll be a fat or old Gotenks. Then fly. The screen will be black and the game will make wierd sounds.
note: This may mess up your game
breaking the punching machine
to break the punching machine in ch.3 world tournament you have to score above 730/750
its fun!
Easy Xp!
To get easy xp, or to easy level up, wear 1 ton weights or more! You\'ll get alot more experience when wearing 100 ton weights. Downside: You move very, VERY slowly.
fat or old switch
Become Goten, Trunks, Goku, or Vegeta, stand on the save circle, do the fusion incorrectly, and then switch charectors. You'll be able to become the messed up one at any time you want! Note: if you go to messed the messed up fusion in the save circle, Your game will scratch up.
glitch:fighting inside walls
when you first confront super buu as goku with vegeta have goku to use instant transmission lvl 3 as soon as buu charges his masenko.you cannot see buu or vegeta but after some time buu will hit a wall near you.note:this may stop your game so save before you do this.
To get gogeta (fusion of goku and vegeta fusion-ha dance)you must collect all of the hercule and z-fighter exibits

Hope I helped
Multiple Gameshark glitches.
If you have a gameshark, use a code to get all the items in the beginning of the game. Then as soon as you get to Hercule and Capsule city, turn in the exhibits.
Now, play through the game until you get into Babidi's spaceship,while in the space ship, activate your code for inf. energy, and save your character as Vegeta, being Gogeta. Once you have done this, you will be able to keep Vegeta for most of the game.

This allows some interesting glitches to happen, for example, when Goku would usually confront Buu and go to SSJ3, end the fusion at the lookout and switch to Vegeta. While Vegeta talks to Buu, it will have Gogeta's picture in the text box, and when Goku would go to SSJ3 your game freezes.

Time Chamber Glitch
In the part of the game when you are goten and trunks in the Time Chamber, save with both characters super sayian(or just the one you won't use). When you do the fusion, the other person won't be super sayian. Then a super sayian will fly in to do the fusion dance. If you try to talk to the non super sayian, the game will freeze up.