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Dark Cloud cheats, Glitchs, Tips, and Codes for PS2. Also see GameShark Codes for more Dark Cloud cheat codes.


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2nd boss
okay this requiers less patience than shooting him. be toan(or whatever you call him) and lock onto the boss. when he cranks his arm back step abount 3 steps away. hell swing and get dizzy for about 3 seconds. run between his feet and slash him once. is you press x to many times youll take damage. repeat the slashing maneuver until he dies.it took me only 10 minutes to beat him. Tip: dont back up against a wall circle him if you get too close.
7th heaven sword
with the serpent sword go 'dark' first, choose the opposite upgrade then tuskage. Make sure to get the dark cloud sword.
Default dagger
Synch breaking the default dagger may be quick and easy, BUT all in all it's not that great. As you cannot build it up, it max stats will be low. When you synch break, you only get 60% of the weapons total attributes. Now if you look at the daggers max stats, 60% isn't that good. SO if you just took the time to get a few extra swords or whatever, you could synch break them and have a much higher stat proportion than you would the dagger.
duel perfectly, get a gem (time saver hint)
when you get all "cool" comments on the duels, the faery's give you a gem. if you get less than a "cool" don't bother restarting the game (unless it's the last one) - all you have to do is press the wrong button at the wrong time, and you will fail. once you fail the duel you are given a choice to retry. go for it! if you get perfect, you still get the gem! and it takes less time than to restart.
Easier Way To Defeat Master Utan
First of all switch to Goro and use his special attack on Master Utan.If he spits seeds at you guard it.Now when you make Master Utan vulnerable switch to Toan(Main character)and use his special
attack on it.Repeat the proccess and Master Utan will be defeated
Easiest Way To Defeat Ice Queen
First buy around 15 Fire Gems and go fight
Ice Queen.Now keep throwing your Fire Gems at her and she'll eventually be defeated.

Easiest Way to Level Up Your Weapons!
Okay, first off, you need to go to Norune Village. SAVE YOUR GAME because this is a glitch and it can and sometimes will cause your game to FREEZE. Go talk to Old Gaffer/Goffer. You need to go to your attachments tab and make sure the last two rows are empty. Now, go to the ice that he has for sale and hit X and --> at the SAME TIME. It will take a while, but after so often a broken dagger icon will appear. Back out of the store and SAVE! Just to be safe. Then, equip the broken dagger to any weapon you want to build up. THE STATS WILL MAX OUT!!! Finally, upgrade your weapon with the broken dagger equipped and right after you can build up your weapon. I use this at the very start of the game, and if you are lucky enough to get some weapons in the first level, you can have VERY strong weapons by the time you get to Dran and maybe kill him within 2 HITS. Hope this helps <img src="http://cdn.staticneo.com/neoassets/smileys/smile.gif" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" /> If you need a visual, there is a YouTube video showing the process, just look up "Broken Dagger Glitch"
Easy Abs
The back floor of Wise Owl Forest 10 has werewolves which give you 24 abs for each one. just keep going in and out of this floor to get as much abs as you want. Floors 5 and 6 have sundew keys on them 95% of the time for getting in. The werewolves are also fairly easy to beat as long as you stay in close to them so they cant do their flying leap, and never let them surround you.
easy abs on weak weapon
to get abs for your weak weapon use your strongest weapon to kill the monster and then switch to the one you want to level up before the monster dissapears. you have a second or two while it lies on the ground and you just equip the weak weapon then watch it dissapear then switch back to the strong one.you can use this to get high stats from synth spheres when your main weapon is on a high level
Easy ABS with Flapping Fish
Most know that you can buy the Flapping Fish/Ice to get to the back level of the Shipwrecks for better items. However, the best level to use them on is Level 14. The back area of this has multiple "Masks of Pravda" which give 28 ABS apiece when defeated.

