Dai Senryaku VII Cheats

Dai Senryaku VII cheats, and Codes for Xbox.


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These codes must be entered at the Main Menu (after Press Start)

X,L,R,R,R,L,B,W,X - Free Play: Complete map instantly by pressing WHITE then ending turn.

X,L,L,W,W,B,W,L,R,B,W,R,L,X - Free Play: Extra Ammo.

X,W,W,L,L,W,B,R,L,W,B,L,R,X - Free Play: Extra Endurance.

X,W,R,R,R,B,R,R,R,R,X - Free Play: Opens El Alamien map (Doug's Map)

X,W,R,R,R,B,R,R,R,L,X - Free Play: Opens Kemco map (Robert's Map)

X,B,B,B,L,W,R,W,B,W,X - Free Play: Press Right Tumbstick at "Army Status" to get $5k added.

X,L,L,R,R,L,R,W,B,L,X - Free Play: Reload Unit by clicking Right Thumbstick on unit's name in Unit List

X,L,L,L,B,B,B,R,W,X - Mission Mode: Complete Mission Instantly by pressing WHITE then ending turn.

X,B,W,L,R,B,W,R,L,X - Mission Mode: Extra Ammo.

X,W,B,R,L,W,B,L,R,X - Mission Mode: Extra Endurance.

X,L,R,L,R,B,B,W,W,X - Mission Mode: Make all units visible on the map when starting new mission.

X,W,W,W,B,B,B,L,R,L,X - Opens all Free Play maps.

X,B,B,W,W,R,L,W,B,X - Opens all Recon units.

X,B,B,B,L,L,L,W,R,W,X - Unlocks all units

X,B,L,B,L,B,L,W,R,W,X - View the credits