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Daxter Demo FAQ/Walkthrough v1.00
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Daxter Demo FAQ/Walkthrough

by Light_Jak   Updated to v1.00 on
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Daxter Demo FAQ
by Larry Imgrund (Light_Jak)
Version - 1.00 (complete)
Created: 2/11/06
This document is the property of Larry Imgrund
Contact me at: busterbro1@yahoo.com


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Hi, this is the demo guide for Daxter for all of you that might have trouble
on this demo and I really hope it helps. I just got the demo today and thought
I could help you guys out with this new demo. You may contact me at the email
address: "busterbro1@yahoo.com" if you have any questions regarding my FAQ or 
the Daxter demo. Thanks. Now lets get started, shall we?

Version History
2/11/06 - Started guide and set it up
2/11/06 - Finalized Guide and Completed

Table of Contents
To Use: Press Ctrl+F and search for the Letter(s) in the parentheses as shown
        below. Thanks.

 Special Moves..............................................(C.b.)
 Bar and Exterminator Shop..................................(D.a.)
 Daxter's Dream Sequence (mini-game)........................(D.b.)
Frequently Asked Questions..................................(E.)
Contact Information.........................................(F.)
Special Thanks..............................................(G.)
Final Comments..............................................(H.)

A. Story               

From Company Line on GameSpot, Link:


Daxter takes the Jak and Daxter franchise in a whole new direction, taking 
place during the two years Daxter searches for Jak, who was imprisoned 
during the events that led to the start of Jak II. Daxter, now on his own in 
an unfamiliar place, quickly realizes that being small and furry won't help
his chances of survival. To help stamp out a mysterious metalbug infestation,
Daxter takes on a job as a pest exterminator. enabling him to explore parts of
Haven City in an effort to collect the clues that will lead him to Jak. But
Daxter will soon discover that he'll get more excitement from his job than he
originally bargained for.

B. Characters

B.a. - Daxter

Daxter is the main character (finally!) in this new installment in the Jak
and Daxter series. Daxter is the type of person/ottsel that will tell stories
in bars while near drunk and will definitely try to save Jak if he has to.
His mission in Daxter is to save Jak from a horrible fate which the result of 
his efforts are at the beginning of Jak II. Daxter embarks on this journey,
to fill in the two years between Jak and Daxter and Jak II that was never told
to the public quite yet. His hobbies are chasing women and beating up Metal-
Heads. Occupation: Pest Exterminator

B.b. - Osmo

Osmo is the manager and founder of where Daxter works as a Pest exterminator.
Osmo lost his previous employee and eventually met Daxter who is now his 
current employee. Osmo is an old man, it seems, and is very dependant upon
other people which is good for him at least. He seems to try and get things 
done using Daxter and he is a good fellow to talk to. Job Occupation: Pest
Exterminator Company Manager.

C. Controls

C.a. - Daxter

X - Jump
Square - Electric Swatter 
Circle - Bug Spray  
Triangle - Ottsel Mode (where Daxter crouches down)
L and R triggers - Camera
Up on D-pad - 1st Person view w/ only use of camera
Down on D-pad - 3rd Person view
Analog Stick - Move Daxter

C.b. - Special Moves

**These are some moves that I have found while playing this demo**

X then Square two times - Headpound
Square then X - Swatter Spin
X (x2 optional) then Circle - Hover

*If you find anymore, contact me at: busterbro1@yahoo.com

D. Walkthrough

D.a. - Bar and Exterminator Shop

Once it loads up to the level (which takes little to no time at all), you will
be in control of Daxter and you will be in the bar currently. Go forward and 
head through the door on the left. Head down the passage until you see a 
couple Metal-Heads, defeat them, and continue forward into the next part of
the room.

In the next part of the room, you will see two Metal-Head beasts, defeat those
and continue to the end of the room. You should see a web covering the door
and a little flame a little to the right of that. Face the little flame, and
press and hold Circle to initiate your flamethrower. After you have your 
flamethrower in use, face the web and it will burn allowing access to the next

In the next room, you can defeat the two baddies on the floor then go back to
where you came from in the previous room. Don't go into the previous room, 
just go on that platform that you would see going into this room and look
a little to the left. You will see another platform so what you do is jump
off of the current platform that you are on and press and hold Circle to 
hover to the next platform. On that platform look off the ledge and in the
air you will see a floating green circle which is a thing to fill up your
Exterminator Spray tank. Jump off the ledge and Hover to the next platform
while hitting that green pellet to increase your air time. Defeat the baddie
and go to the left in the small passage which you have to press Triangle in
advance for. Continue on to the next room.

