Darksiders Twilight Cathedral FAQ/Walkthrough
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Darksiders Twilight Cathedral FAQ/Walkthrough

by thedragonlady   Updated on
This walkthrough was originally written for Darksiders on the XBOX360, but the walkthrough is still applicable to the PC version of the game.

Twilight Cathedral

I list exactly how to get to every chest and artifact (but I do not normally
specify what is in a chest or what kind of artifact). I add what I did to
kill bosses but don?t tell you where minion battles are.  There needs to be 
some discovery.  I prefer that this faq only be used on gamefaqs for now.   

The dragonlady (dragonlady@netcourrier.com) Thursday, October 28, 2010

Samael wants another heart, Tiamat's.  From the Scalding Gallow, take the
route to the east. You'll be going through the Choking Grounds and then
The Broken Stair, followed by a mini game on the Angelic Mount. Afterwhich,
you arrive at the Twilight Cathedral.  There are breakables inside and out,
for example, street lights, parking meters, gratings, candelabras and even 
some statues so don't forget to hack away at stuff. To the north, there's
a path across a large gap.  You can't access it yet. There's an opening to
the left (N/E) of the main door with a chest and an ice block. You can do
nothing with the ice block for now. To the right(S/E), you'll find another
Vulgrim location.  To the South there is a barely visible ledge with a chest.
Enter the Twilight Cathedral.
You're in a long hall heading from west to east.  There are spaces off to the
north and south halfway down the hall.  Go to the southern one and take the
sword from the statue. To the right of the exit door is a statue without a
sword.  Place the one you just got there and the door opens.  The next room
has a rift in the floor to hop over.  Ignore the hanging claw with the crack
below it for now.  Notice the door to the north needs a sword but the door
south has one, so it's open.  Take it to the next area.
There's a cutscene showing you a statue and another crack, so eventually
you'll make your way up there to push the statue down creating a new path.
Notice, there's a blue door to the west, but for now take the southern door.
Here you'll learn about fireballs.  Some are timed explosions and some must
be ignited.  The ones here are timed so don't blow your hand off.  There's
a chest in the N/E.  Stand next to the fireballs in the south and target the
red barrier by clicking down on your camera control. (always use target as
free throwing is quite difficult with the timed ones) Grab a fireball with B
and throw it at the red barrier with the right trigger. Go to the next room
and climb the wall.  Facing the door, look behind you for a chest. The con-
tents are random here, so save first if you want something specific.  I held
out for Undying as they're the only truly useful item at the end of the game
and they're quite pricey at 3,000.  However, don't assign them until then
because they get used up automatically.  Exit the room.  You're now up where
you saw the cutscene showing the statue and the cracked floor.  Push the
statue down with B.  But first, before jumping down, there's a chest just
behind you to the east.  Ignore the red barrier for now and enter the door
to the north.  At the end of the path you'll find another chest.  Continue
to ignore the hanging claw.  Return to the previous room and jump down to
the new opening where the crack in the floor used to be.

Follow this path south double jumping across a gap.  The gap at the end,
heading east, is much wider so climb the southern wall.  Stop at the far
left top of the demon growth and jump backwards for an artifact.  Double
jump across the next gap north then follow the path to a door.  Go on inside
and open the chest.  You cannot enter the eastern or the western door at
this time.  Return back through the southern one and follow the path back
through the hole you made with the statue. When you exit, you'll be facing
the blue door to the west.  Unlock it and go inside.

More gaps to jump across.  At the end you have a sword and two chests to
collect. Return to the courtyard and take the north door.  Go straight north
and place the sword on the statue next to the northern door.  Go on through.

After a cutscene, you'll notice a sword to your right in an eastern cubby.
Don't touch it.  Stand next to the fireballs instead and target the hanging
claw above the sword.  Grab a fireball with B and throw it with right trigger.
Get close but not too close and wait for the fireball to explode before try-
ing to grab the sword.  Now, stand next to the fireballs once more and target
the red barrier that you can only just see through a hole in the S/W wall.
Now you can access a chest there. Ignore the western door all alit, it's
sealed. Head N/W and place the sword you just risked life and limb for.  A
northern door, just a little to your right will open.  Enter the next room.

A little to your left is a blue ball for double jumping.  Face north and jump
up to an artifact. Turn around and use the blue ball again to jump south up
to a ledge.  No, you can't make the jump across the room.  Exit the room.

Face the western wall and jump to climb south.  Make sure you're all the way
to the left before dropping down on the other side or you may miss the ledge.
Follow the path to a small pedestal and shove it off the balcony.  Drop down
and push the pedestal to the S/E wall.  Climb up to the eastern balcony.
Forget the hanging claw thingy to the north as you can't get past him just
yet, even with a fireball from below.  Take the southern door instead.

Follow the path around to the first hanging claw thingy you saw.  Target it
grab a fireball with B and toss it at him.  He'll drop the statue's head,
cracking the floor open and making yet another path.  Jump on down and
through the new hole.

