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A big improvement on the world of Counter-Strike

The good:

- Whilst some complaints about bots not acting on time, Valve now fix the problem and bots can now act as smart as that of a human player. Likewise, if they know that the bomb will explode in about 10 seconds, they get out as soon as possible. As well as the Counter-Terrorists. If they know that the hostage will be rescued by a Counter-Terrorist, they get to the rescue zone as quickly as possible so that the hostages won't escape and letting the CT's win.

- Single-Player Campaign which experiences a variety of missions for a CT to complete. You will be in the CT side to fend off the various evil deeds of the Terrorists. You don't work alone. But you have your fellow CT's to help you out. You just don't normally get them as your teammates but you have to assemble them if you have enough points. If you have points to purchase them, then you get them to be as your teammates. The farther you go onto the campaign, the best teammates you will teamed up with.

- All weapons are all re-skinned as they look more realistic. Weapons have better textures with some minor changes to the guns. Although their sounds in CS 1.6 never changed, the textures were. If you don't like the new textured weapons, you can download from other sites as well.

- Maps are remodeled. They got better surroundings. They made the ground smoother so it doesn't look rusty and old. If you play past versions of CS, you will probably know what i mean. Not only that, maps that are all remodeled have a suffix "_cz" to indicate it was re-textured. Although there are some maps that weren't remodeled, these maps still retain their value and originality. Likewise, "de" maps are bomb defusal maps, "cs" are hostage rescue maps, "as" are VIP rescue maps and much more.

- There is now a voice commentary while playing the game. The voice commentary comes from your teammates only and you won't hear it from your enemies. The voice commentary issues what the teammate is planning for so you know what you will do. In "de" maps, they have plans for planting the bomb or guarding a bomb site. In "cs" maps, they have plans for rescuing hostages or guarding the hostages. This voice commentary is very useful as you yourself can issue a command not only your teammates. Just simply press Z, X or C to issue a command and press the corresponding number.

- The game also features a tutor or hints that will give you some insights that you may or may not know about. Some hints include why the Magnum Sniper Rifle kills an enemy in a single shot, ammunition management, Flashbang Grenades that will blind you if you get straight to the caster etc.

- Online servers that will let you play other people on the whole world makes it fun as to test your abilities and your cooperation from other players. To play these, you need to have your internet connection up. Because it requires an internet connection to play against others online. The faster the connection, the better matches to play against to choose.

The bad:

- Hostages being slow is one of my bad comments of the game. Specifically when rescuing them as a CT. They tend to hang up loose and it delays the round time for a few seconds. Just be patient with these hostages. Because they will reward you with an instant $300 when you talk to them. You get an additional $1000 for each hostage that you saved.

- Lagging problems whenever you connect to a server. This doesn't happen much if you have a fast connection. Lagging problems are due to the custom skins for weapons, custom sounds or just practically a file that has a high file size.

- Old CZ strings. If you played CS 1.6, you will notice that there is no change on the string that appears below your radar. But if not, this is not probably the bad improvement on it though. The CZ strings that i am referring to are those that have names for specific locations. Likewise, a bombsite will be named "Bombsite A". Hostage rescue points are "Hostage Rescue Zone". You can rename them however but it would be better if there is a new string.


All in all, the game is fine and complaints solved. The game is not that expensive but its around $14.99 for some. The price just fits to the newest features of the game because the game has alot of improvements that the past CS games.

If you are gonna buy it, buy on online sites like EBay, Amazon or even the official site of the game.

But in totality, the game is worth it and it is preceded by CS 1.6. The next game is CS: Source and probably the latest CS game.


Counter-Strike: Condition Zero Review

The good:

*Incredible updated models
*Updated sounds
*AI - The Official Counter-Strike Bot
*Updated maps
*Single player (Tour of Duty)
*Deleted Scenes
*Hostage AI!
*Includes Counter-Strike 1.6
*Half-Life 2 Footage CD


Almost every CS fan wanted single player, and we got it in Condition Zero. The Official CS Bot is incredible, along with updated models and sounds. What is even more incredible is hostage AI. They express fear, and even sometimes try escape themselves. They shout out to you to save them, and tell you to watch out if a terrorist is camping.

Sick of dodgy POD-Bots? The Official CS Bot is your answer. They actually know the map. Know where to camp, the best hiding spots etc. Sick of POD-Bots not being able to diffuse the bomb? These bots can. They don't get stuck on geometrey, and they know...


Best FPS ever!!!!!

The good:

Cool combat
Easier controls than computer
X-box live compatible <img src="/bigsmile.gif" border=0 vspace=2>
gr8 graphics

The bad:

Doesn't have the same levels that the computer version has.


This is the coolest first person shooter game i have ever played. the premise of the game is a lot different than your traditional Terrorist/counter-terrorist game. in most games you would play souly as the counter-terrorist, in CS u can play as either. instead of finding guns on the ground like in most FPS's u start w/ a buy menu and purchase weapons, but u can steal dead guys weapons <img src="/cool.gif" border=0 vspace=2> . the terrorist team has access to some weapons while the Counter-terrorists have access to a different set of weapons. U earn money by killing players and re...


It's Ok lady's and gentlemen!!

The good:

Great guns and maps, pretty good audio, great bot system, ok single player campaign, really fun to play online and you can adjust the level of diffulculty for the bots.

The bad:

the graphics are a dissapointment, they mostly allways hesitate in single player and like I said an ok single player campaign.


Hi once again! Now I was looking at this game's review on a television show and they gave it a mediocre review. So I went out and bought this game. I played and I have to be's pretty good. The graphics are a dissapointment but the audio makes up for it. You can go online and go against friends or strangers!! They got this cool bot system were you can adjust the level of diffulculty.Overall it's Ok,probably a rental but its good enough

Freak 2345 is out!!!


Get ready for another helping of terrorisms and anti-bomb-likes - it's Counter-Strike on your GatesBox!

The good:

  • A pretty decent port-equation from PC to Xbox
  • Completely similar gameplay ecscursion
  • Easy-to-learn all 'round - rudimentary even for beginner 'Strikers
  • A nice selection of weapons
  • As ever and as you'd expect - online...
  • The bad:

  • ...Despite the fact that everyone's better than you.
  • There's still those lame death animations
  • Some of the best maps left out of the PC version. 747, anyone?
  • Your ally-'bot friends are complete dumbasses
  • Summary:

    Just a few basic flaws from the PC version still remain, which really should've been ironed out by Ritual or Valve, or at least some new game modes would have been nice, eh? Nope, 'tis not to be. All in all, though, Xbox's CS is a fair romp-fest that's fairly rudimentary for the early-'Striker, even if online is still for the hardcore gamer. So you'll need practice, then...


    CS:CZ report

    The good:

    Just awesome,everything,guns,bots,maps,models and voices.Bots are good "trainers" (only on normal difficulty and up)

    The bad:

    the bots hesitate so you can shoot them in the easy difficulty but they get WAY better once you go up the difficulty and the expert difficulty makes up names as if your playing against a clan or a really good player


    When i bought the M4A1 and some kevlar then went towards the terrorist spawn area I swear everything was ballistic the bots kinda cower but the other bots go Rambo sometimes in firefights(but isn't that their personality?).The new guns Terrorist Galil and the Counter-Terrorist gun/equip FAMAS is cool but the shield is like cheating.The deleted scenes are a wow talk about Black Hawk Down for the first level.Just intensly badass it's definitely worth the wait and it's worth buying and installing. Three words GO GET IT! becuase it deserves to be bought and played every single day... basically ...

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