The Masks can be a little bit difficult til you're used to their patterns. Once learned, you can easily level up all your weapons, even the short ranged(swords, hammers, etc.) with ease. As the short ranged carriers like Goro tend to get hit a lot, these masks are pretty easy to kill without getting hit.
Easy default weapon upgrade
First unlock all of the characters that you want to have their basic weapons upgraded; then, go to one of the first lairs, and upgrade that weapon to lv. 5. Then turn it into a synth-sphere.

After that, attach it to the deafult weapon and repeat as many times as you would like.

After 3 or four times, you should have a killer weapon/synth-sphere.
Easy Defeat & Money
If you buy or steal (with bandit slingshot or bandits ring) at least 4 bombs for each level, bomb nuts or bombs, by the time you get to the Ice Queen Saia, you will definately have enough to defeat her. And all you have to do is put them in the Old Hag's or Couscous' bag. And make sure you buy at least 2 or 3 gold bullions during each place so you can have enough money to buy things when you're out of money. I usually just sell most of my amulets because they're really no use. Keep 5 stamina potions, and 1 Antifreeze amulet to defeat her. Hey, E-mail me if you have any other good cheats 4 me b/c i love this game. It's samanthakeister@yahoo.com. Kisses!!! bye!!
Easy Gems!
Once you have full rebuilt Ruty's shop in Queens you can buy "flapping fish" from her. This is the item you need to go to the back floors of the shipwreck. Back floors usually contain at least one gem. A fish and a block of ice (needed to keep the fish) costs a total of 200 gilda. Simply buy a fish and a block of ice then go to any floor of the shipwreck other than the floor you fight the boss on and go to the back floor. Very easy way to get gems for those weapon build ups. Good luck!
Easy Money
Do the Fastest Possible cheat by yuhdemon, equip it to any weapon. Sell it to Old Gaffer and he'll give it to you for more than 4000g. Be sure to set up pike's house before Old Gaffer's shop.
easy way to deafeat ice queen la saia
you should have a stamina drink or an anti freeze amulet use one of Goro's fire based weapons to break the spell that she uses to stop you from getting to her with ease make sure your weapons are fire based this is were it gets tricky use Ruby's most powerful fire based weapon to attack repeat this until she's too weak for battle so you win and remember the easiest way to get the fire attribute if your weapon doesn't already have it is to buy it from jokers crystal shop
Gem / attachment help
Don't bother trying to spend hard earned gilda or fish points on all the attachments and the 11 gems you can get. Instead, I have narrowed it down to only 6 gems you'll need that will give you stats in everything.

Amethyst - Gives +10 to ice
Diamond - Gives +5 to all anti's
Pearl - Gives +10 to endurance and thunder
Ruby - Give +10 to speed and fire
Peridot - Gives +5 to attack / +10 to holy
Sapphire - Gives +10 to MP and wind

As you can see, you have your 4 main stats for your weapon (Attack, endurance, speed, MP), all of the anti's (i.e. anti-dragon, anti-sky, etc.), and all of your elements (thunder, fire, ice, holy, and wind).

As well, you can get all of these by either A) Playing through the dungeons, B) Random findings in towns, C) Spend 100 fish points per gem, or D) Buy them towards the end of the game for 3000 gilda apiece.
Getingt through town faster without running
Toan runs so slow right? If you want to get to a place in walking mode faster, enter edit mode. Move the pointer to your destination and exit edit mode.
How To Get Serpent Sword And Kill Serpent
During your time in Matataki village, you will notice a cave hole and inside is a dried up tree. And like the Fairy King said, you have to give it water. So when you get to about level 7, you need to leave dungeon, don't go to next floor, and go back to Matataki village from Wise Owl Forest.Then connect the river first to the tree and go back to the waterfall. A Sunday or Monday or Tuesday or Wednesday or Thursday or Friday or Saturday will open the water gate. Then go back to the tree and it will talk in a weird language. Use the hunter's earring or whatever it's called and listen to the tree talk. Then all of the sudden it will sneeze and you will receive the "SERPENT SWORD". Then you go back to the Wise Owl Forest and you should have a flute like thing given by a musician that attracts snakes. You use that item with the square button. Then when the serpent comes out (I forgot, make sure and I mean MAKE SURE you are equipped with the serpent sword or you will die badly) and duel with the serpent. When it is defeated, it will drop something. And it will be Goro's (fat hunter boy's ) Dad's necklace. It is the only proof to show Goro his dad is dead. And after you get Goro to be an ally, then you go back to the floor where you fought the serpent and use his hammer and open the door.
Infinite ultimate weapons
Aside from Toan's 4 main ultimate weapons, you can make a max everything weapon easily. (everything as in max attack, def., etc..)

