Dark Angel review
Retard Apocalypse

The good:

Not much

The bad:

Almost everything


This game is a dud. Eveything about it just sucks. There is nothing fun in this game. It is basically a stripped down "Gauntlet" with none of the fun of that game. It has a weird top-down semi 3-D scrolling game engine that delivers nothing but the most bland of graphics. It looks a lot like Blood Omen:Legacy of Kain but without the appeal of that game.

It is hard to believe that these guys actually designed Star Command for the PC. Although they used the same game engine it seems from that game circa (1992)

You do the same repetitive things over and over in this game. The attacks are all very standard, and it is difficult to tell when you are doing real damage and when you are not. The graphics are second rate, as well. I don't understand why the developers even bothered to release this game. It was bound to do a belly flop from atop the Empire State Building - thud.

Think of the worst game you have ever played, then mix it with Gauntlet and Blood Omen, and this is the game called Dark Angel: Vampire Apocalypse

Don't be fooled by the cover graphics - or the screenshots - there is nothing fun in this game. Do yourself a favor and don't rent it, unless you are looking to do research on the top ten worst games of all time, or you are a masochist. Luckily a friend got a hold of a copy (he was doing work for the company) so I am able to warn the world about this dreadfully abysmal game.

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