Dark Souls Faction FAQ
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Dark Souls Faction FAQ

by Ultimate_Finale   Updated on
This walkthrough was originally written for Dark Souls on the XBOX360, but the walkthrough is still applicable to the PS3 version of the game.
Dark Souls Covenant guide/FAQ by Ultimate_Finale
Written in Notepad
Version - 0.5
This guide is copyright to Jack Birch (C)
If you wish to use this or any part of this guide please contact me at
the e-mail in the Contact section of this guide


Version History ----- VHIS
Introduction ----- INTR
Way of White ----- WOWH
Princess' Guard ----- PRGU
Blade of Darkmoon ----- BODM
Warrior of Sunlight ----- WOSL
Forest Hunter ----- FOHU
Chaos Servant ----- CHSE        To go to the section of the guide
Gravelord Servant ----- GLSV    you want to go to press ctrl+f and
Path of the Dragon ----- POTD   the search box will appear, type in
Dark Wraith ----- DAWR          the 4 letter code in the search box
Credits ----- CRED              and press enter. Example: if I wanted
Legal ----- LEGA                to go to the Forest Hunter convenant
Contact ----- CONA              I would type in FOHU.

Version History                                                   VHIS

0.0 - Started writing the guide

0.5 - submitted to GameFAQS

Introduction                                                      INTR

Covenants are "factions" within Dark Souls. To join a covenant the
player must make oaths to specific NPCs. With each covenant there are
rewards for following the guidelines set by your "leader" and there
are penalties for breaking them. Covenants may also have an effect on
the player's online interactions. There are nine covenants. Each
covenent has four ranks, starting from 0 to +3. While some covenants
award you items for a rank promotion, this is not always the case.

Be warned that you are able to betray your covenant; some examples of
betrayal are attacking NPCs associated with that covenant or joining
another covenant, therefore breaking your oath. You can rejoin the
covenant betrayed after you absolve your sins to the priest located
in the belltower of the Undead Parish. Absolving sins, which removes
you from the Book of the Guilty and resets any friendly NPCs you
turned hostile, costs your soul level multiplied by 2000 souls.
Another downside to rejoining your covenant is that whatever you
turned in to your covenant to rank up is reduced by half. For example
if you turned in 10 sunlight medals to the Warrior of Sunlight
covenant, betraying then rejoining, it will register that you have
only turned in 5 medals.

Also, Oswald of Carim (NPC priest in Undead Parish) offers an option
to abandon you current covenant without cost and without causing any

Way of White - Lawful Good                                        WOWH

Involves everything "related" to Gwyn and its followers. You get this
covenant not by talking with Gwyn himself, but by communicating with
his body guards while having a lot of humanity. This covenant is
for helping out other players online. Players who are in this
covenant will automatically be drawn closer to each other on the
network. This makes Miracle Resonance easier to perform, as well as
helps block people from antagonistic covenants from coming closer on
the network.

No longer rumor, Way of White players report that they Almost never
or never get invaded. In addition, every player that is in this
covenant can find each other's soul signs more easily.

Speak with Petrus at Firelink Shrine or to Reah at the Undead Parish
after rescue from Tomb of Giants to join this covenant. Knight and
Cleric class are in Way of White covenant by default.

There are no ranks in this covenant and the betrayal penalties are:

Betrayal Penalties
-1 Estus Flask

Princess' Guard - Neutral Good                                    PRGU

Gwyn's daughter, Gwynevere, asks a favor of the player after the
"Ornstein/Smough" boss fight. She mentions that, after her father's
"change", she has been trapped. Although she gives you the
Lordvessel to warp inbetween certain bonfires, you are not required
to join this covenant to receive it.

Every player that is in this covenant can find each other's soul
signs more easily.

After defeating Smough and Ornstein in Anore Londo, speak with
Gwynevere to enter this covenant.
You will receive the Sun Princess Ring for joining.
Miracle: Bountiful Sunlight and Miracle: Soothing Sunlight become
available through Piscaca.

