Darksiders II: Deathinitive Edition

  • Released on Oct 30, 2015
  • By Vigil Games for PC, PS4, Xbox One, Wii U, PS3, Xbox 360

Darksiders II: Deathinitive Edition User Reviews


You're Death. Need I say more?

The good:

-Fighting is fluid
-Different weapon
-Each type of heavy weapon has a different power attack
-Unique weapons with different abilities
-Badass "Reaper Form"
-Some epic battles
-Good voice acting
-A very very long story
-Very clever puzzles to solve
-Awesome abilities used for puzzles as well as combat

The bad:

The world can sometimes feel empty
Combat can sometimes seem unfair
Enemies sometimes get a hit on you without touching you
Certain parts can be tough for hack and slash novices


Summer 2012. I'm sitting there bored in front of my PC. My games have gotten ever boring and I'm drifting into sleep. I open up Steam on my PC and see the latest releases. Up comes Darksiders II. I remember a few years back, Darksiders was always a game I'd wanted to pick up but kept getting shunted down the list by other priorities or games. Here before me was the sequel, and it looked too good to ignore. So I took a chance. I downloaded it, installed it and fired it up, not having a clue about the game, nor what to expect. What followed was one of the most memorable gaming experiences I'v...


Yo Baron I can dig it!!


I *bleep*ing loved the first Darksiders game, so when I caught wind of there being a sequel, my dick was so hard, it could cut diamonds. I mean holy shit, how are we going to follow up the first game's fantastic ending?? Ooh, I know – by setting it after the tutorial level of the first game and having you play as Death, and embark you on clearing your brother's (War) name for supposedly prematurely starting the apocalypse... umm, excuse me Vigil Games, but what kind of blotter acid binge did you partake in that made you guys think this is how you follow up such a great game? This sounds lik...


Death should lay off the fatty foods

The good:

The combat flows fluidly and is a lot of fun. There are some creative puzzles and platforming segments throughout each dungeon. The Forge Lands is very well designed (the other words aren't too bad either). There are also some fantastic graphics (style-wise, anyway) and a hell of a soundtrack and voice cast. Death isn't a half bad character and the story has a decent enough idea behind it.

The bad:

Compared to the first game, it feels stripped down, especially in terms of puzzle solving and dungeon crawling. The puzzles are insultingly easy throughout with a smaller amount of variety, and unlike Portal, it doesn't have writing to back it up because the story blows chunks. The dungeons are a wee bit too small and linear. This game also has some serious technical issues.


Released in 2012 by Vigil Games, Darksiders 2 is what happens when you try to reinvent your product when all it really needed were a few kinks readjusted and one section worked on... and make things a bit worse. The first Darksiders game was what happened if the Zelda series had more combat, more blood and voiced dialogue (something I dare say Twilight Princess and Skyward Sword sorely needed but that's just my opinion). It was, if nothing else, a rather interesting take on the Zelda series that was a lot better than Twilight Princess. Darksiders 2, on the other hand, ditches the Zelda styl...


Three worlds of mediocrity


Developer: Vigil Games
Publisher: THQ

Assured that this, alongside Sleeping Dogs, is a candidate for the game of the year, I decided to plop down $80 and rushed home to play through it. One would advise me to take my time, but *bleep* that shit, I was too excited to do that, especially when it happens to be the sequel to one of my favorite games of 2010 (though not THE favorite - that honor goes to Red Dead Redemption). However, it feels like a lot has changed between the development of the first and second games. Instead of a bloodier, more apocalyptic take on the Legend Of Zelda series, it ...

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