Darksiders (PS3) Cheats

Darksiders cheats, Passwords, Trophys, Tips, and Codes for PS3.


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The Harvester
In-game, hit pause. Go under the options tab and select enter code:
The Hollow Lord
PasswordWhat it does
The Hollow LordUnlocks the Harvester


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Complete the outlined tasks, and earn the Trophies.
TrophyHow to unlock
Prison Break (Bronze)Free Samael from his prison
Death Dealer (Bronze)Meet Vulgrim
One Tough Cookie (Bronze)Meet Ulthane
To Move A Mountain (Bronze)Collect the Earthcaller
Who's Counting? (Bronze)Defeating more Angels than Ulthane
Reach Out & Touch Somebody (Bronze)Collect the Abyssal Chain
Into The Void (Bronze)Collect Voidwalker
Elemental Thief (Bronze)Collect the Crossblade
Sight Beyond Sight (Bronze)Collect the Mask of Shadows
Devastator (Bronze)Kill 10 enemies with one blade geyser wrath attack
Tremor Bringer (Bronze)Collect the Tremor Gauntlet
An Old Friend (Bronze)Collect Mercy
Reaper (Bronze)Collect the Scythe
Aerial Predator (Bronze)Kill 160 enemies while on the angelic beast
Wrath Machine (Bronze)Collect all the Wrath Powers
Reunited (Bronze)Obtain Ruin
Slayer (Bronze)Kill 666 Demons
Don't Make Me Angry (Bronze)Collect the Chaos Form Ability
Chasm Jumper (Bronze)Collect the Shadowflight Ability
River of Blood (Bronze)Shed 3000 gallons of demon blood
Dark Rider (Bronze)Ride for 100 miles
Horseman (Bronze)Kill 150 Demons from horseback
Time Lapse (Bronze)Collect the Chronomancer Ability
High Flier (Bronze)Kill 5 duskwings without touching the ground
Improvised Kills (Bronze)Kill 150 enemies with items from the environment
Open Air Parking (Bronze)Taking out a helicopter with a car, during the apocalypse
Like A Bat Outta Hell (Silver)Defeat Tiamat
Rocked Your Face Off (Silver)Defeat the Griever
Ashes to Ashes (Silver)Defeat the Stygian
One Mean Mother (Silver)Defeat Silitha
Payback's A B**** (Silver)Defeat Straga
The Final Challenger (Silver)Defeat the Destroyer
Treasure Hunter (Silver)Search 150 chests
Full Power (Silver)Collect the maximum amount of lifestones
Wrath of War (Silver)Collect the maximum amount of wrath cores
Ultimate Blade (Silver)Forge the Armageddon Blade
World Raider (Silver)Collect all 27 Artifacts
Legendary Form (Silver)Collect the Abyssum Armor Set
Battle Hardened (Silver)Max out all weapons & unlock all combat moves
Balance Restored (Gold)Defeat the game on NORMAL
The True Horseman (Gold)Defeat the game on APOCALYPTIC
You Call That Easy? (Gold)Complete the game on EASY
BFA (Platinum)Unlocked EVERYTHING


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Easy Trophy- High Flier
When you are on your way to the Cathedral, you'll be in a graveyard.
After clearing all the enemies, go to the yellow marker (your current objective).

There will be a stone golem blocking the path. When you will wake him up, a cut-scene plays and after that cut-scene, you are asked to find and break all the curses to proceed. They are actually challenges.

On certain location, you will come across the challenge which requires you to kill 50 enemies with quick kills. This challenge is best to get this trophy because when the challenge starts, there will be more than 6 bat at the same time!

To get this trophy, Quick kill one bat then hold the Left analog stick in the direction of an another bat near you. Then double jump to it and press the quick kill button quickly!

Do this for more than 5 bats and you will get this trophy instantly.
Flying Moths
Instead of quick killing a flock of flying moths, you can bring out your Earthcaller. Any moths in the range of one attack will instantly be killed. Very helpful when attacking the Griever.
Flying Moths.
Like zombies & bats, you can quick kill them when action button prompts you to do so. Quick killing them gives you plenty of health souls to survive. Especially when there is a huge hoard of moths near you!
Gaining weapon experience quickly.
Want a certain weapon to level up quickly? Don't worry, here is the tip for you-

Equip your ChaosEater sword with a power-boosting forge( preferably Hellfire). Then weak enemies till quick kill prompt apears on their head. Then instead of killing then with a 'quick kill', equip the weapon that needs experience. And 'normal kill' them with that weapon.

This is more effective when using the experience boosting forge. Your weapons will get experience in no time.
Health Tip 1- Zombies.
Low on health? And zombies are crawling around you?

Then, don't kill then with your weapon. Go near them and press the Circle button to Quick Kill them.

Quick killing a zombie gives you three Health souls and one currency Soul while Normal killing a zombie gives you three Currency souls only.
Health Tip 2- Bats
When you are low on health and there are bats flying around you, kill them by jumping to them and pressing the Circle Button for a Quick Kill.

Quick killing them will give you some health souls while Normal killing them will only provide Currency souls.
Need a collectible?
Saw a chest or some collectible? And you can't reach it?
Don't worry about it. When you have every equipment (passive abilities & gears/equipments) in your inventory, backtrack to that location and them discover that actually you required to use a certain ability to reach there. Also never forget that this is an open world game, so you can come back to any location if you miss something!

Although it takes a lot of time but still it's worth it.
Tip about crows.
On certain locations, you will see crows flying around or sitting on the ground. Like in Resident Evil 4, you can kill them in Darksiders too.

So, kill them to get plenty of health souls. Killing two crows will restore half of your health!