Jump onto the floor in the next room and three baddies will fall down and try
to hurt you. Just defeat them and look around the room for that little flame
that you can burn the web with. Do so, and continue on. In that next room 
after the web, just jump to the next platform and then you will see two
pipes in front of you that are spewing flame out. What you do is Hover and use
the flames to get an extra boost to get to the next platform. Go ahead until 
you reach three baddies. Defeat them and continue to the next room while 
avoiding the steam being emitted from the pipes you should see after beating
the baddies. You should see another flame and web and light the web up to 

In this long passage, make your way through using Hover and defeating baddies
along the way. You can collect Precursor Orbs that are placed in the level if
you want to but that isn't required. After the long passage, you should run 
into another couple baddies and you know what to do. Go right and you will
enter another room. Continue through the room until you reach another web.
Go through the web and you will see a bigger baddie than what you normally
see. What you can do is just flame him too, it is much easier to do so. 

Continue through the room until you see a big wall. Face the wall and jump to
it to climb it. Swat the baddies on the wall and get to the top. When you
get there, you will spot a big baddie and all you can do is just swat him to
death. To do this effectively, get behind him and swat him. It will lower
your chance of damage with this type of critter. Go through the steam, and 
when you get to the green pellet, be cautious and walk slowly until the floor
collapses in front of you. Then all you have to do is Hover over it and you 
are in front of another baddie. Try to defeat him and continue through the 
steam. To get through the steam this time, time it correctly like after the
steam stops, Jump and Hover.

In the next part, you will take a right and you will see two other steam vents
which you get past by jumping over them at the right time. Continue on, and 
you will see four baddies: three small ones and one big one. Skip past them
and start up your flamethrower to burn them up. That is the easy way to do it
so I recommend you do that. Light up your Flamethrower and get past the steam
to light up the web. Continue on.

Another Long Passage, just go through and if there is a place where you have 
to Hover through the green pellets, then do so. Also, when you see something
that looks like you have to crawl through it, press Triangle and do so. At the
end of the passage, equip your Flamethrower and flame the baddie and the web 
to get through. In the next part, jump to the platform on the left and take
your time to Hover past the steam. Continue on.

Head through the web, and you will be in a new room. Jump on the platforms
using hover and the flame vents to boost you up. If you miss a flame vent, you
will most likely fall down so get back up and try again. Once you get to the
top, you have to go through the vent and you will find yourself in another
room. Jump to the bottom of that room and head through the second vent.

In the next room, head to the ground level in the room and head straight 
towards an object which is a minigame. Activate it and play the minigame.
What you have to do is press buttons on the D-pad and the Shape buttons which
coordinate with the red Circle on the screen. If you have played Jak II, then
it is very similar to the Metal Head Smash game in the Hip Hog Heaven. After
you defeat this minigame, head to the bottom level of the room and through the
door. Continue through this passage and you will be redirected to the main 

Congratulations, you beat the first level in the Daxter demo.


D.b. - Daxter's Dream Sequence (mini-game)

Daxter's Dream Sequence is a minigame where you face a bunch of Gol copies in
a matrix like fight scene. What you do is match the button up with the button
that appears on the ground and when it turns green, hit that button it said to
hit. If you miss, you take two bars of damage and once you beat the 40 Gols
that appear on the screen, you have beat the demo.

Congratulations, you have beaten the Daxter demo for PSP!

E. Frequently Asked Questions

Q. When did the demo come out?
A. The demo came out in late January and was available in stores shortly 
   there after.

Q. Will the demo reset if idle too long?
A. Yes, in fact it will. I had a bit of trouble recording this guide because 
   of that but don't worry. I am sure most of you while using this guide won't
   experience that often.


Q: How many missions are there in this demo?
A: There are only 2 to beat. The first level you go through is incredibly 
   lengthy and the second one is just a minigame which will last you 3-5
   minutes depending on how well you do.


Q: Does this demo cost anything?
A: If you preorder for 5 bucks then you will get the demo. You might get lucky
   if you happen to get one in the mail from SCEA if you have joined the 


Q: How do I exit a cutscene (such as the intro movie)?
A: Just press Triangle or Circle to end a cutscene.


Q: Is there multiplayer in the final version?
A: Yes, there is and it has been confirmed.


Q: When does the full retail version come out?
A: March 21st, 2006

F. Contact Information

Email: busterbro1@yahoo.com

You may email me if you have any questions regarding the game demo or this
FAQ. Also, you may reach me by sending a Personal Message at GameSpot.
The more effective way is just to email, by the way.

G. Special Thanks

Thanks to GameSpot for the "Storyline" Info.

Thanks to GameFAQs and Neoseeker for hosting this file so it can help people 
get through the demo.

Thanks to Ready at Dawn for developing this excellent, new Daxter installment.
Also, in collaboration with Naughty Dog for making this game. Thanks Guys!

H. Final Comments

All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their
respective trademark and copyright holders.

This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, 
private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed 
publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other 
web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a 
violation of copyright.

Copyright 2006 Larry Imgrund