Rank Requirements
There are no ranks in this covenant.

Betrayal Penalties
Unknown (please e-mail with information)

Blade of the Dark Moon - Chaotic Good                             BODM

This is the true Gwyn covenant. He wants to destroy all other lords
and get their flames, so he can get enough power to lead the rest of
the world into his perfect future. You get it late in the game. This
covenant allows you to obtain the Dark Knight armor that has special
effects. "The goddess of Sin Velka oversees this list of the guilty,
who have disrespected the Gods or their covenants, and shall one day
face the wrath of the Blades of the Darkmoon." The Blade of the
Darkmoon's primary objective is to assassinate other players who have
broken their covenant by using a list of names found in the "Book of
Guilty" item.

You must visit the Catacombs and pick up the Darkmoon Seance Ring.
You must also have access to Anor Londo and its second bonfire, which
is further into the area than your first stop.
1. Go to Anor Londo's Second Bonfire

2. Equip the Darkmoon Seance Ring

3. The nearby statue will vanish, go through the opening and reach
the fog, but do not enter yet. Back up a second, and wait on the
carpet before the fog until you see a prompt to hit either X or A,
depending on your system, to kneel. There is no need to learn the
kneel gesture.

4. Accept and join the covenant.

5. You will receive a Blue Eye Orb and Blade of the Darkmoon, that
you can use for invading.

Fact: If you have previously joined a covenant, you will still be
able to join the Blade of the Darkmoon nonetheless. You just have to
leave your current covenant and join. You also won't have to pay the
priest for leaving your previous covenant to join.

Fact: If you enter the fog before kneeling, you will be attacked by
Gywndolin and must either complete your current play through for
another chance to join, or pay a very large amount of souls to Oswald
of Carima and have your sin absolved.

Darkmoon Seance Ring (pvp functionality)
This ring is gained by joining the Darkmoon Blade covenant. This ring
can be equipped, and if there are players who are at a similar Soul
Level to you, you will be summoned into their world even if you are
not in Anor Londo. The host will not receive a message warning them
of an invader, thus giving the intruder an advantage. If the invader
successfully kills the host, they will be sent back and will be reward
ed with a Souvenir of Reprisal. If the Host manages to kill the
invader, however, they will recieve Souls as a reward. You must be
part of the Darkmoon Blade covenant for the Ring's effect to occur.

Rank Requirements
Blade of the Darkmoon requires Souvenir of Reprisal to level your
rank. This drops from people you kill that are listed in the Book of
the Guility, but however, it is not a guaranteed drop.

0 - 0 Souvenirs. Rewards: Blue eye orb

+1 - 10 souvenirs. Rewards: Darkmoore Sword and Darmoore Talisman

+2 - 30 Souvenirs. Rewards: None

+3 - 80 Souvenirs. Rewards: None

Betrayal Penalties
Uknown (please e-mail me with information)

Warrior of Sunlight - Lawful Neutral                              WOSL

The Covenant of Solaire of Astoria, a wandering knight who praises
the sun. If you played Demon Souls, you can think of Astoria as the
"South Boletaria" of this game.
The main purpose of this covenant is co-op play. As a member of this
covenant, instead of being a white phantom, your character and your
soul sign turn gold.
In addition, if you successfully help defeat a boss as a phantom,
every member in that party will receive a Sunlight Medal.
Every player in this covenant can find each other's soul signs more


1. Meet the Faith Requirement of 50 OR for each host you help
successfully defeat a boss as a White Phantom, the Faith Requirement
decreases by 5. For example, successfully helping five hosts will
only require your character to have 25 Faith to join the covenant.

