BMX XXX review
How many X's does BMX XXX really deserve?

The good:

Multi-player, the trick system has been improved drastically, the rider creator, the levels are big and creative....

The bad:

The FMV sequences are good but short. You earn them by collecting 45 golden coins per level. You must find all 45 of these to unlock them. Its not worth you're time just for 20 seconds of a hot babe dancing. If you're looking for action, you're better off renting a playboy DVD.

The tricks are well set-up but hard to manuver at times and it can get a bit tedious when attempting certain objectives. The objectives are very reptitive...go grind this, go do a trick over that, etc.


I was pretty dissapointed with the game. I was hoping for some lengthy FMV sequences but they are all shorter than 20 seconds and you're better off using cheat codes to unlock them rather than finding all 45 golden coins. To obtain 'topless mode' in which you can create topless bikers, you must finish 1st in each of the competition levels which is near impossible to accomplish. I can't tell you the frustration I had trying to even come within the top 10. Its that hard! I thought this game could have been better had they had longer FMV sequences and a better way of going through with the game. I was very dissapointed.

Overall Outcome: Rent It, Don't Buy It!

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