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With the PSN down, I had to find another single player game that I hadn't played to death. So... here's Dark Void, a game that I never really got around to playing after I bought it last year. Sadly, there's a good reason as to why that is - because the game is *bleep*ing shit! Oh no, not in that "trainwreck that you just can't look away from" way, but more in the "why does this even exist" way, like what made them think that this would be a good game? Many would say that at least the rocket sections were good.. but I kept on getting the feeling that they were playing the wrong game, or maybe my copy is just busted, because there was nothing exciting or even good about those segments. The best way to sum it up is this - it's a six hour waste of time.

Will, who was once a pilot for the army, ended up becoming a pilot for a lesser organization due to a dishonourable discharge. He and some girl named Ava (who have some history together) fly together over the Bermuda Triangle, when suddenly, both are inside another dimension, populated by aliens and robots. Apparently, the aliens are being suppressed by the robots, and Will has to save them. I don't *bleep*ing care, and the game sure as hell doesn't either. All of these really basic ideas are laid out, but the writers never go above and beyond in terms of imagination (we're in an alternate dimension for *bleep*s sake!), and the basic crap is never expanded on! Add the fact that the characters are insanely boring with nothing to say, and the story is just a complete waste of time!

Where Dark Void gets its identity is within the rocketeer-esque parts. Sadly, you'll begin the game in a generic cover shooter scenario. Oh joy, are these segments fun or what... well, to answer that question, absolutely not! Seriously, it feels like I've already played this game before, but it was called Kill.Switch, and my controller didn't have no fancy home button in the middle of my dualshock controller. God, it's like a company thinks of this brilliant (or just safe enough for the average consumer) idea, and everybody else desperately tries to rip them off. The only problem is that companies tend to *bleep* it up somehow! What happened here? Nothing... literally, nothing happens, except you shoot a bunch of aliens. Okay, sure, there's vertical cover, where you can cover behind ledges that you've hanging onto, but considering that every other third person shooter nowadays lets you take cover and carry a few weapons, and this game doesn't exactly offer a refreshing experience in this regard, why, THAT'S SO *bleep*ING INTERESTING!

Despite the sarcasm, once you get the jetpack (about two *bleep*ing hours in, I might add), ground combat gains a little more momentum. You can scale walls and make further use of the vertical cover system, and... well, that's about it. Okay, I lied. Ground combat doesn't gain momentum from gaining the jetpack. Seriously, there was so much that could've been done here, like boosting through a hallway, or aerial combat, although the enemies would have to adapt, and as you're basically fighting one stupid enemy copied and pasted a bazillion times, well, my expectations dropped after the first hour, and I'm sure yours will, too. Not to mention, you're given so many shitty escort missions, that you ought to learn to live with fighting the same enemy over and over again.

So do the skies offer any better opportunities? Hell no! Where it promised that you could do all of these awesome aerial manoeuvres, the most you can do is turn 180 degrees and hover at different speeds... and I suppose some sort of dive bomb is included. What do you get to do with all of this? Fly around an open field, avoiding the occasional obstacle, and finding land that leads to the next mission. Sometimes hijack an alien spaceship via some lame mini game not worth acknowledging that must done over and over again. Yawn. I was actually expecting quite a lot more content, like some tricky manoeuvring segments or... well, something actually interesting! *bleep*, this is boring!

The graphics don't fare much better. At face value, perhaps they look alright. Nothing special, but it at least works, although it looks like something fit for the PS2. You could argue that they're going for a more cartoony style, and if that's the case, it looks okay, but a little to drab. Also, the colors look very washed out and doesn't really go along with any sort of look, let alone cartoony. Then you'll start noticing some kind of jerky animations and a bunch of other amateur mistakes. After a while, it makes you think "gee, did the developers even try".

Surprisingly, the soundtrack was pretty good... in that you could at least listen to it and try to feel like the rocketeer! Not to mention, also try to make the story and gameplay feel at least somewhat interesting... not much to really say, other than "it was composed by the same guy that composed the Bsttlestar Galactica soundtrack". That.. should interest a lot of people... Voice acting, on the other hand, is as uninspiring as it gets, like they got their scripts fresh from the mailbox and they all figured this game would sell like shit, so they all threw up their arms and went "*bleep* it"... oh Nolan North, thank god you redeemed yourself with your stunning performance in Resonance Of Fate - too bad Robin from Teen Titans is your co-star.

Dark Void is normally what one would consider average. However, it is so average that it actually borders on being a bad game. It's short, uninteresting, and forgettable... kind of like this conclusion! The only thing this game gets right is the music - beyond that, *bleep* this game!


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