2. Find the Broken Altar to the right of the bonfire under the
Hellkite Dragon of the Undead Parish.

3. Pray to the altar. If you meet the requirements, you will have the
option to enter the covenant.

Rank Requirements
By offering a certain amount of Sunlight Medals to the Altar located
in the Undead Parish, you will be able to rank up

0 - 0 Medals. Rewards: Miracle: Lightning Spear

+1 - 10 Medals. Rewards: Miracle: Greater Lightning Spear; ability to
offer Lord Gwyn's Souls and receive; Miracle: Sunlight Spear

+2 - 30 Medals. Rewards: None

+3 - 80 Medals. Rewards: None

Betrayal Penalties
Unknown (please e-mail me with info)

Forest Hunter - True Neutral                                      FOHU

The player finds this covenant in the dark forest by talking to the
huge cat referred to as "Alvina" in a small stone building towards
the wolf boss. Joining this covenant will result in Alvina giving you
the Cat Covenant Ring, which she will use to summon you when other
players, whom aren't part of the Forest Hunter covenant, journey into
the first part of the forest. Having the ring equipped essentially
puts you in a queue for PvP. When a non-Forest Hunter enters the area
you will be summoned to "invade" them. It is possible for more than
one Forest Hunter player to be summoned to invade a single trespasser.
You do not have to remain in the forest for it to work and you do not
have to be in human form, though you do need to have it equipped.

Defeating a trespasser will gain you a random shard (note that you do
not need to land the killing blow to be credited with a victory). If
the enemy is killed, you are returned to where you were standing
upon being summoned and all of your spells and miracles are refilled.
If you are killed, you are returned to the last bonfire you rested
at, but do not lose any souls, humanity, or items. Defeated
trespassers may use an Indictment on you if they posses any.

With this covenant, you learn that Alvina hates the wolf that guards
the large sword and she actually approves of you killing him. The
wolf has to be killed in order to obtain a ring which is essential
for the progression of the story.

Killing any hostile creatures in the area (i.e. anything you can
target) does not seem to affect your covenant status, though
attacking Alvina (and presumably any of the non-hostile NPC hunters)
will result in the breaking of the covenant. Some players have
reported a glitch where an NPC will fall off of a cliff and die,
breaking the player's covenant. It seems that even accidentally
walking or rolling into one of the hunters in the forest will be
construed as a betrayal, prompting them to ban you from the covenant
and begin attacking.

1. Reach Alvina at the Darkmoon Garden, who stands just before the
bridge linking to the ruined structure.

2. Accept covenant

3. Obtain a Cat Ring that will allow Alvina to summon you to defend
the Forest.

Rank Requirements
Each successful defeat of a forest invaders is one point closer to a
rank up. However, ranking up will net you no items, only a number.

0 - 1-5 victories. Rewards: If you speak to Alvina after defeating a
certain number of forest invaders, she will reward you with the

1 kill: Divine Blessing

3 kills: Ring of Fog (can also be obtained through trade with Snuggly)

5 kills: Alvina will tell you about Great Wolf Sif

Note: If you are wearing the Cat Ring when you speak to Alvina to
claim a reward and you are summoned and she has not yet given you the
reward, you will not (ever) receive it. The conversation cannot be

+1 - 10 victories. Rewards: None

+2 - 30 victories. Rewards: None

+3 - 80 victories. Rewards: None

Betrayal Penalties
Unknown (please e-mail with information)

Be aware that once you join this covenant, RELOAD YOUR GAME
IMMEDIATELY. The reason why is cause the npc's A.I. becomes bugged
due to one of them either dying or falling off the cliff. This ends
up kicking you out of the covenant and making your new allies as
crazy bloodthirsty enemies. You'll just end up paying a lot of souls
just to absolve your sins.
Don't worry, you can still join the covenant AFTER you pay.

Chaos Servant - Chaotic Neutral                                   CHSE

This is the Ancient White Spider Witch's covenant, located behind a
false wall on the first floor of the room behind the boss of
Blighttown (Quelaag). To enter the room and gain access to the
bonfire and Spider Witch, you will need to tell the creature that
blocks the entrance that you are interested in joining (note that
this does not count as committing to the covenant).

To break the covenant, you need only hit the witch, kill her, or
hurt/kill a daughter of chaos.

