Custom Robo Cheats

Custom Robo cheats, Unlockables, Tips, and Codes for GC.


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Some cool parts
Just some cool parts and how to get them.
UnlockableHow to unlock
Dark Star (body)Battle 50 times using any type of versus battle off of one robo.
Rakansan (bodyBeat the Gold Singles tournament for the first time.
Ruhiel (body)Beat the Bronze hanicap tournament for the first time.
Wave Laser (weapon)In the bottom right corner of the research lab 01 in grand battle.
Athena (body)Beat the Silver Battle royal tournament for the first time.


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awesome combo
Got perfect in every battle (Grand Battle) except the ones where you can only use a part once

Any Lighting Sky model
Sword Storm
Long Thrust

Basically you just double jump (an air dash) and press shoot over and over and over until you land then repeat. Nothing can ever hit you unless you land next to a pod or land too close to a player. The gun will seek you're opponent and you wil still have 1000 health.
Battle Tips
Sorry I couldn't finish my last one my computer went wrong and we had to change the desktop.

Bombs: Some are made to freeze your opponent for your gun. Some are used when your opponent is down. Use heavy-duty powerful bombs to get metal grapplers or any fast moving robos (use your gun or pod to get fast moving ones down). Some release multiple bombs, so If the last tip doesn't out for the fast moving, use them.

Pods: It all depends. I recommend seekers or other slow powerful ones on the big guys. Fast ones that you can release about 2 or 3 at a time are good for strikers or javelins.

Legs: Use the Ultimate. Oh wait, I forgot. Not everybody has the ultimate.
All I can say for legs is that use the one that covers your weakness. (for example, if you were using a metal grappler, use legs that increase your speed. The Ultimate upgrades everything. Get them from a Rahu set if you don't have one.)


for a fast moving body but no defence (ray legend):

BODY: Metal bear or rakansan
GUN: X laser
BOMB: Grand Cross or Treble
POD: Orca

for a slow but powerful robo (metal bear):

BODY: Rahu 3
GUN: Wyrm
BOMB: anything strong
POD: Penumbra 3

Best Robo
I have two ultimate robo combinations, one with illegal parts and one without them.

Illegal Robo:
Body: Rahu III
Gun: Crystal Strike
Bomb: Grand Cross
Pod: Cheetah Pod
Legs: Eclipse Legs

Regular Robo:
Body: Ray 01
Gun: Needle or Dragon Gun
Bomb: Wall Bomb
Pod: Spider Pod
Legs: Formula Legs

You may have a different opinion but those are awesome to me.
bye bye watch
to get rid of the watch just say( in the party at harrys(in "a new journy"))the third option then "please take it" repededly until she takes it.(u need to get it when sergi asks for it though.
Greatest Combos
I have 4 really good combos. 2 illegal and 2 normal




How to beat Grand Battle
Frustrated with the Lab Handicap battle? Can't get enough silver trophies to unlock the amusement park (where you find the hidden motherload, like rahu 3 and ray warrior)?

Well, same with me. So I just came up with tips on winning (don't blame me if they don't work. The only one I experienced was number #3)

1. The best weapons are fast long-range ones. Anything that does little damage each hit doesn't work out for me.

2. Choose a body that doesn't go down easily. They're also good for dashes.

3. This is horrible. Don't use illegal parts! Trust me on this. Unless you can get more than twice more points with illegal than normal, just don't use them.

4. This is my favorite tip: If your craving to use an illegal gun, to tell you the truth all illegal guns are stronger versions of original. The waxing and waning arc are like upgraded left and right arcs. The X laser? A V laser that shoots straight for the enemy. Even the Rahu 1, 2, and 3 guns are all stronger versions of the flare.

5. Legs are the least thing the put effort in choosing. Wake up and smell the coffee! You could use legs to cover your weakness (for example, you can use legs that increase speed on something that goes slow).
Marvs Cans
To get the can parts, you must beat all the tournaments and get in Lucy's office. Go through the red door in the back and when you see a robot (like the training robots) talk to him and you will get it.
Secret Parts
These are a bunch of secret parts. You MUST be in Grand Battle mode to get them. "!" after a part means it's illegal.

