Dark Angel (PS2) Cheats

Dark Angel cheats, and Codes for PS2. Also see GameShark Codes for more Dark Angel cheat codes.


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Bonus Dungeon Treasure
Every tenth level of a dungeon contains extra treasure. Make sure you search every corner of the dungeon for the rooms that contain lots of bonus chests. Inside, you will find tons of top-dollar gear, including lots of armor and high level weapons.
Find Special Items
There are three special types of items that are found almost exclusively in their respective dungeons. These items are useful for trade, fulfilling donation quests or for purchasing certain kinds of weapons.
Power Gems can be found in the Lost City.
Ooze can be found in the Ancient Forest.
Necrystal can be found in the Necropolis
How to Use Reagents
There are three Reagents in the game, which will help Anna grow her abilities. These can be found in each of the three Dungeons in the realm. Once found, they can be taken to the reagent receptacles in each of the three towns.
In Westhaven, place a Potent Candle in the Tome of Knowledge to gain +1 Intellect. Potent Candles can be found in the Necropolis.

In Rygard, place a Life Seed in the Life Chalice to gain +1 Life Force. Life Seeds can be found in the Ancient Forest.

In Hom, place a piece of Power Ore in the Golden Statue to gain +1 Strength. Power Ore can be found in the Lost City.
Three Cheats
To Increase health attribute put in:

To increase intelect put in:

To increase research put in:
Use Armor Wisely
Avoid wearing metal armor against enemies that have good electrical attacks (Undead). Instead, get a higher-level Leather armor to protect yourself. Don't even dream of going to the lower regions of the Necropolis wearing metallic armor (Plate or Chain).