Dance Dance Revolution Universe 2

  • Released on Dec 4, 2007
  • By Konami for Xbox 360

Dance Dance Revolution Universe 2 User Reviews


One of the best DDR games-Universe 2

The good:

-The songs are AMAZING!!!
There are a few that are annoying but the rest I could play for hours!!! Theres songs like "The Saftey Dance" "Walk Like an Eygptian" and more!!!
-The background graphics are great, but they can go in the bad category as well.
-Party and Challenge modes are fun for boring times.
-You can choose your difficulty and song in Quest mode unlike in some of the other games.
-Many songs unlocked when you begin.
-Includes many other DDR bands.
-Franz Ferdinand.
-Its just a great game an I feel strange putting the good and bad, if you are looking to buy it just do it!!!!! You will not regret it.
Better than Super Nova (Which sucked anyway)
-Its for the 360 so theres X-Box live and downloadable songs.
-One of the two Dance Dance Revolution games for the 360, choose this one!!!!

The bad:

-The background graphics often get in the way, you sometimes cant see the notes, but they change quickly.
-Not much to do in quest mode.
-Not many songs to unlock.
-One of the only a Dance Dance Revolution games for the 360.


At first I thought this game was stupid, being one of the only Dance Dance Revolution games for the 360
There are many different modes such as Game,Party,Quest,Challenge,Jukebox and more
In game mode theres already the most of the songs unlocked, good yet bad. You can change the difficulty and speed of the songs.
In Party mode there are many different options such as "Free" "bomb" "speed" and more. Basically added from basic dancing
Quest mode is where like in most Dance Dance games where you dance, explore and unlock songs. In this game though there aren't many to unlock. Theres goals in ever...

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