Follow the path down to a ledge. Jump off the ledge.  There's a chest in the
N/W and an odd looking box being held down by chains in the east.  Whack it
a few times with your sword and it'll open.  You now have the Crossblade.
A very handy tool and weapon to have!  Under start, assign the Crossblade
like you did the Earthcaller. Switch between them with Gear Select.  Target
an enemy or item, then charge by holding the right trigger. Release the right
trigger to fire. It's good for knocking flying creatures out of the sky, mak-
ing hanging claws retreat momentarily, and keeping nasty oozing things at arms
length.  You can kill one of the larger demons with it but it'll take longer.
Notice a sword above the door.  Target and hit it with your new Crossblade.
The door will open.  Go to the next room.

Ignore the device for a moment and target the fireball located on the red
barrier with your Crossblade then head to the ledge on your left.  Pass the
blue door to the south. Near the S/W door at the end you can target another
fireball on a red barrier to your right, behind the statue.  Go back and
activate the device which raises the statue up. Target the sword it's hold-
ing with your Crossblade. From where you are, take the ledge on your left 
up and past the blue door again. The door to the S/W is now open.  Target
the fireballs on the pillar and use the new path to make your way north.
You can now target more than one item by using the left trigger, do so on
one of the lit lamps and then the fireballs on the next pillar. Follow the
path to find yourself back in the last room, but on the northern side. Enter
the north door.

This room has three statues in need of swords and you need to find them.
Both the west and north doors are open. There is a chest down by the blue
ball in the north.  I took the west door first, so let's head there, jump
up and go through.

The sword is at the end of the bridge behind the lava waterfall, of course
Ignore the device to the right of the door.  Go to the center of the bridge,
then look down to the north to spy an artifact below. With a running double
jump, fly on down to it.  Hop across the dormant gears to the south side
and jump up. Ooh! Fireballs!  These are the kind that must be ignited so
you can take your time.  Grab one and go back down on the gears close enough
to target the red barrier in the north.  Notice a lit lamp next to it.  Use
your left trigger and target both the lamp and bomb in that order.  Fire
away! Return to the south side and climb up from the east wall.  You're back
by the door where you entered.   You can now activate the device near it.
The bridge begins to turn.  Jump on and get off at the first stop.  Ther
are bombs on the ground and bombs on the wall and a red barrier to the right
of the ones on the wall.  Use the ones on the ground to make a line of bombs
from the ones on the wall to the barrier.  Five is the maximum you can use
at a time so space them out accordingly making sure one is actually on the
barrier. Target, in a row, the fireballs on the wall and all five you placed.
Follow the path to the end and activate the device.  A statue, with a sword
appears next to the waterfall.  No, it's not one of the three swords you're
looking for.  Grab a fireball and cross the bridge to the north side. Throw
the bomb at the red barrier there and target both a lit lamp, to left or
right of it, and the bomb you just placed on it.  Follow the new path to a
device that raises another statue with a sword.  Return to the bridge and
target the swords on the left and right of the waterfall.  You can now get
the first of the three swords.  Grab it and the two chests nearby and return
to the last room.

Place the sword on one of the statues (it doesn't really matter which one)
then head for the blue ball in the north to hop up to the next room. Open
the door and go on in.

Target the fireballs on the pedestals attached to the cable so they'll drop.
Ride the cable down and activate the device at the bottom.  Looking at your
map the pedestals are top, center and bottom from north to south and left,
middle, right from west to east. Hop to the bottom right and target the
sword on the wall there. Double jump down to the bottom left and hit the
sword there. Jump up to the center left and face west.  Target another sword.
The center middle pedestal will rise with fireballs on it.  Target the two
visible red barriers.  This is the kind that explodes right away so don't
take your time.  Go back to the bottom right pedestal and hit that sword
once again. Jump to the top right one and face east.  Jump through the
opening and collect the contents of the chest and activate the sword there.
Jump straight across to the top left pedestal and through the opening just
north of you.  Climb the north wall and jump across to the cable.  Take the
cable to the next room north, drop down and snag the second sword.  Target
the two swords behind you to open a return path.  Jump up on the top middle,
the top left, the center left and then the bottom left pedestal, in that
order. Jump across to the south ledge and leave the room.

Place the second sword on one of the statues. The east door is now open.
Head over there and go inside.

This is by far the easiest room.  Collect the contents of the two chests.
Wait a minute, the third sword isn't here, but the key for the blue door
is. Exit and head for the south door.You can climb up just east of it.
Enter the south door. Turn left, double jump and fly down to the ground.
Head back to the southern ledge and the blue door. Unlock and enter.

