Dark Souls: Prepare To Die Edition Tips

Dodging the harpoons in Anor Londo
In Anor Londo you will encounter a very frustrating and brutal stretch right after the 2 knight statues. Once you kill off the mindless spear demons(pin them close to a ledge and they will kill themselves 90% of the time) you will walk down a narrow pathway where 2 more demons are waiting for a pincer attack. You can run straight through them and dash towards the left up another narrow ledge. Once you walk around the pillar you will see another ledge going up and 2 knights with a bow.... and they shoot harpoons. If you try to stand and block the harpoon will knock you back about 3 feet which will most often than not send you over the edge to your death. The trick is to keep running up the ledge. Once you reach the top against the wall's window ledge run right towards one of the knights. When he shoots at you you can roll under the harpoon so that it misses you entirely. Remember if you try to block them you will be knocked over the edge. once you get close to the knight its a normal sword shield battle. After he is down you can repeat the process with the other one if you choose to as he is guarding a hero's soul.