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Darkstone cheats, Tips, and Codes for PC.

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Darkstone Cheats

Hidden song
Throw coins in the bard's tray in the center of town during a single player game.

Extra gold
Begin a new game and transfer all money from one character to the other character (this will be your "money holder"). Then start another new game, and select the money holder as one character and create an entirely new character. Transfer 1500 gold from this new character to the money holder. Repeat as needed to build your gold total.


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Bonus Song
For a lovely bonus in the single-player game, toss some coins in the bard's tray (in the center of town.)


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loads of money
Need 10,000 gold for one charater and a full inventory. open inventory right click on gold drop 10,000 gold, take one gold from other charaterto keep your inventory full. Now pick up the 10,000 gold you dropped and try to drop on your charaters picture, your one gold will now be 10,000 and you will still be holding 10,000. drop the ten your holding and click on the 10 in your inventory and drop (or give to other charater) 9,999 gold keeping one in your inventory and pick back up the ten you dropped and continue till you have as much as you want.
unlimeted food
to do this trick you must get the horn of plenty
and right click on it. theis will give you some
tasty chicken legs.