Darkstone (PSX) Cheats

Darkstone cheats, Tips, and Codes for PSX.


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Get out of Dungoens Faster
Press start and select the places been icon. If monsters are nearby it won't work. If it does, select exit level and you will be at that spot. This also works outside the dugeons in the lands.
Stronger Spellbooks for a Cheaper Price
Go to the guy who sells the spell books. Buy a spell book from him. Don't learn the spell. Stop talking to him then talk to him again. Buy that same spell book from him. When you learn that spell, the other spell book will change to the next strongest spell book.


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Bonus Material
Successfully finish the game once to unlock a Bonus Menu at the Main Title screen. The Bonus Menu contains a Video Clip, FMV Theater and Art Gallery.

Finishing the game will also unlock new skins for all of the character classes. When creating a new character, press square while highlighting their picture to change their appearance in the game.
Cheap Identification

To get items identified for a better price, drop the unidentified item in question in town, then pick it up, and Irma will only charge 50g or so depending on your trade level.
different song
in the town give the girl who sings, 300 gold and she will sing a different song
Holy Number Puzzle
There is a particular quest where you must figure out a three digit number. The puzzle clues go as such:

The Holy Number contains a 5.
The Holy Number contains a 4.
If a number seen from the south is higher than 100, and its image from the north is at least ten times less, then its image is smaller than 100.
The number 15 seen from the south looks like a 51 from the north.

The answer to the puzzle is 540. When it is seen from the south, it is higher than 100. When it is seen from the north, it appears as 045, which is at least ten times less and smaller than 100.
in the town go to the weapon saler and buy the mace item the first one and sale it for more money then you buy it for. Keep doing this and you will get as much money you want.
When acquiring the Horn for the Village, hit abundance 200 times for 200 poultry (chicken I think) legs. You won't have to by food for a long time. Your can drop found food (usualy berries and mushrooms) to have space in your bag.
Slower Aging
You can slow down the aging by never choosing the "rest" thing in the menu. If you want to rest, do it at Perry's.