Darkness Within: In Pursuit of Loath Nolder


Darkness Within: In Pursuit of Loath Nolder review
Quite a surprise

The good:

Beautiful areas.
Very nice animations and in-game terror effects.
Nice "combine ideas" and "important points in documents" mechanics, that's something new.
Lots of clues and other neat stuff.
3 difficulty settings.
Doesn't get monotonous.

The bad:

Plenty of old stories to read to actually understand just what the heck is going on.
Your character is a psychopath (or is he not?)... o_0
You've got a lot of stuff and may be confused with all the clues/ideas sometime.


Darkness Within In Pursuit of Loath Nolder is a first person point and click adventure game. It is made by a company that has experience in adventure games so you can expect above average content. Simply put, it's a good horror game. Although not that scary it still has a very interesting plot.

You are Howard, a police detective. You have your regular nightmares again and are woken up by a ringing phone. It's your colleague, Arthut, he tells you that Loath Nolder has escaped. You start searching for him (again) and slowly your story starts involving other people (dead ones and their friends too), old stories about haunted houses and many nightmares.

The graphics are really great as far as adventure games go. Actually, they may be the best I've seen in point and click adventure games yet! There are a lot of beautifully made places to go and nice screen effects when you move or you're afraid. The animated cut-scenes when you move from one area to another are nice too.

The music isn't so bad, I guess. the background music does fall in with the horror theme but it's not the best. The sound effects are very good on the other hand, and you can hear music in-game anytime by using the radio, but you have to be in your apartment.

There are some unusual aspects of the game where you have to do something like compare the actual scene with a photo taken of it some other time (this example does happen). This is done by using the "thinking" method. You can combine clues, items or ideas together to come up with a conclusion or in the example I gave, compare situations. Clues can be found by examining items (not all items give you clues) or hearing things. Clues can also be found by researching documents, this is done by underlining a point you think is important in a document and Howard will comment about it. You can also change the difficulty setting to remove hints and other helping material like searching a document to find important points automatically. About the game's regular's just the usual, you use the mouse to examine items and move to places and generally everything is controlled by the mouse.

Long story short, if you like adventure games you can't miss this one, it's story is very good and for me this is the best adventure game I've played so far.

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