[edit] Background

Cybernator is a graphically detailed platform shooter that enlists the player as a member of the 95th brigade of the mechanized marines. The mech suit is equipped with shields, a propulsion pack (for flying), a punching mechanism, and an antigravity suction that provides traction on all surfaces. In addition, it has a three-way eliminator cannon outfitted with upgradeable (via power-ups) vulcan shells, laser beams and homing missiles. Each of the seven levels of play has different objectives (such as shutting down an ore processing plant and destroying a weapons facility), but the action largely consists of killing enemies (including other mechs and giant bosses) and blowing up stuff
— Brett Alan Weiss, All Game Guide

[edit] Gameplay

You can fire in all directions and jet pack yourself to safety, when needed. Use your shield to deflect bullets. You can also slide your way through explosions.

[edit] Features

Vast array of weapons can be employed.

Weapons gain levels when you pick up power chips.

Huge sprites and detailed boss designs.

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Release Dates
  • North America:
    • Dec 17, 2007 (Wii)
    • Jan 2, 1993 (SNES)
  • Japan: Jun 1, 1993
  • Europe: Dec 7, 2007
  • Australia: Dec 7, 2007
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