How to correctly get infected with eggs:
Equip a low powered weapon for starters. Then go up to an egg carrier
and give them a little tap, but make sure you don't kill them, you
can also jump on top of them. After that, all you have to do is stand
there and wait for the burdened to grab hold of you and impregnate
your forehead. This can take a couple attempts for it to stick, but
when it does the easiest way to tell is for you to let your character
idle. Once your character is idle he will randomly scratch his head.
After that it's just a waiting game, but it can take up to 10
minutes for the egg to hatch, and when it does if you go see Eingyi
(Egg-burdened npc after Queelag) and he will give you an Egg
Vermifuge and access to Poison Mist and Toxic Mist Pyromancy spells.

Note: in the early gamespot review of the game, the reviewer
mentioned that he got infected by the eggs by idling in a certain
boss' lair for too long (2nd last paragraph).

You must have access to Queelag's Domain (lower Blighttown).
1. Reach Quelaag's Domain and locate the White Spider, who is behind
a false wall below the lever to activate the underground bell
(see Ancient Spider Witch)

2. Talk to her and select Enter Covenant

3. You will obtain the spell Chaos Great Fireball, and can buy spells
from the Egg Burdened nearby.

Effects of covenant

俵pon joining the Chaos Servant Covenant, you will gain access to
three powerful pyromancies, with another granted at rank 2.
肘f the player kills or harms the witch or one of the Daughters of
Chaos, the Covenant will be considered broken, and an egg will be
implanted on your head. This egg will feed on the souls you gain and,
when enough souls are absorbed, will hatch into a giant egg which
will replace your head. You will no longer be able to equip head gear
and your kick animation will be replaced by a 'maggot attack'. Eggs
are also extremely flammable, and make you vulnerable to fire.
To get rid of these parasites you need an Egg Vermifuge that can be
purchased from Eingyi, in case you didn't break their covenant,
dropped by other Egg Burdened, (who are also the other way to get
infected.) or pillaged from the Two headed snakes in the Forest area
of Darkwood.

You do not have to be a member of the Chaos Servant Covenant for these next

肘f you speak to Eingyi (the Undead with eggs on his back) while you
have an egg on your head, he will allow you to purchase the spells
Poison Mist and Toxic Mist, and also give you a free Egg Vermifuge to
remove the egg from your head. These spells will remain available
for purchase afterwards, regardless of whether or not you have an egg
on your head.
髭ingyi also sells a Servant Roster, which will let you view all
players who are members of the covenant and their contribution to the
covenant (how much humanity they've given up kept as a score). It is
unknown if this is used for anything other than this.


0 - 0 Humanity offered. Rewards: Upon joining, recieve Chaos Great

+1 - 10 Humanity offered. Rewards: None

+2 - 30 Humanity offered. Rewards: Recieve Chaos Firestorm and open
the shortcut to Izalith

+3 - 80 Humanity offered. Rewards: none

Betrayal Penalties

Attacking white spider or Egg Burdened Merchant drops 2 Egg Vermifuges

Killing the white spider will deactivate the bonfire and give you a
Fire Keeper Soul (You will still be able to warp to the bonfire)

Note: If you break the chaos servants covenant, and gain eggs, you
will no longer be able to buy the antidote for the eggs. You will
still be able to get it from rare drops from egg carriers and the Two
Headed Snake Lizards from the Darkroot Gardens (100% confirmed both).
You can also find one Egg Vermifuge in The Painted World of Ariamas.

Gravelored Servant - Lawful Evil                                  GLSV

The trigger for unlocking the Gravelord Servant covenant is in
crypt containing the Titanite Demon in the Catacombs (note: you don't
need to kill the demon). In the tunnel it occupies, one coffin
sticks further out than the rest, and is unoccupied. Looking at it
will prompt you to "nestle into" it. Once you do, wait for
approximately 30 seconds and a first-person cut-scene will commence.
You need an Eye of Death in your inventory in order for this to occur.
When you enter the large, spacious room, head away from the coffin
to the larger coffin at the other side. Create your covenant with the
Gravelord Nito here. Happy hunting!