Jump to a pillar on your right and make your way west.  Activate the
device on your right.  The one on the left is missing.  Let's go find it!
Go through the door to the west.
The Jailer is not that difficult.  Target the three yellow spots on his
face with your Crossblade, then whack him from the front with your sword
until he stirs (between 7 and 12 hits), then run. Kill his minions as
they get in your way, but if you kill them all he'll release more.
Repeat until he stays red and a B appears near his head. Get close and
hit B. (There's a second Jailer in another area, much, much later in the
game that's a little different to defeat.  For the second one only, don't
kill his minions or his spots won't turn yellow again and he'll be
impossible to kill) Grab the contents of the chest, if you haven't already.
Take the elevator at the western end to go down.
There are numerous lamps to light, and although the main purpose is to
light bombs on the red barriers, if you light them all you'll be rewarded
with a chest by the elevator. Definitely something worth having! There's
a difficult to see lamp on the north wall, then there are several down
the hall leading up to the second red barrier and another two on either
side of the first red barrier.  There's a chest in the next room on the
east wall. Once you've lit all the lamps, blow up the red barrier at the
end of the hall and hop across the lava to the next room, climb the wall
and follow the path around to a device to activate. The lava is now gone
and you can enter the next room east.  Activate another device to raise
the one that was missing upstairs.  Return to, and take the elevator in
the west back up to where you fought the Jailer and go through the east

The device that was missing is now on your right.  Activate it.  Jump
straight across to the other side.  There are two doors here, the one
on the south wall (that you can use to go back to Vulgrim to get supplies)
or the one straight ahead, on the east wall for the third sword.

Should you decide to beeline for Vulgrim, enter the south door and
follow the familiar path to the demon growth.  You can now do a few
side trips if you like.  Take the south door and follow the rooms back
upstairs.  Head towards the red barrier and target it with your new
Crossblade. Double jump across the gap for a chest at the far end.
Jump down and head north until you're in the room with the pedestal you
used to climb up a ledge.  It's still there on your right, so climb on up.
Run over to the hanging claw and use your Crossblade on it, then enter
the north door before it recovers.  There's a chest at the end of the
balcony.  Where you see the blue ball below, on this side of the room,
carefully drop down to the lower floor.  Here you'll find two more chests.
Now, jump back up to the balcony where you found the first chest and take
a running double jump across to the other side. Exit through the door to
the south.  In the next room take the south/east door.  In the next room,
jump back across the lava and out the west door.  Continue west and exit.
Vulgrim will be around to your left.  When ready, head back inside the
Twilight Cathedral.  Go straight to the second room, back across the lava
then take a right to the south door.  Drop back down the hole to the east.
Follow the path back to the north door and go in.  Just like we never left!

When ready, target the two swords beside the east door and enter. 
Jump down.  There are two chests and yes, the third sword.  It just couldn't
be that easy.  If you have trouble here, take out the little guys while
avoiding the big ones, then use your charged Crossblade on the big one and
while the charged blade is chewing a path through it's innards, whack it
repeatedly with your sword, then dash away when it recovers. Repeat until
he's dust.  Your Blade Geyser also works very well here when you're faced
with more than one big guy at a time.  If you don't know what that is,
press start, use RB and go right once, select the Blade Geyser under Wrath
Abilities on the upper right side, and assign it to Y, X B or A.  To use,
press LB and then Y for me because I assigned it to Y.  You also use your
consumables the same way.  After the bloodbath, the room elevates and you
can exit the door you came in from.

Head west, back across the two pedestals, to the other side.  Climb the N/E
wall back to the north area.  Go through the north door and head west, then
go north and then east to get to the north door. Enter.

Place the final sword on the three statues.  You are elevated up to Tiamat's
door and it unseals. Need I say Save?
This is absolutely your last chance to go get supplies from Vulgrim.  If so,
take the exit in the S/E, then head west through the next two rooms until
you're outside.  Vulgrim is around to your left as you exit.  To return from
Vulgrim's, go east through two rooms, then take the north door.  Tiamat's is
the west door.  It re-seals as you go through. Climb the stairs to the top.
Use the fireballs to throw at Tiamat then target both a lamp and the fireball
on her.  Much, much easier said than done, regardless of what level you're
playing!  This brings her to the ground where you can beat on her with your
sword.   She'll swoop back and forth at you a couple of times.  You can try
during or after to stick another bomb on her and repeat until she tries to
flatten you.  Just avoid her, the best you can, and get in a few sword licks
whenever possible. I found a direct attack from the front and a quick dash off
to the side, most effective. Eventually, a B will appear near her head.  Hit B
quickly or it'll be you that get's mashed. Eventually, you'll rip her still
beating heart out. Enter the blue warp and return to Samael.  Wait a minute,
there's no exit out of here! Vulgrim will make a deal with you to let you use
his Serpent Holes in exchange for a peek at Tiamat's heart.  You can now
travel to anyplace you've visited with Vulgrim before.  Pay attention, three
of these paths have chests.  Press Y next to Vulgrim to use a Serpent Hole,
and choose Scalding Gallow.  You can head on back to Samael, now.

If you have any questions, suggestions or find any errors, please contact me
at my e-mail address. Thedragonlady