X Laser! (gun): When you enter Bogey's place, before you go to the back room, check behind the bar to the right. The chip for this is with the dishes.

Crystal Strike Gun! (gun): In the Testing Center, after you beat the fourth computer, talk to it until it gives you this gun.

Chickenheart (body): In the Z Bosses room, there's a support at the far left. The chip for this is behind the support.

Ray Legend! (body): Get a gold trophy in the Z Boss battle, then talk to Oboro.

Ray Warrior! (body): Get all gold trophies at the amusement park, then talk to the cop at the enterance.

Rahu I set! (body, gun, bomb, pod, and legs): At Isabella's mansion, there's a glass room on the left. You can get in there by going left at the near side.

Rahu II set! (body, gun, and pod): At the Bronze handicap match, when Lucy comes out, talk to her until she gives you this chip.

Rahu III set! (body, gun, and pod): At the Silver battle royal, there's a busted carriage south of the fights. you can enter it from the north. The chip for these parts is in there.

Can set (body, gun, bomb, pod, and legs): After you beat every tounament, you can enter Lucy's office. In the back corner of the second room, there's a robot. Talk to it to get these parts.
Some decent ROBO combos
Here are some tips when playing multiplayer robo.

When selecting a body, consider what arena you are fighting in. If it is a large arena, choose something that is hard to knock down. If it is small, chose a fast robo. The best robos are: all of the RAY class (Ray-1, Ray warrior etc.), all of rahus robos, the javelin is a very handy robo to have.

When selecting a gun, consider the arena again. Big arena, no obstacles: choose a homing gun. Big arena, few obstacles: choose something that is long range and powerful. Such as sword storm or crystal strike. Note: A very annoying gun to face is the trap. Good guns: X-lazer, halo, wyrm, crystal strike, dragon, sword storm.

Bombs are fun. Seriously. Delta, wall, titan, and geo trap are a few good bombs. The treble and grand cross are amazing!

Pods. Well... what kind of fighter are you? do you sit back and pelt your enemy? Penumbra 3 is like the seeker... so both of them are good. I cannot say much for pods.

Legs. In multiplayer, choose ultimate!

Some good robo gun combos.
Javelin and the claw gun. Use the claw to draw them close, then dash the **** out of them.

Athena and the raptor gun. Basically, jump to the max height and fire your gun like crazy.

Ray legend and the WYRM. The Ray Legend has a ton of air dashes... great fun. Dash behind them and use the wyrm.

Ray Legend and the Crystal Strike. Make sure there is an obstacle between you and your opponent and just fire your gun! it will knock them down, and make them rise in the air, but keep firing.

Any sky-lightning robo and wyrm or raptor. Just circle around them and fire your gun!
Some really good tips
Here are some tips for choosing your Robo.

When customizing your robo first look at the holosseum. If it is big with a lot of obstacles, use long range guns that don't attack straight (arcs, crystal strike, X laser, etc.). If it is small with few obstacles, use medium range gun that do multiple shots (trap, wyrm, drill, etc.).

Check your opponent's gun. Metal grapplers are best for strong attacks. Strike Vanishers are best for fast attacks. The ray family is probobly the best, known for it's number of air dashes and how fast it can rebirth after it's down. Rahu I, II, and III ar best for illegal guns. ANY body is good enough for the can gun.

To Be continued...
The Best Combo
Required parts:

Body: Any little raiders model
Gun: Knuckle, shotgun, drill, magnum
Legs: Formula

Pod and Bomb can be your choice. You don't have to use formula legs. This model is super fast and with knuckle can kill anything (not rahu) faster than anything. The gun doesn't have to be one of those, but they are the best. Have a friend play against you and you should win. Run around and attack when easiest.


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Extra Modes
Complete te story mode for the first time to unlock First person Perspective, and the ability to fight against computers in Vs. mode.