1) Aquire the wise owl sword
2) Buy 2 more
3) Buy about 10 of fire's, ice's, holy's, thunder's, etc.
4) Upgrade the first wise owl sword w/all of the elements. (some where around lvl. 60+)
5) Change it to a synth sphere
6) Add it to the next wise owl sword
7) Buy/aquire 10-20 Attack plus 1-3
8) Do the same for magic, endurance, etc.
9) Then upgrade it to max magic, endurance, etc.
10) Repeat step 5
11) Buy/aquire 10-40 mimic breakers, etc.
12) Upgrade To lvl 99

Then you have a new ultimate weapon.
You can do this with any weapon exept the defult weapon.

You can do this with any of the other characters weapons as well.

This cheat is time consuming, but pays off on the stronger levels.
Jibubu and the Foundation
Finding the right time to give Jibubu the foundation seems to be a common problem, but it can be done easily and quickly using these steps:

1. Make sure you traded the Ointment Leaf to Basker for the Foundation BEFORE you take the Moon Orb to Yellow Drops.

2. Once you get to the Sun&Moon Temple, clear only the first six floors and make sure you collected all the atla pieces.

3. By then you should have enough atla to complete Jibubu's house. First, place the house by itself, then go talk to Jibubu and see what he needs to finish it. Go back into Georamama Mode and complete the house.

4. Now when you approach Jibubu's place, you'll enter a cut scene where he will whine about not being the prettiest guy in the village. He'll give you a reward and send you off.

5. Immediately re-enter his house and say "Hello" to him again to get him to talk about something he heard about that can make you look better. When the "!" appears above his head, press square to go into your items and give him the Foundation. You'll get the Clay Doll in exchange.
lamb sword not true
just buy a wise owl sword and upgrade it will eventually be the chronicle sword and will be signifficantly stronger. mine does around 800 damage normally and its attack is 175 and still is not maxed out.
Lamb's Sword's Secret Power
This is for all you people who think Lamb's Sword is weak.All you have to do is get Lamb's Sword's WHP very low and it will turn into a Wolf Sword or whatever it's called.Also all of its stats will
skyrocket making it extremely powerful.

Note- The effects are temporary.
If you use a repair powder it will turn back into a Lamb's Sword.
In the wise owl forest use xaio's bandit sling shot on the moles and everytime you start shooting it you're guaranteed a minion sell it at a shop for 200 a piece.
Money for kills
Go buy a bunch of bombs from any store,and kill as many enemies with them as you can.Almost every enemy you kill will drop an attachment.Since bombs cost 80$ and you can sell an attachment for 150$,you make 70$ for every kill you get.
Moon Signet
Sometimes if you follow the cheat for the broken dagger at Old Gaffer's you will get the Moon Signet to open the Sun & Moon Temple.
Running Out Of Water
When you first start playing this game you will be able to get a free sample from the guy in the yellow rocket everytime you use your water. But as you progress further that will not happen. You will need to be more careful. What I suggest is that you go to a waterfall often. If you see one on a level, you should go there because there is nothing worse than dying of thirst. Remember whenever you see a waterfall always head for it.
Super Dagger (Dagger)
This is how you can make your Dagger powerful.
Note- Its name doesn't change.
First get your Dagger to level five then Status Break it. Now put your synth sphere into the Dagger and level it up. Now you have a more powerful Dagger. You can repeat this proccess to make an even more powerful Dagger.

