CyberTiger Woods Golf Cheats

CyberTiger Woods Golf cheats, and Codes for N64.

Older Cheats:

CyberTiger Woods Golf Cheats

To play as... select any character, then change his or her name to...

alien Ufo
Festus Golddgr
a biker Delvis
Kimmi Rapper
Cindy Instyle
Little Mark in 80s costume Marko
Little Mark in 70s costume Brat
a tiger Tigerrrr
Billy in a black sweater Cybertw
Billy in a white shirt Willi
Tiger in 80s costume Prodigy*
Tiger in 70s costume Liltiger
Inga in flower power costume Retro
Robert Ice
Traci in leopard costume Safari
Volcano course Sthelens

*Alternately, hit a bridge with the ball

Control ball:
Hold the Analog-stick in the desired direction while the ball is in the air. Hold Analog-stick Up to make the ball fly or roll further. Hold Analog-stick Down to keep the ball from rolling too far.

Keep power-ups from driving range:
Use the driving range and get any desired power-ups. Then, select "Quick Play" to begin a game with all the power-ups were already collected.


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Other Golfers
Put in the following names for a character to get the following golfers

Golddgr - Ghost Miner
Tigerrrr - Tiger
Liltiger - Tiger in 70's
Instyle - Cindy
Delvis - Biker
Marko - Little Mark in 80's Outfit
Ice - Chip with a Goatee
Safari - Tracy in Leopardskin
Cybertw - Billy in Black sweater
Various Cheats
Play as Martian

To play as martian, enter "Ufo" as the name of your golfer at the edit name screen. OR hit the Ufo on back of #3 on Badlands course


Unlock The Volcano Course

Make a hole in one, or if you want it eaqsier type in STHELENS in the edit name screen. OR get a hole in 1 on any hole


New golfers

On the name edit screen type in the names seperately "Brat", "Willie", and "Retro" to get three more new golfers! Alternate way to get BRAT, hit the clubhouse on the back right side of #18 on the Best of TPC course


Another New Golfer

Type in the name "Prodigy" into the name edit screen and get another young Tiger golfer.


Alternate way to get Prodigy

Hit a bridge with your ball and it will unlock "PRODIGY"


New golfer "Rapper"

As charater Mia, Rapper gives her a new outfit