Daxter Cheats

Daxter cheats, Tips, and Codes for PSP.


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Human Daxter Mask
To get the Human Daxter Mask, go to the hotel level. After the first pipe slide, you will see a slope on your left. When you exit the pipe slide, go up the slope and look behind you. You will see a ledge. Use your flamethrower attachment and hover towards it. Look for a picture, then smash it, and you will unlock the Human Daxter Mask.
Jak's mask
to get Jak's mask, go to the prison lvl. in the second round chamber with 3 guards, there are 3 chambers. 1 is locked 2 not
go past the locked 1 and in the next room you'll find a pic. smash it and now look at the cheat section
Samos Mask
The Samos mask can be found in the Lumbermill world.

After you get to the first bug zapper, you need to go down a saw filled passage.

When you come out at the other end, drop down onto the crate and using your flamethrower hover towards the river.

Hug the wall while doing that and you'll reach a little room.

Smash the painting of a mask and collect your reward.
On Daxter you can get a scooter. After you complete the construction site level you will be back at haven city and there will be the scooter outside of the shop.
Sly Mask
To get the Sly mask, look behind a box behind the Emerald Isle Teleport Ring. You will find a box. Jump behind it and you will find a picture. Smash it to get the Sly Mask.


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Concept Art
Collect 700 Precursor Orbs to get concept art.
Dream Sequence Minigames
You can unlock the following minigames by collecting the said amount of Precursor orbs.
Matrix I Minigame- Collect 1 Orb
Braveheart Minigame- Collect 100 Orbs
Lord of the Rings Minigame- Collect 200 Orbs
Indiana Jones Minigame- Collect 300 Orbs
Matrix II Minigame- Collect 400 Orbs
Lord of the Rings II Minigame- Collect 500 Orbs

You can access them by jumping on to Daxter's bed at the back of Osmo's shop.
Indiana Jones Hat
To get the Indiana Jones hat, you must win a gold medal in the Indiana Jones dream game. To get the gold you need to whip 120 snakes or spiders.
To unlock the pants simply get a gold medal on the Lord of the Rings 2 minigame.

The score for this is 18.
Ratchet Mask
In the transit system, when you climb up that big tower where you have to avoid the red energy beams, reach the top on one of the sides of the tower is a lil' ledge jump down onto it smash the picture frame to get the ratchet mask