List of combinations:

Make multiple synth spheres for the Dagger.
Make multiple synth spheres for different weapons.
Status break the Super Dagger for different weapons.
Status break the Super Dagger to power itself up.
Take advantage
You know the Mayor gives you free stuff right? Well, after you finish Gaffer's Caravan, he stops giving you stuff, so build Gaffer's Caravan last, even if you have everything he needs early on. Keep taking the free stuff, use what you need and talk to the Mayor and he will give you more to replace what you just used.
the easiest way to get abs
when you have reached the 10th floor of shipwreck dungeon be sure to have a fresh fish and som ice to keep it fresh.Use the fish to summon the junior chief and let him take you to the back floor.There is a mimic king.It is tough but it gives you about..well I'm not sure but I ubgradet my choora 3 times by defeating him 5 times,after you defeat him you can exit the back floor and enter it again and continue the process(there are some mimics there too that give you about 15 abs when defeated)
To beat kings curse
to beat it get out Ungaga and hold down x untill it dies


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Medusa Powder glitch
In Queens, go to Basker's place, say "Can I check my items?" (or something like that), get out of the place, then go to Joker's crystal shop. Now, ask him if you can shop, then place the cursor UNDER the holy attachment, and press RIGHT+X at the same time. You should get an item called "Medusa Powder."

It will say it will stop monsters for awhile, but it's not useful in battle. If you repeat the process and get three, go to Suzy's water market, sell all three (they are 1 gilda a piece, but this is where it get's fun...) now, go all the way down on both sides (for your side, it should be the Attachments inventory), press RIGHT+X, and guess what? Cha-Ching! You will get a Sun Sword, with other stuff, too. Comes with a fully charged ABS gauge, just upgrade it with all the stuff and you're good to go with using other attachments (like the good old broken dagger glitch... I know where you can get them in more than one place, too. Just ask me.)
The Broken Dagger
The broken dagger is a glitch item that will max all stats on a weapon.

How to get it: Equip your dagger
Go to a shop that sells the ice elemental attachment.
go into the shop mode.
Place ice next too your inventory
switch inventory to attachment
Go to an empty slot NEXT TO the ICE on your page.
Go on the ice attachment and click X and the RIGHT key at the same time.
This can take a few tries. Also, if you use the wrong section, you may receive a moon signet or invisible item. They CAN be sold, on occasion. I sold one for 3050 gold. However this can also mess up your game, so be patent, you can get the ULTIMATE weapons.

I'm pretty sure this is a glitch, but it is useful. I try not to use it for leveling my good weapons, but to each his own! Good luck!

*I found this completely by accident, but my friend copied it and it worked


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Build Up Weapons Easily
To build up weapons more quickly, arm the basic weapon the character starts with and go to Divine Beast Dran's cave.

Up the weapon to level five (it should only take 3 levels of the cave), and turn it into a synth sphere. Just add it to whatever weapon you're building up.

The weapon should still be there so you can do it over and over again!
Defeating Master Utan
First he will spit seeds at you that are hard to miss. To not get hit by them you should use Xiao and use your strongest slingshot. When he grabs an orange, switch to Xiao and shoot him. He will stop in his tracks and run around. Just do that every time he reaches for a tree.
Demon Shaft
To unlock the extremely hard 100 floor Demon Shaft Level you must successfully complete the game by defeating the Dark Genie.
Duel Rewards
During the dungeon duels in Dark Cloud, you can recieve rewards from the Atla Faeries by getting a perfect dueling score. Just make sure you get a "COOL!" message for each duel button marker you hit to recieve items. If you make a mistake, you will get no reward, so make sure that prior to duels you save your game so that you can try again.
Easy Abs Buildup
Simply pick the player you want to upgrade and go to the 12th level in Queens. Now go to the back floor and fight all the people. Go back to the main floor and then go to the back floor again. Keep doing this until you are at the level you want to be at.
Easy Boss wins
Dran: First start with Xiao, run around and shoot Dran. Dran will land somewhere in the middle, so then switch to Toan. Run up about 3feet away from Dran then press n hold x until he flashes(dont let go of the x botton yet) walk up to Dran and let go..
There will be a sort of cut scene after he talks to you.