Nito initially rewards the player with the Gravelord Sword and
Gravelord Sword Dance預 miracle that summons swords to attack in the
vicinity. (While this covenant was initially described as
pyromancer-friendly in the pre-release demonstrations, the early
miracle rewards suggest that it is best supported by faith builds.)
The Gravelord Sword is a curved greatsword with a 300 Poison rating.
According to IGN.com, this sword is almost guaranteed to inflict
toxic status on PvP targets with its thrusting secondary attack
(confirmation熔f effectiveness and whether the damage is Poison or

To "deepen" the pact with Nito, you offer him Eyes of Death items, a
few of which can be picked up right behind the Titanite Demon near
the coffin. It is assumed for now that the other listed abilities are
granted after donating a good amount of these items. (Polling from
public opinion it appears that using this item has had a slim chance
of producing any results. This could be due to the current
unfavorable server situation, good players who simply neither die nor
back-invade, or the item itself could have been poorly scripted.)

Eyes of Death are very rare items, with only a handful available from
pickups throughout the game. One alternative way of obtaining them
is to proceed and kill Nito on one playthrough, and unlock Patches as
a merchant. Buy eyes from him and save them for your next
playthrough. (Note: Patches will only sell you a maximum of 3 Eyes.)
Another way to acquire these items is to farm Basilisks in The Depths
or The Great Hollow, although even with an Item Discovery stat of
200 and a fairly fast farm rotation this can take upwards of 1 hour
per drop.

Being the Gravelord's Servant allows you to invoke the Gravelord
ability by using an Eye of Death, which consists of you placing a
soul sign of your own on the ground. This soul sign will appear in 3
other players' worlds, wherever you left your original sign. While
the Gravelord is invoked, black phantom monsters (upgraded versions
of already difficult creatures) will be summoned in all 3 of the
other worlds. If a player dies while under this "curse," his
bloodstain will be robbed of half of his souls, all of which are
given to the Gravelord who cursed his world. However, if an afflicted
player finds the Gravelord's soul sign, he may invade his
tormentor's world and seek vengeance; killing the Gravelord will
free all 3 worlds of the curse. Since all 3 players can invade at
the same time, using this ability is very risky, albeit extremely fun.
Due to this, and to the rarity of the required item (which, if
wasted even just a few times, can leave you unable to progress in the
covenant), it is always in the Gravelord's best interest to hide his
soul sign or put it in an extremely hard-to-reach place.
The Gravelord will also receive Eyes of Death when invading players
are killed, allowing him to repeat the process and/or rank up within
the covenant.

Effects of covenant

俵pon using the Eye of Death, the Gravelord will leave a soul sign on
the ground, indicating the place the item was used. The same soul
sign will appear in 3 other players' worlds along with stronger
enemies, making their game harder. On the other side, the cursed
players will have the opportunity, upon finding the soul sign, to
invade the Gravelord's world and seek revenge. Therefore, the
Gravelord should hide the soul sign in order to avoid invasions from
cursed players, as all 3 of them may invade at the same time. If a
cursed player dies before finding the Soul Sign, half of his souls go
to the Gravelord, while the other half will remain in the Bloodstain
as usual.
膝ravelords are rewarded with souls and Eyes of Death for killing
invading cursed players.

Covenant allegiance can be checked easily at any time via the status
menu, as it will display "Covenant: Gravelord Servant + <rank>"
(e.g. "Gravelord Servant +1" for rank 1).


0 - 0 Eyes of Death offered. Rewards: Gravelord Sword, miracle:
Gravelord Sword Dance. Note: "40" charges translates into 2 uses of an
AOE 20 sword burst

+1 - 10 Eyes of Death offered. Rewards: miracle: Gravelord Greatsword
Dance (stronger version of Gravelord Sword Dance)

