Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon (GBA) Cheats

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon cheats, Tips, and Codes for GBA.


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Building Roofs
Remember that you are not the only one who can get onto the roofs. Most other characters in the game can as well, from the grunt right up to the masters. So if you are trying to use the roof as a safe point, don't. It will not work.
Flying: Apparently the Lost Art
Although some of the other main characters may be able to fly, much of the time they will only jump, as will any others that fight against you, from the lowest man up.

This means that if you need temporary relief from a battle, you can typically jump and fly somewhere else for a while. This works best for Li Mu Bi.

Also, it is a combat advantage. Always use it to the best of your abilities. Rarely will the enemies expect you to come from above if you drop quickly enough.
I'll Just Keep Blocking, That's It!
No, it's not. The weapons in this game have a certain amount of durability before they shatter. Then you are left to hand to hand. Which is not desirable when facing an enemy with a sword.
The Fires Won't Light!
This most likely means that you have not completed the entire level all the way through, from beating a lone enemy to getting some key dropped on the ground or given to you during a cut scene. If you did not, then going through to the next area will be impossible.

Also note, the fires burning will typically cause the game to, for a moment, pause on them. Make sure to get a good look before moving on. Sometimes it is best to look where the camera focuses on to where you are going.
Unarmed Against Armed
In Crouching Tiger, there are many times where you will be weaponless against a series of armed enemies. This can be extremely dangerous, but there are several ways though this.

Number one, you can still doge moves and land hits after they try a series of combo attacks. So don't think that going unarmed will lead to your death.

Number two, if you can, always make them run towards you, as they have difficulty stopping and starting the attacks.

Number three, most of the time, one or two hits is all it takes to get the upper hand, so if you can manage that, hit them where it counts.


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Enter Any Level of Choice
Simply enter the passwords next to the correct level.

1-1 J/CB
1-2 0XS8
1-3 KP3C
1-4 KPK4
1-5 SPRQ
1-6 6F3P
1-7 6F3X
2-1 6ZMS
2-2 5F17
2-3 543N
2-4 8XR3
2-5 NXK7
3-1 NX31
3-2 9Q6Q
3-3 9QNT
3-4 XXPG
3-5 CKBH
3-6 NQ29
4-1 5/0R
4-2 062H
4-3 D/N3
4-4 8/4D
4-5 8Q44
4-6 HZ75
4-7 HZ7D