Forest Guardian: Pretty easy to beat.
Note: If are already on the stage where you fight the guardian then skip on to no.2

1.)Use the seed that you got from the mushroom house, put it into the dirt on the last level of the forest. Stairs will grow out of the dirt(stairs are made from the leaves)go up the stairs..

2.)Switch to Goro and use the battle axe.(switch to a attribute for more damage)Run up to the guardian and wham him with goro's axe. He will then sit down, Press and hold the x botton and let go when he flashes. Keep on reapeating that method until he is defeated.

Ice Queen: First go to the jokers and buy 12 fire gems(you only need 10 but what if threw it the wrong way?You'll need extra gems to help you defeat her) Then go to the ice queen, hide behide a pillar( I prefer the on on the far left; the left pillar when you start to fight) Switch to Ruby and lock on to the ice queen (turn your attribute fire) and shoot at her until her shield is gone. Then put all your fire gems in the pockets (three pockets that are on the left when you open items) Switch to Toan and lock on her again and throw the fire gems at her (locking her to a corner works the best)
Once she falls down a cut scene will appear after that you acquire the orb.
Note: If you screw up don't worry start again by pressin the restart button on your ps2.
Note: The reason why I asked you hide behide the pillar is because of the icy blasts that the queen shoots at you. Once behind a pillar, the blasts will only hit the pillar not you.

The king's curse: Use Ungaga and use his special( the whirlwind attack) when the coffin's black smoke comes out, after the smokes gone switch to Toan and slash the coffin until he shields himself again and black smokes comes out again. Do the same method again until he is defeated.
Note: There will bw duel to get on the ship.

Minotaur Joe: Only use Toan for this one, run around with dran's feather so he doesn't hit you that easily. Wait until barrels comes flying out of the crowd, Minotaur joe will take one of the barrels of wine and start drinking it fast. Go behind him and slash him in the butt. Keep on doin that method (like 4-6 times) and he'll fall down.
Note: Use stamia drinks if you dont any drans feather.

Dark Genie: The hardest of all, the only part that you can lock on to him is on the 2 Phase.

Note:Use toan for phase 1 and 3 only, use ruby for phase 2.

Phase 1: The genie will stick his arm into a portal that he's on. The same arm will come out of the ground dodge it then press triangle. Look at his arm there is a eye on it, look at the colour of the eye, switch it to the attribute of the eye's coour. Slash him !! He'll swith eye colour's every now and then. So keep on doing what I said and you'll be on the second phase in no time at all.

Note:The genie will blow a indestructable wind at you in phase 1 n 2 be aware...

Phase 2: He'll shoot a purple beam at you at the top of his eye. Switch to Ruby (switch Ruby's best ring to thunder or whatever colour is on the eye) When he's about to shoot at you, run to a place that is about 2 feet away from the beam. Then shoot him before he shhots at you again.
Every time you shoot at him like that he will blow the wind at you and you'll lose about 1/4 of youe health or more. So I Advise you to buy lots of premium chicken and stamia drink. Use the Stamia potion when he attacks you and you wont lose 1 point of a health. Keep shootin him and eventually he'll go to his last phase or form.

Note: The last phase he turns into a Dragon, and in his mouth is the white pearl. Buy 3 reviving powders in case toan dies out on the last phase.