+2 - 30 Eyes of Death offered. Rewards: None

Betrayal Penalties
Unknown, please contact me with info

Path of the Dragon - Neutral Evil                                 POTD

The dragon covenant is obtained by swearing allegiance to the
Everlasting Dragon. The objective of the dragon covenant is to
invade people that hold Dragon Scales. The winner of the PvP will
receive souls and a dragon scale (note: if you lose you do not lose
any of your dragon scales). Once you get scales, you offer them to
the Dragon to "rank up". And with each rank, you will have the
ability to become more dragonoid.
Cutting off the Everlasting Dragon's tail will give you the Dragon
Greatsword, This does NOT cause hostility.
Although you can place the Everlasting Dragon Eye in many places in
dark souls, the unofficial area people place the Dragon Eye is beside
the bonfire in Darkroot Garden next to the Crest of Artorius Gate
(upstairs); later in the game, people tend to use the Dragon Eye in
the Kiln of the First Flame at the very beginning of the level.

Dragonoid Transformation

When you first join the covenant, you receive the Dragon Head Stone,
which turns your head into one of a dragon. In order to use this
successfully, no head armor must be equipped. The effect will last
until you die. With a Dragon Head, your fire power increases.

After ranking up sufficiently, you will receive a Dragon Stone. To
use this, unequip all your armor, leaving nothing but your weapon,
shield, and rings. This will turn you completely into a Dragonoid
Using the Dragon Stone will activate an ability similar to Miracle:
Force, knocking back opponents. Also for a few seconds, your attack
strength will increase 25%.

With the Dragon Head Stone or Dragon Stone, you have the ability to
do a fire breath attack. This scales according to your fire damage
and rank in the covenant, and will consume an amount of stamina as
long as you use it.

Go into Blighttown and head out into the swamp. If you're facing out
of Quelaag's Domain, go to your right - if you're coming from the
beginning of the swamp (the Valley of Drakes entrance) - go to your
left. As you progress you should begin to see large leech/pill bug
enemies. Eventually you will come across a long root (bridge) that
leads to what appears to be a dead end. Hit the alcove with your
weapon and you should reach another dead end with a treasure chest.
Go behind the chest and hit the wall again. You should enter The
Great Hollow. As you proceed, you will run into Basilisks (Also known
as Cursed Frogs, which can curse the player) and mushroom men. Once
you reach the bottom you will exit out into the Ash Lake. Race the
Hydra across the sand bars (use the environment as a shield), and
make your way past the Clams until you get to the final tree
"building". (There are three total; the one you came out of, a center
one, and the final one which houses the covenant leader). "Pray" to
the Everlasting Dragon, and become a member.

Fact: You may cut off the tail of the Ancient Dragon to receive the
Dragon Greatsword without causing it to become hostile, and you may
still join the Path of the Dragon covenant.

Effects of covenant

謬his covenant allows players to challenge others online to earn
Dragon Scales. Useful for leveling Dragon type weapons, and gaining
the unique Dragon Head Stone and Dragon Torso Stone.
俵pon using the Everlasting Dragon Eye, a Summon Sign will be drawn
in some online player's world, and players holding on to Dragon
Scales that interacts with this summon sign will be invaded (similar
to how Red Eye Stone works in Demon's Souls).
俵pon using the Dragon Head Stone (without any head gear), the
player's head will turn and take the form of a dragonoid's head. At
this point, usage of the Dragon head Stone again will allow players
to breathe out fire. The prowess of the fire is dependent on the
player's covenant level.
俵pon using the Dragon Torso Stone (without any armor equipment
inclusive of shield), the player takes the form of a dragonoid. Other
than having the same fire attack as the previous point, the player
will have:
1) Increased unarmed attack damage.
2) A Force miracle-like attack which sends out a shock wave, sending
enemies flying upon use. Attack is also boosted by 1.25x for
approximately 5-6 seconds.
俵sing the Dragon Head Stone or Dragon Torso Stone provides a
permanent change that cannot be reversed until death.

Rank Requirements
Each Dragon Scale you offer to your covenant gives you a point to
your next rank. You can obtain Dragon Scales in three ways:
1. Certain chests and items on the ground, such as the one in
Blighttown next to the bonfire. Some mobs (such as the Undead Dragon
in Valley of the Drakes) have a 100% drop rate for one Dragon Scale
as well.

