Dare Devil Derby 3D User Reviews


Caution: Open if Desperate

The good:

  • Well, some of the racers are funny, but some are simply lame.
  • The tracks, though poorly done are remotely cool, especially Underwater, Space and Wild West.
  • It was playble. Barely.

    The bad:

    The audio sucked horribly. The music was ripped out of a broken record player, remixed with a mix of P. Diddy and Backstreet Boys. Yeah. That bad.

    Even at that time, the graphics were unacceptable. sometimes I could not tell the difference between the car or the driver =/

    There was no REAL story, it was just race, win, race win.


    When I was younger, I came across this game for $20 dollars. 20 dollars I wished I had saved. This game is little known, and for reason. It has pretty much fallen through the cracks as a mediocre racing game in video game history. I did try this out, at first it was not bad, I mean where else can you go in Space, Underwater or in a Cemetery in one game? Well, reality set in not long after. I got sick of the game so fast my vomit didn't have time to reach my mouth. I played this game maybe three times in 3 weeks before I got the INFINITELY superior Gran Turismo, and I forgot about this game ...

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