Phase 3: Toan will be automatically be fightin the beast first. Put your dran feather out start running like berserk around the small dark room. This is becausehe will shoot a beam that will follow you for like 10 seconds. When he finally stops he will unleashe a paw attack dodge that and slash him on the white pearl of its mouth. Do this 3 times and he will Die.

Note: When slashing the pearl, go behind it and slash like berserk until he's head goes up again, then start running again.

Thanks to all the readers!!Have Fun with Dark cloud!!

Easy Escape From Explosions And Poison
First of all take lots of Antidotes. Then, when you get to a large chest where you have to guess the trap, always guess Poison or Explosion, unless you know the correct answer. That way, if it is Poison, you will be safe. If it is Curse, Curse ain't so bad anyway. If it is Explosion, as soon as you see that the trap was an explosion, and you press "X", run in the opposite direction. The Explosion will only reach where the treasure chest is, and won't harm you! Then, you may just waltz up to the Chest, put in the right answer, and proudly claim the prize you cheated for!!
Easy Fishing Points
First purchase some poisonous apples and go to the oasis in Muska Racka.Now use your poisonous apples as bait.You can get around 150 fishing points for one Mardan Garayan.After you catch your first Mardan Garayan you can purchase a Mardan-weapon for 2500 fishing points.Mardan Garayan can also tell you the right trap to choose
when openning a big treasure chest.
Note- May take awhile.This is very useful for building-up your weapons since one gem costs 100 fishing points.

Now purchase or steal some potato cakes and get some other fishing bait for example(a throbbing berry).Wait till dusk and go to the oasis.To make sure there is a Baran Garayan in the water use a throbbing cherry. If the fish is going for the bait it isn't a Baran Garayan.A Baran Garayan is worth about 250 fishing points!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Note- It takes alot longer to capture a Baran Garayan than a Mardan Garayan.You get no

The last way to get alot of fishing points is to purchase or find some carrots.Now go to the Peanut Pond in Matataki Village and use the carrots as bait.You will notice that only one fish likes the carrot.That fish is called an "Umadakara (I think)".One Umadakara is worth about 100 fishing points.
Note- It is the easiest fish to catch out of the three.You get no Umadakara-weapon.
Free Backstage Passes
There is only one stage in the game where you can get as many backstage keys as you need for the dungeon level. In Queens, there is a fish merchant that will sell you all the Flapping Fish you want in order to get to the Shipwreck back floors. However, make sure you have Ice Blocks to keep all these fish fresh, otherwise they'll turn rotten. This is by far the best way to gain better abs and stronger items early in the game, as all the other dungeons require random chance to get backstage keys.
Glitch- defeat the final boss' second transformation with ease
I remember this happened every time I tried. Defeat the 'last boss' the first time. When it transforms into the second form, let Toan die. Immediately switch to Ruby or Xiao (cat girl), with your best elemental weapons, and enter first person mode.

