Dance Dance Revolution Ultramix 4 Cheats

Dance Dance Revolution Ultramix 4 cheats, Tips, and Codes for Xbox.


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Where to unlock songs in Quest Mode
Club Edge - Edge of Control
Club Hunt - Hunting For You
Club Planet - Another Planet
Club Daddy - Girigiri Daddy
Executive Club Tears - Tears
Executive Club BB - Back-to-Back
Executive Club Chocolate - Chocolate Philosophy
Executive Club Gotham - Stompin at the Gotham
Executive Club Heart - Still In My Heart (Momo Mix)
Executive Club Night - Celebrate Nite (Like It's '99 Mix)
Executive Club Skulk - Skulk (Konami Mix)
Executive Club Slow Down - Beat Slow Down
Executive Club Classic - Classic Party triathlon

Dance Dance Tower - PARANOiA Survivor MAX

Top of Dance Dance Tower - Insaner (L.E.D.'s Punishment Mix), Power Course 5

As odd as it is, PARANOiA Survivor is not in the game.


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Unlock All Songs and Power Course 5
Due to a bug in the game, Power Course 5 will not unlock. This cheat code will only unlock every song and PC 5. Dancers and Challenges will not be unlocked/completed.

This is a unique code, so read closely. What you're going to do is read down the following list:


After WORKOUT MODE, head to GAME MODE and choose it.

These are options in the Main Menu (a.k.a. Master Edition main menu). What you must do is SCROLL (not choose!) to those options in that order. When you scroll to that option, leave your highlighted cursor on them for at least 1 second before moving on to the next option. Basically:

-Move cursor to BASIC EDITION
-Keep cursor on BASIC EDITION for more than 1 second
-Move cursor to EDIT MODE
-Keep cursor on EDIT MODE for more than 1 second

As you move to the next option, do not keep the cursor on any other option for more than 0.5 seconds or the cheat will fail.

After you've chosen GAME MODE, you will not get a confirmation of sorts. An easy way to see if you've done the cheat right is back out to the Main Menu and enter Power Mode. If Power Course 5 is there, you've done the cheat right. All that remains is beating Challenge Mode and Quest Mode (for the dancers).