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Legacy Interactive killed Mac Taylor and Stella Bonasera...

The good:

  • Effort put in order to change the gameplay
  • Minigames are now present but... see the bad list
  • Graphics are good (but...)
  • Good soundtrack and voice acting
  • New way of interrogating people
  • Finally, it's NY being honored

    The bad:

  • Error in graphics
  • A released version with only four cases with a fifth one being available through download only to the boxed version owners
  • Hardness of the minigames
  • No more freedom in your moves, your tool choice, in the morgue, in the lab, well in another word, linearity in the game and that's the worse point in the game.


    Good morning Big Apple !

    There was a time where I was just asking myself when a CSI game would be featuring Mac Taylor and Stella Bonasera. I was also wondering if a new CSI Miami would be featuring the new team (with Wolfe instead of the regretted Speedle).

    Well, one day, I've heard that CSI: NY - The Game was developed and I've submitted the profile on Neo. I've also found some screenshots and I was like: "Wait a minute, they're changing everything?".

    Indeed, the CSI series began with 369 Interactive, who developed the first PC game, the second one, the one in Miami without forgetting the co...

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