While your character is blinking (invulnerable for a few seconds) in first person mode, they don't stop blinking until you exit first person mode. You can attack the boss all you want without being hurt, as long as you have the firepower to injure the enemy.
High-Abs Monsters
I've noticed that in most Dark Cloud dungeons, toward the end monsters will give pounds of abs apiece, (werewolves are mentioned several times) generally 12-15 (still double when found in the back level) these are the following dungeons I know to have such supercharged creatures:
Wise Owl Forest (Werewolves only)
Sun & Moon Temple
Moon Sea
I know demon shaft creatures give more abs in normal levels than these critters in back levels, but they are also far more powerfull than they're weaker relations.
Wise Owl Forest Level 10 is known for it's werewolves
Finally, when abs-hunting and back-level splunking, barring Wise Owl Forest, I would generally do the later levels.
PS: I hope this helps
How to Beat the Dark Genie
The Dark Genie has 3 phases. For the first phase you use either Toan or Ruby with their best weapons with the highest attribute in all the elements. Eventually two hands will pop out of the ground, when this happens look at the color of the hand and match an attribute with the color. Now,for phase two you should use Ruby with a weapon that has the Holy attribute. Also watch out for his cheap shots. Just make sure your health is over 60 when he does it. For phase three you should use Toan and attack the jewel in his mouth.
How to Defeat the Ice Queen and Get the Moon Orb
First hit with a close range attacker [Toan,Goro]
with a fire based weapon. Then when her defenses are down attack with Ruby [using a stamina potion] Use the strongest ring with a fire based element. Repeat this until you finish her off. She has 400 HP. After you beat her Rando comes and gives you the moon orb.
How to Defeat the King's Curse
First, use Ungaga's whirlwind special to blow away the black. Then, use your strongest weapon for Toan and do a special attack. Repeat process. After you win, the temple will start collapsing and you will go through a difficult duel to get on the Moon Ship.
Mardan Garayan
This fish is worth a lot of FP and when you catch it it tells you what the trap is in all locked chests. To catch it easily, buy some poisonous apples and go fishing in Muska Racka. Look for the biggest fish there and it will probably be Mardan Garayan.
save abs
if you a lot of abs for a certain weapon that you want to upgrade and you also have a power-up powder then you can use the powder and keep the abs. just go to the item menu and manually put the powder on the weapon of choice. the attachments will be absorbed and you will still have all of the abs.
Suzy's Store
When you are building Queens, the Watery Store owner Suzy will ask you if the name for her shop seems alright to you. This gives you a choice of four options for how her store is set up. The following is a list of what she sells depending on the name you choose:

If you tell her "Is it?", she will keep the name as "Suzy's" and sell;

Regular Water
Tasty Water
Premium Water
Stamina Drink
Holy Water

If you tell her "Nope, not quite right", you will get the choice of three different names. For "Freshen Up", she sells;

Regular Water
Tasty Water
Premium Water
Stamina Drink
Attack +1
Endurance +1
Speed +1
Magic +1

For "Magical", she sells;

Regular Water
Tasty Water
Premium Water
Stamina Drink

For "Fighting", she sells;

Regular Water
Tasty Water
Premium Water
Stamina Drink
Premium Chicken
Sea Killer
Mage Slayer
Undead Buster
The Chronicle II
One of the most powerful swords in the game is the Chronicle II. To obtain it, you have to finish the Demon Shaft by defeating the Black Knight on floor 100.
Toan's 2nd super attack.
Did you know that Toan had a cool 2nd move?
To get it you must arrange Nolun Village to how people want it and kill Dran :
My house = Looking at the house.
Macho's house = Near the dungeon.
Pike's and Paige's house = Near the pond.
Old gaffer = Surrounded by houses.
Claude's house = Near Alnet's house.
Alnet's house = Far from the Macho's house.
Aunt Laura's house = Far from the mayor.
Hag's house = In front of Dran's Windmill.

Then Dran will come flyingand he will teach it to you.
Tons of Free Items
This is a cool little trick that's easy to do, and can give you tons of free items you'll need, but can be fairly time-consuming. This is done in Norune village. The first thing you make sure you don't do is (and this is really important in Norune) is to NEVER set up or finish Gaffer's Buggy until you're done with Norune Village. When you put it up, the mayor stops giving you items, and you'll need his items to get this to work.

As soon as you get the Hag's house finished, she will store items for you. About 60 in all, I think. The trick is to get the free items from the mayor, and then take them back to be stored. You can do this as much as you want, all the way up to 60 total items.
There are 4 "ultimate" weapons for the main hero, Toan. Three are built up and 1 is found. In order of greatness they go Sword of Zeus<Seventh Heavean<Chronicle Sword<The Chronicle 2.

And the fastest way to get a chronicle sword(which is the best weapon you can build up) is to level up a Lamb Sword.