2. Killing Drakes. However, the drop rate for this is extremely rare.

3. Using the Dragon Eye. This item will search for any nearby players
with Dragon Scales. If you successfully defeat them, you will receive
one Dragon Scale and some souls.


0 - 0 Dragon Scales. Rewards: Dragon Eye and Dragon Head Stone

+1 - 10 Dragon Scales. Rewards: None

+2 - 30 Dragon Scales. Rewards: Dragon Stone

+3 - 80 Dragon Scales. Rewards: None

Betrayal Penalties
If you join another covenant, you will lose the ability to use your
dragon eye and offer dragon scales, but you will still be able to use
your dragon stone.

Online Interaction
When you place your dragon scale-searching eye on the ground in any
location, you do not invade the dragon scale holders world. Instead,
"dragon remnants" appear in the same place where you dropped your eye,
in the dragon scale holders world, where he/she is given the option
of whether to summon you or not. Though this safeguards the fairness
of PvP with the dragon Covenant, it is extremely detrimental for the
actual Covenant member as it severely lowers the chances of actual MP

Dark Wraith - Chaotic Evil                                        DAWR

A hidden covenant. You get it by speaking to the "Absolute Darkness"
that wishes to engulf this world. If you're the kind of player who
wishes to constantly invade other people's worlds, this covenant is
great because you will be awarded with an invasion item with infinite
uses. Joining this Covenant will award you with the Dark Hand, a
fist weapon with the ability to steal humanity from another player
by using its strong attack.
Note: It seems that once you've visited the Abyss, you won't need to
wear the Covenant of Artorias ring anymore.

1. Kill Great Wolf Sif and receive his ring, Covenant of Artorias,
which will allow you to access The Abyss (you will have to do this
even in New Game+, as the game takes away the ring upon completing
the game.)

2. Branching path:

姫ath A
Do not speak to Framps after obtaining the Lordvessel, then speak to
Ingward (NPC with red wizard armor) in New Londo Ruins to receive the
key to open the Abyss. Before you acquire the Lordvessel you can
trade with Framps all you like. After joining the covenant Framps
will disappear.

姫ath B
If you wish to join the covenant BEFORE obtaining the Lordvessel, you
may kill Ingward to receive the key to open the door to The Abyss.

3. Entering The Abyss starts the battle against the Four Kings.
Defeat them to proceed.

4. Speak to Kaathe, the primordial serpent, at The Abyss. You will
have the option to Enter Covenant.

Effects of covenant

匹racked Red Eye Orb can be bought.
髭quipping Dark Hand on the right hand equipment slot and pressing
R2//RT initiates a 'humanity absorbing' attack. Amount of humanities
absorbed is dependent on covenant level. This attack can be done on
NPCs or online human players. Conversely, equipping it on the left
hand equipment slot turns it into a 'blackhole-like' shield.
百iding with Kaanthe is considered the "bad" ending of the game.
筆ust be human to utilize Red Eye Orb.
肘f you fail to defeat your target when you invade, you do not lose
your status as human, you do however lose all acquired humanities,
therefore you can invade indefinitely with only 1 humanity so long as
 you don't die in 'your actual world'. (You can also recover your
corpse if you were near where you died to regain said lost Humanities)
髭ach time you invade it does inform the invaded; also, if you do
kill your target he may put an indictment upon you.

Rank Requirements
Each humanity turned in nets you a point to your next rank


0 - 0 Victories (Humanity offered). Rewards: Dark Hand

+1 - 10 Victories (Humanity offered). Rewards: Red Eye Orb (allows you
to invade indefinitely)

+2 - 30 Victories (Humanity offered). Rewards: Dark Sword and
Darkwraith Armor set

+3 - 80 Victories (Humanity offered). Rewards: Dark Hand (steals more

Betrayal Penalties
If you go near Kaathe while a member of the Princess Guard Covenant
he will DISAPPEAR for the rest of your playthrough. Absolving your
sins does not cause him to reappear.

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